Part 11

They drove the rest of the way home in silence and got ready for bed without saying more than was necessary. Jude crawled in to bed, turned off her lamp, and sighed as she snuggled down in the sheets. Tom stayed out in the living room mindlessly flipping channels on the TV while drinking a beer.

Judy felt awful and tried figuring out how she has managed to be involved or cared about so much by all three of her fellow cops and friends. She was just being herself. Always wanting to represent the truth of what was in her heart and on her mind. She never flirted purposely unless she didn’t mean it and besides, it was never with any of the guys. How did this happen?

Tom gave up on watching anything and decided it was time to turn in for the night. He turned off all the lights, checked the locks and went to the bathroom to finish up his nightly routine. As he stood looking at himself in front of the mirror, he tried to think of the mess that had unconsciously occurred that he won’t be able to ignore. He thought about how much he loved her and meant what he said about not feeling bad or guilty for being the one she gave her love too.

Tom climbed slowly in to bed as he turned off his lamp and snuggled up close and tight with Judy, not saying a word. He squeezed her briefly, kissed her on the neck and then sighed as he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.


The next morning they woke to a pounding on the door and a loud voice. “Hanson! Jude! Open up! We gotta talk.”

Tom unwrapped himself from Judy and padded to the door saying, ‘Alright! Alright! I’m coming.” As he thought he would strangle Penhall the moment he opened the door. As he opened the door, he made a grand gesture sweeping his arm through the air to usher Doug in. “Penhall, this better be REALLY good. We all had a long night and I’m not ready to deal with any drama this early in the morning.”

“Where’s Judy?”

“She’s asleep.”

“Well, get her up! We gotta talk about this. Harry is the odd man out here and I feel bad.”

“What do you want us to do? You should have told me when I told you about me and Judy. I could have at least warned her about not saying anything to Harry yet. “

“Just go wake her up please. I really don’t like all of this ya know. It really makes me uncomfortable having everyone not talking or talking about each other, feelings getting hurt. Not to mention the fight with Dorothy. “

“Alright! But I’m not apologizing for loving her or giving her up.”

“Nobody’s asking you to!”

“Fine,” Tom said with an exasperated sigh.


“I’ll be right back.” He turned and walked to the bedroom closing the door quietly behind him.” He walked over to her side of the bed and just stared at her sleeping peacefully and thought about how he really wanted to start his morning with her. “Jude, honey.” He stroked the side of her face. “Wake up.”

Judy moaned as she started to pull the pillow over her head not wanting it to be morning yet. She didn’t want to face another moment of Tom being upset with her. Of all people she needed on her side right now, it was him.

“Judy, Penhall is her and wants to talk. Can you get up?’

She opened her eyes and had a blank expression on her face.

“Look at it this way, the sooner we get rid of Penhall, the sooner we can…" he said with a smirk.

Judy half-smiled as she sat up and Tom thought she never looked more beautiful than she does first thing in the morning. That’s why it was his favorite time of day to make love to her.

“I’m sorry about last night and I want us to work this out…together. “

“I’m sorry too. I keep forgetting I not only have my feelings to consider anymore. We’re together now, so as a team we need to be there for one another, not tear each other apart.”

“Agree. Now, let’s talk go talk fast out there so we can come back and get busy in here.”

“Tom! Don’t talk like that with Doug on the other side of the door.”

Just as she said that they heard Doug. “Hey! Are you two coming out of there anytime soon or do I need to come in there and get Judy myself?”

‘We’re coming!” they said in unison.

Tom kissed her on the forehead and handed her a robe. “Cover up. I don’t want Penhall seeing what he missed out on and try to take you away from me.” He said with a wink.

She gave him a look that he knew he would have to pay for that comment later on. They walked out of the bedroom to find Doug pacing in front of the couch.

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