Part 12

Judy pulled into the parking space and stopped to gather herself. She knew Tom wanted to be the one to talk to Harry and on some level she understood why and even agreed. But once she left the apartment and started to think she began to see more and more why she had to be the one to talk to him. She owed him that much.

She walked to the door and knocked. She was about to knock again when the door swung open. It was Harry.

”What do you want?”

She was taken back by his tone. “Hi Harry. Can I – can I come in?”

She was shocked when he didn’t say yes right away. “Why? What do you want, Judy?”

“I know you’re angry but – “

”Angry. Is that what you think I am?” Harry laughed and shook his head. “There is nothing you have to say that I want to hear right now, Jude. I know you’re sorry. I know you didn’t mean to hurt me. And I know you think we’re friends. I KNOW all that.”

He was yelling and sighed as he tried to compose himself. “Don’t you get I don’t want to be your friend? I don’t need or want your sympathy. So if you don’t mind I’d rather you just go away. Can you give me that much?”

Judy blinked back the tears as she watched him close the door without giving her a chance to respond. She turned and walked back to her car, stinging from Harry’s reproach and the knowledge that Tom had been right. She should have just let him handle it but it was too late for that now.

Part 13