Web of Deception Chapter 8

The young woman watched the conversation between Malcolm and Keesha. As usual, Malcolm was pouring on the charm. It was apparent from the expression on Keesha's face, that she was under his spell.

The woman was preparing to slip out the side door, when the interesting exchange between Keesha, Jason and Lorraine caught her attention. She couldn't hear their entire conversation, but one thing was obvious, Jason and Lorraine did not like each other. She made a mental note of this fact, as she watched Jason leave the restaurant.

In order for her plan to work, she would need all the ammunition necessary to bring down Lorraine Hawkins Mansfield.

Eighteen months ago Malcolm had been ready to propose marriage, when she started noticing subtle changes in his behavior. The unexpected business meetings out of town, the late night phone calls.

Within no time, Malcolm had abruptly ended their relationship and moved east.

Despite her devastation, she was determined to find out the truth. With the help of a very expensive and thorough private detective, she found out Malcolm and Lorraine were having an affair.

Rage, then the need for revenge replaced the feeling of devastation. The thought of killing them both crossed her mind, but she was not willing to throw her life away.

Her need for revenge subsided, when she found out Lorraine dumped Malcolm. But now here he was dating her daughter. She should have been satisfied with Lorraine's discomfort. But somehow that wasn't enough. She wanted to make sure Lorraine suffered. Unfortunately, Keesha had to be a pawn in her plans. But all is fair in love and war.

As for Malcolm, he was going to be beneficial to her future.

Lorraine's pain of missing her own mother always surfaced, when she and Keesha fought. She looked at her beautiful daughter and felt her pain. Lorraine knew what it was like to be deeply in love. That's how she felt about Keesha's father David Ward. But just like the women before her, she was doomed to suffer the same curse and pain of true love being cut short. She was determined to prevent her daughter from suffering that same fate.

"Baby, I'm sorry for my behavior. I know I can be overbearing sometimes."

"Sometimes?" Keesha replied with disbelief.

"Okay, most of the time."

"Try all the time."

"Alright, all the time. It's only because I want the best for you."

"I know you want the best for me mama. But, I'm a grown woman. Don't you think it's time to let me make my own decisions regarding my personal life?"

"That's what Victor keeps telling me."

"Well, it would be nice if you tried listening to both of us."

"Okay, I promise to try and do better," Lorraine said gently touching Keesha's cheek. "Do you forgive me?"

"Don't I always," Keesha smiled.

"I know we were supposed to discuss details of the wedding this morning, but I have another appointment that I can't miss," Lorraine said. "Can we get together at the house about two o'clock this afternoon?"

"That's fine. I need to run some errands anyway."

"I'll see you then, baby," Lorraine said kissing Keesha good-bye.

The young woman watched Lorraine leave the restaurant, before heading in Keesha's direction.

"Keesha, girl is that you?" she asked.

Keesha looked up, surprised to see her friend, Evangeline Williamson.

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