Part 4

Honest? There wasnít anything to be honest about. At least thatís what she thought before Tom. And before he told her about this dinner thing.

"Come on. What is it?" He tightened the grip he had around her waist.

She wiggled a little. "I donít know Ė itíll just be Ė well odd."

Being a cop was strange enough but dating was something else all together. Keeping it between them was fun and relaxing. Taking it to the next level might not be.

She shrugged. "Maybe we should just play it by ear."

"Play it by ear? And what exactly does that mean?"

She smiled weakly. "TomÖ"

"You can tell me anything, you know." He leaned close and put his lips just below her ear. "Weíre friends, Jude. Before anything else, you know?"

She took in a breath. Friends. Okay. So a friend might not get upset to find out that she almost had sex with another friend of theirs. But Tom isnít just a friend now. He might not take it too well. On the other hand if she didnít tell him now it could be worse if it came out later.

She stood up and moved to sit on the bed, turning so she faced him. "Okay. Here it is. A while back Penhall and I, well weíd been working together for a while. And one night he came by and we had pizza and talked and Ė well he kissed me. And I kissed him back. And we fooled around a little. No, a lot. But we didnít sleep together. I mean we went to sleep but we didnít have sex. And I Ė well I Ė I never thought it would matter to anyone but now here we are and I donít know if it matters or not but itís making me feel very odd and now Iím sitting here and youíre not saying anything and thatís not making me feel good either. So say something. Please?"

Tom blinked a few times. "Iím not sure what Iím supposed to say."