Part 13

Judy was up and out early. She had errands to run but Tom wasn’t in the mood. He was drained by the events of the past 24 hours. If last night hadn’t been enough, Doug’s early morning visit didn’t help matters. And while making love to Judy this morning was as sweet as it could have been it just made him want to curl up with her and go back to sleep. She, on the other hand was ready to shop or something – he dozed off while she was talking. He was relieved that she didn’t press the matter and planted a nice lipstick kiss on his cheek before she went out.

But now he was awake and it wasn’t nearly as late as he hoped. Damn – when you want to sleep you can’t. And when you shouldn’t well…He sat up on the edge of the bed. He didn’t really blame Harry for being pissed off. Judy was great. She was beautiful and smart and she was a good cop. When he first got to Jump Street he hadn’t exactly fit in but she made it easy for him to get to know her. It was nice discovering the things they had in common, little by little. And now? He smiled thinking it didn’t hurt that they were great in bed together.

Harry had known her first. Tom wondered if he had been in love with her back when he first started with Jump Street. When Jenko was still around. Nah, he couldn’t have been. Why would he wait to say something. But then a lot had happened since then, who knows. And did it really matter? Okay, get your ass up. He stumbled into the bathroom. Shower and shave – no, not shave. And then time to deal.

On the drive over he thought about what Harry’s words again.

"You're making a big mistake."
"He goes through women like most guys go through socks."
"He'll use you and walk away--"

Ioki didn’t really believe that. He couldn’t. He knows me better than that. I’d never hurt Judy. Have I ever treated any woman that way? He had dated but nothing really serious. So what? He was human. Not every woman you meet is your soul mate. And he hadn’t felt anything like what he felt for Judy.

Then his thoughts went to Amy. He didn’t use Amy. If anything he was too sensitive about her feelings. He didn’t want to hurt her. That’s why they hadn’t broken up sooner. That’s why… Tom gripped the steering wheel as thoughts of Amy’s death flooded his mind. Maybe that’s what he means. He thinks Judy is going to end up getting hurt because of me. Not a broken heart but something else? Can’t be.

He pulled into the parking lot of Harry’s apartment building. He looked at his watch. He was supposed to meet Judy at home in a few hours. Hopefully this would take a lot less time than that.

Knocking on that door was the hardest thing he’d done in a long time. It was probably just as hard for Ioki to answer. But he did, opening it without a word. Tom waited, stared at his feet for a moment than decided to get it over with.

“Look, man. I’m here because we’re friends. At least before last night we were friends. And I’m hoping that because we have that we can get past this – or at least keep it from destroying all of us.”

“You’re too much, Hanson.” Harry shook his head and smiled. “Why not? Come on in. I could use the entertainment. It’s already been a pretty interesting day.”

Part 14