Part 5

Hanson got up and started pacing back and forth, running his hands through his hair. Judy became anxious and started shifting her weight as she sat on the bed.

"Tom," she said anxiously, without any response from him. "We didnít sleep together."

"But you almost did! I canít believe this. Heís my best friend. How could you do this?"

"What do you mean? You and I werenít even dating at the time."

"But Penhall?! I mean come on Jude, you know all he does is date for sport."

"It wasnít like that, and besides, weíve always been close. Heís always treated me with respect and honesty. Heís always been there for me, even before you came to Jump Street. He was the one that helped me to loosen up a bit, and Iíve always been the one to kind of help keep him in check. As his partner, you know THATíS a full time job," she said with a smile and small laugh to try to lighten the mood. "Iíve even told him that if he treated the women he dates like he treats me when heís not being a smartass, he might get somewhere for a change. Heís a great guy beyond the surface stuff, you know that. "

"Iím sorry. I just have to think about this." He reached for his coat and started to walk towards the door. "I wonít be able to forget about this Judy. I mean for you to fall for Penhallís antics. I thought you wereÖ"

"Hey now wait a minute!" She jumped up from the bed and stood face to face with him. "I just told you how it was. I was upset about Darlene and he was upset because everyone, including you, his partner AND best friend, didnít believe him about Adabo. We lost our heads momentarily. Are you telling me youíve NEVER let your emotions lead you down a road you later regretted?"

"No, I havenít!"

"I canít believe this! So youíre saying Officer Thomas ĎIím-perfect-and-always-by-the-book" Hanson, doesnít even screw up in his personal life."

"Well, yeah Iíve screwed up, but not with a co-worker and potentially jeopardize my job because of it."

"So then what about us!? Weíre obviously WAY more involved than I ever was with Penhall. Are you saying weíre screwing things up by seeing each other?"

"No! Thatís not what I meant. I just meantÖ"

"I donít care what you mean Hanson, youíre not being rational and I think if we keep talking, things will get said that canít be taken back. I really donít understand why youíre so upset," she said as she walked away to the bathroom slamming the door shut.

Great! Now sheís pissed. How am I going to fix this? I canít believe I let that go so far. Itís not like she cheated on me. And itís not like they did anything that hurt anybody. So why am I acting like this? Then he realized why he reacted so strongly and took off his jacket and walked to the bathroom door.

He stood with his forehead and right hand palm on the door and he heard her crying softly. Pain gripped his heart, if there was one thing he never wanted to do was to cause her to cry. He decided this was time; this is when he would tell her just what was on his heart. So he knocked softly and called her name.

"Jude," he said in a whisper but loud enough for her to hear him. "Jude, please come out. Iím sorry. Can we talk this out like two rational adults? Judy please, I canít take this distance between us even though itís only a few feet." He heard her stop crying and starting to move toward the door. "Judy, please. Youíre breaking my heart here, honey."

She opened the door and was a mess with tear stains on her cheeks and red eyes. He grabbed her in a huge hug and started whispering Iím sorry and I love you over and over again.

Did he just say, I love you?! She stood there hugging him back and loving they way it felt.