Web of Deception Chapter 7

"Baby, this was a wonderful idea to have brunch here at the Hilton," Keesha replied, unable to hide her joy. "I know, my mother gave you a hard time last night. But I have no doubt she will come around and love you as much as I do."

"I thought it would be a nice treat for my lady," Malcolm replied. He really had come to love Keesha, in his own way. But he loved the idea of being a constant thorn in Lorraine's side even more. The look on her face, everytime he touched Keesha was pure joy.

"Don't worry, baby girl. I can handle your mother," he said, with total confidence. "We'll all be one big happy family, before you know it."

"Since you're so confident, does that mean you're going to stick around and help me and mama with the wedding plans?"

"I'm confident, not crazy," he laughed. "Besides, I have a business meeting with my father in an hour."

"Do you think he's going to talk about making you President of Winters Communications?"

"One can only hope," he said, taking a final sip of his coffee. "I better get going. You know my father can't stand tardiness."

"Okay, I'll see you tonight," she said, kissing him goodbye.

Keesha called her mother and found out she would be a half-hour late. With a little time on her hand, she decided to add a few items to her To Do list.

"Hello Sunshine."

Keesha thought she would never hear the familiar voice again. Trying to maintain her composure, she looked up from the list and into the eyes of her first love, Jason Morgan.

"Hello, Jason," she whispered. "What are you doing here?

"I'm just finishing a business meeting here at the hotel, then I'm leaving tonight. In case your wondering, I've done quite well for myself. But since I'm not in your social circle, you really wouldn't know that," he replied, unable to hide the bitterness.

"Considering the way we ended things, I guess I deserve that nasty comment."

"We didn't end things, you did," he stated, taking a seat. "I loved you Keesha. I guess I was a fool to think that you loved me too. As your mother so eloquently put it, I'm just poor trailer trash."

"I'd do…, did love you Jason," she whispered trying not to cause a scene. But we were too young. Things just wouldn't have worked out and you know it."

"I can't believe, you're still holding on to that lame ass excuse," he laughed, controlling the anger that was rising. "We're not together, because you didn't have the guts to stand up to your mother, the Queen Bee."

"That's not true," Keesha replied weakly.

"Your mother never approved of her precious little princess, marrying beneath her social class."

"Jason," Keesha pleaded trying to avoid anymore attention. "Please lower your voice."

"How could I forget appearances are everything," he said sarcastically. "Well, I just came over here to say thank you."

"For what?" she said confused by his comment.

"Instead of wallowing in self-pity after your rejection, I fueled all my hatred and anger for you into my business. Now I'm a rich man. Of course, I'm not in your league, but I'm on my way," he said, before tossing the latest addition of Today's BusinessMan on the table. "Read it and weep baby."

Keesha looked at Jason's beautiful chiseled face on the cover. "I always knew you'd be a success. From what I hear, you obviously aren't lacking for female companionship," she said with a hint of jealousy.

"I decided why limit myself to one woman," Jason replied.

"I guess you're happy?"

"Yeah, I am. It's liberating being in control of your own destiny," he said with a look of mock pity in his eyes. "You knew how that felt once. Too bad you'll never know that feeling again."

"I don't need your pity. But it would be nice, if you could be happy for me."

Jason pulled Keesha close. "When we were together and out of your mother's control, you were strong, independent and sexy as hell. You knew what you wanted and you went after it. I'll be happy for you, the day you become that woman again," he said lightly kissing her hand.

What the hell is going on here?" Lorraine asked angrily.

Startled by her mother's appearance, Keesha abruptly pulled her hand away from Jason's touch. "Mama, I didn't see you arrive."

"Well, that's obvious from this disgusting display of affection."

"I see you haven't changed a bit Lorraine," Jason muttered bitterly standing to leave.

"That's Mrs. Mansfield to you. I see after all these years you still haven't learned any manners or respect," Lorraine replied brushing past Jason.

"I give respect to those who deserve it."

"Stop it," Keesha pleaded.

" Well, you obviously don't have any respect for my daughter, or you wouldn't be carrying on like this."

"I think you have that backwards," Jason replied. "You're the one who doesn't respect Keesha. But you never did. Controlling her life still means more to you than her happiness."

"I don't have to sit here and listen to some poor trailer trash question my love. Besides, I'm not the one making lovey dovey with another man's fiancé."

"What are you talking about?" Jason asked slowly turning to Keesha for understanding.

Lorraine looked from Keesha, then Jason savoring the opportunity to put the little punk in his place. "Didn't Keesha tell you? She's engaged to be married."

"No, she failed to mention that bit of information," Jason said, trying to mask the hurt. "Who's the lucky guy?"

"Malcolm Winters," Keesha whispered avoiding Jason's gaze.

"That would be Malcolm Winters, of Winters Communication," Lorraine interjected.

The pained look on Jason's face made Lorraine's day. She saved her daughter five years ago from almost making a foolish mistake of marrying Jason. She knew who and what was best for Keesha and it certainly wasn't Jason Morgan.

"I'm aware of who he is," Jason replied still looking at Keesha. "Well, I see nothing has really changed. You're still living for mama's approval."

"It's time for you to leave," Lorraine demanded. "Or should I call security?"

Jason looked at Lorraine and smiled. "You know Lorraine, I was prepared to pack my bags and leave town. But since my very presence annoys you so, I think I'll stick around for awhile."

"That would be a bit mistake," Lorraine replied in a threatening tone.

"I'm willing to take my chances," Jason shot back.

"You worthless piece of trash!"

"Mama, stop it!" Keesha demanded. "Jason, please leave before things get worse."

"See, you around," he said leaving the restaurant.

Pure rage was burning in Keesha's veins, as she turned to her mother. "I'm tired of you treating me like a child," Keesha shouted. "How I handle things with Malcolm and Jason is my business."

Lorraine arched an eyebrow amused at her daughter's attempt at defiance. "I suggest you sit down and change that tone in your voice. You maybe a grown woman, but I'm still your mother."

The impulse to run after Jason and never looked back crossed Keesha's mind, as she rose from her seat. But the sound of her mother's demand brought her back to reality.

"Keesha, sit down."

"Yes, mama," she replied, obeying her mother's demand. "One day, you won't have me to push around anymore mama. One day soon, she thought."

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