Web of Deception Chapter 15

Lorraine paced the floor of the master bedroom, feeling like a desperate caged animal. Victor left a voice mail saying he'd be home late, so Lorraine had the house to herself.

"That no good, underhanded sonofabitch," she yelled throwing the tape into the fireplace. "How did he find out my real name? I was so sure I covered my tracks. The only other person who knew my true identity is dead."

The last time Lorraine felt like this, someone ended up dead. She poured herself a large glass of wine and thought back to that horrible day.


Vera Jackson a.k.a. Lorraine Hawkins had been in California for three years. During that time she had managed to purchase fake high school transcripts and entered UCLA, where she met the love of her life, David Ward.

Lorraine had always thought love was for fools. But she and David fell in love at first sight. He was tall, black, smart and beautiful.

He was a senior majoring in Business with a minor in Art History. He was expected to join the family business and fulfill his social obligations after graduation. But his true desire was to open his own art galleries, that showcased the elite, as well as the up and coming contemporary to funky new artists.

They had it all planned, David would find and sponsor the talent, while Lorraine handled the PR and most of the day to day operations. With David's degree in Business/Art History and Lorraine's in Public Relations, there was no doubt they would be a success. With Lorraine in his life, he had finally found the courage to pursue his passion and stand up to the demands of his family.

After a four-month courtship, they made plans to wed much to his family's dismay.
David's mother, Mary Mae Ward was a strong no nonsense woman who helped her late husband Philip, build his bank into one of the largest black owned and successful banks in Los Angeles. The Wards were one of the most prominent black families in the Los Angeles community and known for their activism.

His sister Livia was an attorney and handled the Legal Department of the bank, while his father and mother ran the day to day operations.

Although the Wards were one of the most respected families in Los Angeles, they were no different from any other family. David's parents wanted the best for him and Lorraine Hawkins was not their ideal of a suitable daughter in-law.

Unbeknownst to David, his sister attempted to bribe Lorraine. If she broke off the engagement and left town, Lorraine would receive a check for ten thousand dollars. During the late seventies, that was considered a lot of money. Vera Jackson would have gladly taken the money without a second thought. But Lorraine truly loved David and told Livia in no uncertain terms what she could do with her check.

The family tried other tactics to breakup their relationship, but David stood strong and set his family straight. Either they accept his marriage to Lorraine or he was out of their lives forever. With that ultimatum, Lorraine was reluctantly welcomed into the family.

Everything was going great, until Sherry Palmer showed up at Lorraine's door one month before the wedding.

Sherry was the only person in Los Angeles who knew Lorraine's true identity. Back in their days in Detroit, they were tight and ran some pretty good small time cons. But Sherry started associating with a dangerous crowd once they reached Los Angeles. That's when Lorraine decided to end their partnership.

"I saw a picture of you and that fine man in the society pages," Sherry said admiring Lorraine's apartment. "I must admit, you landed yourself a big fish, girl."

"This isn't a scam," Lorraine said annoyed. "We're in love, it's as simple as that."

"If you say so."

"What do you want, Sherry? I haven't seen or heard from you since you stared running with the roughneck crowd two years ago."

"That situation started getting a little too dangerous and I fell on some hard times. So when I saw your picture in the paper, I knew my old friend could help me out."

"I can let you have a few hundred dollars, but that's the best I can do," Lorraine said pulling three hundred dollars from her purse and handing it to Sherry.

"Three-hundred dollars! I think, no, I know you can do a hell of a lot better than that," she said insulted.

"Excuse me!" Lorraine said pissed at her ungrateful tone.

"You heard me," Sherry said throwing the money on the floor. "You're about to marry a man that comes from one of the wealthiest black families in this city and you think I'm going to settle for a measly three-hundred fucking dollars?"

"That's all I have to give you," Lorraine said picking up the money off the floor. "But since you obviously don't want it, I suggest you get the hell out and don't come back."

"I'm leaving," Sherry said heading for the door. "But I'll be back in one week. That's when you're going to have $1000 dollars waiting for me. If not, I'll be paying your fiancé a little visit. I'm sure he'd be very interested in the colorful past of Vera Jackson."

"Bitch!" Lorraine said slamming the door. "I'm so close to having everything I want. There's no way I'm going to let you ruin it Sherry."

Lorraine's biggest fear was going back to a life of poverty. Therefore, she had put money away for a rainy day, since arriving in Los Angeles.

One week later, she and Sherry agreed to meet at an abandoned warehouse by the harbor at midnight. When Sherry arrived, Lorraine handed her an envelope with $1000.

Sherry counted the money and placed it in her purse. "I'm impressed. This is a nice down payment," she said coyly.

"What the fuck are you talking about downpayment?" Lorraine replied angrily.

"Since you're able to give me $1000, I'm sure you should have no problem getting another say $5000?"

"I'm not giving you another dime."

"I think if you don't want sweet David to find out about your past, you'll keep giving until I say otherwise," Sherry laughed heading back to her car.

Blind rage and desperation overcame Lorraine has she took her silk scarf and in on swift move wrapped it around Sherry's neck

Sherry clawed vigorously trying to breathe as her life flash before her eyes, before slipping into final darkness.

Lorraine dumped the body in the truck of Sherry's car, removing her purse and identification from the glove compartment, before dumping the car into the water.

Lorraine stood in the darkness of the warehouse and watched the car and any threat to her future sink to the bottom of the water.

Now almost thirty years later, her future was being threatened again. Lorraine knew she had to stop Malcolm, at any cost.

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