The two guards sat up straight as if steel rods were in their backs, as they cautiously and covertly watched the front door.

This wasnít a good sign. Being called off Brenda and Robin, Ricardo thought, to meet with the boss while his second-in-command paced the floors. The tension level was so high in the room he had started to sweat. As subtly as possible, Ricardo looked around the room for any sign of plastic covering. He glanced at the closet Jason was passing. Was there enough all weather proof plastic to wrap around two bodies? He really- -

The door slammed and everyone froze.

"I want answers now," Sonny demanded.

"Sonny- -" Jason began.

Sonny shot him a look silencing him instantly.


"Sir, I didnít know she was married or a Cassadine- -"

"Iím not paying you not know. Iím paying you to know," Sonny informed him sternly.

Trying to keep his cool, Ricardo nodded. "As soon as she began hanging out with AJ, I reported it to Mr. Morgan."

Sonny whipped his head to the side and tackled Jason with a penetrating glare.

"Ricardo was on the look out for any drinking or other self-destructive AJ behavior," Jason said calmly.

Sonny reluctantly nodded and turned back to Ricardo.

"Mr. Corinthos, once she had the accident I was only allowed to guard Miss Barrett because she insisted. Once she went to the Greek Island everything changed," Ricardo stated humbly.

"Jason?" Sonny asked in a threatening tone.

"I called Brenda. She assured me everything was okay, so did Ricardo. Brenda told me she and AJ were just visiting Bonnie and Nicolas. Cassadine had guards on her, she made sure Ricardo was close to her, so I didnít see the need to fight the Cassadines over the guard situation when everything was okay."

"You should have informed me," Sonny barked.

Jason nodded. He understood Sonny was shocked by tonightís announcements, but it was all of their control. Sonny had wanted Brenda to move on with her life and she did just that and now he was pissed, but Jason wisely decided not to voice his opinion.

Sonny turned to Robinís guard, Carl, and snarkily asked, "Do you have anything to add?"

"No, sir," Carl said, praying his fear wasnít evident in his voice.

"Where did Hope come from?" Sonny demanded.

Jason didnít realize that Sonny knew about Hope, yet.

"Hopeís biological mom, Denise, had the same disease Brendaís mom had. When Denise died she left Hope to Brenda and AJ," Jason replied.

Sonny nodded and with a flick of his wrist he dismissed his men.

They quickly nodded and quietly left the apartment.

Sonny wanted to throw something, but there was nothing in Jasonís sparsely decorated penthouse to throw.

"Jason, nothing goes on in Brendaís life that I donít know about. I donít care how small or seemingly insignificant."

"Yes, Sonny," Jason said, and then left Sonny to his thoughts.

Pacing and running his fingers through his hair, Sonny tried to figure out why he was so upset, so hurt. He should be thrilled that Brenda was married and had a child. The family she always wanted. A family like the one he created with Carly.

So what was the problem? Well for one, he wished she had created a new life with someone other than that loser AJ. How did she fall for that drunken louse? The greatest thing Carly ever did was get rid of AJ. Did she remember how Jason ended up working for him? If AJ hurt one hair on her or Hopeís head, he would crucify him.

Damn, this was just like Brenda to get herself into crazy situations. He left Jasonís penthouse and headed for his own. Entering his home, he took off his bowtie and jacket. He let out a slow, deep breath. He needed to sit down and really talk to Brenda. He wanted to make sure wasnít in over her head, with AJ, the Cassadines, and Luke. He was better sure he put the fear of God into Brenda and Robinís guards and they now knew everything pertaining to Brenda was told to him. Glancing at his watch, he realized how late it was. It was time to put Brenda to rest and concentrate on his family, if that was possible.

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