Web of Deception by Nene

Chapter 23

(24 hours later)

"Your daughter's in a coma!" Victor replayed the doctor's words over and over in his head as he sat by Keesha's bedside. "Wake up Keke," he pleaded. "Tell daddy who did this to you."

For the first time in his life, Victor Mansfield was afraid. The thought of losing his daughter was too much to bear. He had to focus on who was responsible for hurting his little girl.

The only people who knew the truth were Malcolm, Jason, Lorraine and Keesha. Unfortunately, Lorraine was sedated and sleeping in the room down the hall. As for Malcolm and Jason, they were both keeping quiet, while holding a vigil in the waiting room. Until Victor found out the truth, he refused to let them see Keesha.

"My instincts tell me that Malcolm and my sweet Lorraine are responsible for this mess," he whispered to Keesha. "It's only natural your mother would be upset that you were shot. But the Lorraine I know would be out for blood, trying to find the person responsible. I have a feeling her emotional state is not just from fear of losing you, but also from guilt."

"Mmm…daddy," Keesha moaned. "Daddy…where am I?"

"Keke, can you hear me?" Victor cried kissing her hand. "You're in the hospital."

"Please stop yelling daddy I can hear you. How… did I get here? What happened?" she asked feeling the sting of the IV in her arm.

"You were shot!" he said trying to remain calm. "Do you remember, who shot you?"

"Shot!" she said in a panic looking around the room for some type of clarity.

"Do you remember?" Victor asked again. "Why were you at the Westlake Condominiums."

Her mind was like a fog that slowly started to clear. "I…I was there to meet Malcolm. My car broke down and Jason gave me a ride. "Where's Jason?"

"He's outside in the waiting room," he said slightly agitated. "Now let's get back to what happened."

"I got there and heard arguing upstairs. That's when I saw…I saw."

"Saw what?" Victor asked anxiously.

"Keesha!" Lorraine cried entering the room. "Oh my God, you're okay!" Lorraine rushed to her bedside hugging her tightly. " Don't worry about a thing baby, daddy and I will take care of you."

Victor noticed the lack of emotion on Keesha's face, as Lorraine embraced her.

"Everything is going to be fine," Lorraine rambled gently kissing Keesha's face.

"I'm tired," Keesha replied flatly, pulling away from her mother's embrace. "Please let me rest."

"Of course sweetheart." Lorraine said trying to mask the hurt of her daughter's rejection. "Is there anything you need?"

Keesha looked past Lorraine to Victor. "Jason," she said quietly. "I need to see him."

"You need to rest," Lorraine replied hoping to change her mind.

"Don't you want to see Malcolm?" Victor asked with curiosity. "Afterall, he is your fiance."

"I want Jason," she said softly. "Please get him for me, daddy."

In that one moment, Victor knew, without a doubt, Lorraine and Malcolm were responsible for what happened. All he had to do now was find out the details.

He assessed the situation and determined who was the weak link. "Before the night is over, I'll have the answers to my questions."

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