Chapter 19

After his last attempt to apologize to Keesha had failed, Malcolm was tempted to call off the wedding and give up his quest for revenge, until an envelope was delivered to his office. He opened the envelope and was stunned by the scent of Lorraine's perfume and the message on the card, along with a key.

I've had a change of heart. Meet me at The West Lake Condos, #2 at 8:00pm tonight. Here's the key. I promise it'll be worth your while. L!

"This could be another one of her tricks. Then again, I could never pass up the opportunity to have one more night with sweet Lorraine," he smiled. "Why not have my cake and eat it too. Oh yeah, I'll be getting my freak on tonight." Malcolm cleared the remainder of his schedule and prepared for his night of passion with Lorraine.

John sat parked across the street from Winters Communication and watched Malcolm leave the building.

"One down, two to go," he said.


Keehsa was relaxing on the patio talking to Evangeline on the phone, when the housekeeper delivered the bouquet of red roses.

"Oh my God," she exclaimed.

"What happened?" Evangeline asked.

"I just received a spectacular bouquet of red roses and balloons."

"That Malcolm is really something," Evangeline said.

"Why do you assume they're from Malcolm?" Keesha teased.

"I..I just assumed," Evangeline said. "Relax girl. Don't play your hand."

"You're right," Keesha laughed. "They are from Malcolm. He wants to meet at the West Lake Condos tonight and give me an apology fit for a queen."

"Isn't that romantic. So are you going?" Evangeline asked holding her breath.

"I guess so. I mean the least I can do is listen. Besides, what's the worst that could happen?

"Yes! Evangeline thought. "Two down, one more to go."


Lorraine was having lunch with Barbara Ryan at the Pine Valley Country Club, when one of the waiters delivered an envelope, marked Urgent.

"Lorraine opened the card and read the note. "I'm willing to call the wedding off and never see Keesha again, for one last night. Meet me at the West Lake Condos, #2 at 8:00pm. M!"

"Are you okay," Barbara asked noticing the shocked expression on Lorraine's face.

"Yes, I'm fine," Lorraine said stunned by Malcolm's utter gall. "But I do have to go. I'll call you next week for a game of tennis."

"Let the games begin," John replied watching Lorraine leave the Country Club.


The West Lake Condos were located in the exclusive section of Pine Valley. Malcolm arrived early, wanting to set the mood. Using the key, he entered the condo and found a roaring fireplace in the spacious livingroom. He went up the stairs and found scented candles lit in the master bedroom. "Oh yeah, it's going to be on tonight," he said.

Lorraine arrived at 8:00 sharp, but sat in the car thinking about her conversation with Victor earlier.

"I have another business meeting that's likely to run late," he said as Lorraine returned from the Country Club.

"Do you really have a meeting or are you just trying to avoid me?" she asked softly. "I know things haven't been good between us these past few weeks and that's my fault. But, I promise our lives will get back to normal very soon."

Victor pulled Lorraine into a deep and passionate kiss. "Does that seem like I'm trying to avoid you?" he asked. "I love you, woman!"

"I guess you do," Lorraine said breathlessly.

They took a shower and made sweet love, before Victor dressed to leave.

Lorraine watched from their bedroom window, tears streaming down her face, as he drove off. "If sleeping with Malcolm one last time means getting him out of our lives, then it will be worth the sacrifice," she thought.

She entered the condo and heard movement upstairs. "Malcolm, are you up there," she shouted.

"Yeah babe, come on up."

Lorraine followed the trail of red roses to the bedroom and saw Malcolm in a black thong. lounging in the bed, sipping a glass of champagne. "God how I hate you, she thought!"

"Hey babe," he said. "For a minute I didn't think you were going to come."

"There was no way I could stay away," she said in her most convincing fake and seductive tone.

"Why don't you take off that coat and come over here," he said patting the spot next to him on the bed.

Letting her trench coat drop to the floor, Malcolm couldn't help but gasp at Lorraine's beauty, as his manhood came to attention. The four-inch black stilettos complimented the shape of her long legs. But the black lace camisole that hugged every curve of her toned body was truly a vision to behold. "Damn! You are one sexy woman," he thought.

"Sit up," Lorraine said walking to Malcolm's side of the bed. Using her left foot, she traced his inner thigh and placed her stiletto heel on his manhood and began an erotic massage.

"Oh yeah baby," he moaned. "Do that thing you do so well."

"Take off your thong, lay back on the bed and close your eyes," she demanded.

Malcolm did as he was told, ripping open the condom, anticipating what Lorraine had planned next.

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