Chapter 4

The pressure of Lorraine's knee on his neck caused Malcolm to struggle for air. "This bitch is crazy," he thought. Using his free hand, he finally pried her knee loose.

"What...(cough)...the hell.... (cough) wrong...with you?" he asked rubbing his sore neck.

Before Lorraine could answer, Keesha and Victor returned from the kitchen. Keesha's joy turned to concern as she saw Malcolm choking.

"Oh my God, what happened? Baby, are you okay?" she asked.

"He's just fine," Lorraine said. "His drink just went down the wrong pipe. Isn't that right Malcolm?"

"Yeah, that's right," Malcolm said, shooting Lorraine a dirty look, while rubbing his neck. "I'm fine."

"In that case, why don't we have dinner out on the patio?" Victor suggested.

Keesha and Victor headed down the foyer out towards the patio, with Lorraine and Malcolm following close behind. Keesha's constant chatter about the wedding filled the air, as Lorraine turned to Malcolm and pointed her index finger and thumb like a gun towards his heart.

"You remember what I said," Lorraine whispered through gritted teeth.

Malcolm let out a bitter laugh. "That was a nice little stunt you pulled back there in the living room," he whispered. "But it didn't work Rainy, cause I'm not afraid of you."

"You should be," she coldly replied, pressing him against the wall. "Because you've picked the wrong bitch to fuck with."


"You don't like Malcolm, do you?" Victor asked watching his wife intensely, as she went through her usual bedtime routine.

"Why would you say that?" Lorraine replied calmly rubbing the scented body lotion on her shapely mocha brown legs. "I'm just surprised by their sudden engagement. After all, it's not like Keesha has a lot of experience with men. I just want to make sure he's the right one."

"Are you sure that's the real reason?" Victor wondered.

Lorraine felt the nerves in her stomach tighten. "What other reason could there be?"

"I don't know. But, I got the distinct impression that you knew him, when Keesha introduced us," Victor replied closely observing his wife's reaction.

"Damn! Play it cool girl," she thought. There were two things Lorraine learned during the course of her marriage to Victor Mansfield, one, his instincts about people were always right and two, a heavy price had been paid by people who crossed him. Lorraine had to play her hand just right or pay the consequences.

"Baby, I told you, I just wanted to be sure he's right for Keesha," she said slipping out of her silk robe. Although she was forty-five, Lorraine had the body of a twenty-year old, tone and fit, thanks to proper exercise and diet. And of course good black don't crack, so wrinkles were nowhere to be found.

Victor's manhood immediately throbbed at the luscious vision of his wife. "Damn, she was sexy," he thought.

"Keesha's my baby. I want her marriage to be happy like ours," she said straddling his lap. "Now I suggest we table this discussion for another time, so I can fulfill my promise."

"What promise is that?" he asked lightly licking the nipples of her breast.

"Well, I do have to make up for our afternoon being disrupted," she moaned as Victor used his index finger to find that magic spot. Lorraine's body moved to the stroking of one then two fingers in her moist spot.

"You like that baby," he whispered before suckling one nipple.

"Oh yes," she moaned. "It's so good."

"Are you ready to ride big daddy," he groaned.

"Oh yes, I'm ready, daddy," she moaned. Victor lightly lifted Lorraine and with one quick thrust entered her moist valley.

A new language was created that night as Lorraine's screams of pleasure filled the room. "Yessss," she cried as her body reached the height of ecstasy.

"Lorraine!" Victor moaned as his release immediately followed.


Victor watched Lorraine in sweet slumber, as he smoked a cigarette in the reading area of their bedroom.

His instincts had been right. Lorraine was hiding something. Although he always enjoyed making love to his wife, he knew when she was using sex to get her way or change the subject. Tonight, it was to change the subject.

The tension and looks between Lorraine and Malcolm were not lost on Victor. Something was definitely going on between them.

"I will find out the truth, my love," he whispered. "You can count on it."

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