The Past Returns - Chapter One

Join us in a celebration

Of welcoming

the newest member of our family

Sonny threw the invitation on the dresser and adjusted his bowtie for the final time.

"Carly, letís go, if weíre going!"

"Give me one more second," she yelled from the bathroom.

"Thatís what you said an hour ago," he muttered under his breath. "Iím going to check on the boys. Please meet me downstairs."

He walked out of the room before she could reply. He reached Morganís room and watched the scene before him. Leticia was sitting on the floor with Morgan in her arms as Michael read a bedtime story to his baby brother, who was fighting sleep with all his little might.

Noticing him standing in the doorway, Michael closed the book and quietly yet quickly walked over to him. Sonny picked him up and walked over to Morgan. He bent Michael over and watched as his eldest son kissed his youngest son on the forehead.

"Goodnight, baby brother. Sleep tight, donít let the bedbugs bite."

Sonny kissed Morgan and whispered softly, "Goodnight, angel."

He stood up and carried Michael out of the nursery and down the hall to his room. He settled Michael in his bed.

"I helped put Morgan to sleep, Daddy."

"You did?" Sonny asked.

Michael nodded. "Yes, and I helped Leticia feed him, change him, and bathe him."

"Iím proud of you. You are the greatest big brother and such a help to Mommy and me."

Michael beamed at his dadís compliment.

Settling Michael in his bed, Sonny asked, "Do you want, Daddy to read you a story?"

Michael shook his head. "You look nice, Daddy. Where are you and Mommy going?"

"Thanks, son. Weíre going to a big party."

"Will there be lots of people there?"


"Is Grandma going?"


"And Uncle Luke and Aunt Laura?"


"Even Lucky and Grandpa?"

"Michael, this bed time stalling tactic isnít going to work."

"Will you tell me about the party tomorrow then, Daddy?"

"I promise. Iíll make it a bedtime story, okay?"


"Did you say your prayers?" Sonny asked.

Michael nodded. "With Leticia and Morgan."

"Good boy." Sonny pulled the covers up to Michaelís chin just the way he liked it. "I love you, Michael."

"I love you too, Daddy."

Sonny kissed his son, waited while his son reciprocated, and then headed for the doorway where Carly stood, watching her husband and son interact.

"Love you, Mr. Man." She blew Michael a kiss and he caught it.

"Love you, Mommy."

Sonny turned off the light and for a few moments he and Carly watched their son drift off to sleep.

"Why are we going to this party?"

"Cause Mama asked us to."

"And?" He asked with a slightly annoyed tone to his voice.

"Mike and Tammy are going to be there," she answered trying to appease him.

"Oh, joy, now I get to look forward to being harassed all night."

"Cheer up. Jason and Courtney will be there so youíll have someone to talk to."

"But Iíll also have to put up with seeing the Quartermaines and probably Candy boy."

The car pulled up to the dock. Max opened the door for them and escorted them to the launch. As they headed to Spoon Island, Carly questioned him.

"What has you so uptight about this party?"

"Nothing. I would have just rather stayed home with you and the boys. Right now, we could be at home sipping white wine and cuddling on the couch."

Carly leaned her head against his shoulder and moaned. "That does sound delightful. Can we go home?"

Sonny laughed. "You were dying to come and itís too late now. Itís time to get off the launch."

The driver of the launch helped Carly down the stairs. Sonny and Max followed closely behind.

Sonny didnít know why he was so against this party. All he knew was that ever since they had received the invitation, he had the strangest feeling. He couldnít describe it. It wasnít fear or worry or joy. He couldnít put his finger on it and that did worry him. He didnít like going into any situation without knowing all the facts. He would be glad when this night was over.