Web of Deception Chapter 9

Victor sat in his home office and punched in the number on his private phone.

"Hello," said the husky male voice.

"I trust you like the suite?" Victor asked.

"Yes, I do."

"Did you review the information in the package, that was left in your safe?"


"Any questions?"

"Does your wife suspect anything?"


"And what about your stepdaughter's fiancé?"

"He's too busy pouring on the bullshit charm. But, I know something is going on between Mr. Winters and my wife. You've always done excellent work for me in the past, so I know you'll be thorough."

"How far back do you want me to go?"

"As far back as necessary," Victor demanded. "You'll be well compensated. I want to know every move she and Malcolm have made in the past."

"What if some people are uncooperative?"

"By any means necessary," Victor replied in an icy tone. "December 31st will be here soon. I have no intentions of letting anyone or anything ruin that day. Don't contact me until you have results."

John McBain hung up the phone and smiled. "By any means necessary, my four favorite words."

He finished dressing and headed towards the elevators. On the surface he appeared to be just another tourist. But in reality, he was an excellent private detective, with a ruthless nature.

As the doors to the elevator opened, he was temporarily stunned, as he looked into the brown eyes of the most beautiful woman he'd every seen, Evangeline Williamson.

Evangeline felt an electrical charge as she looked into the deep blue orbs. As she exited the elevator, the electrical energy rushed to her loins as their bodies brushed against each other.

In that brief minute before the elevator doors closed, their eyes revealed the unspoken words. "I don't know who you are or where you came from, but we will be together!"

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