She could feel the stares, glares, and curious eyes on her as she walked down the hospital corridor. You marry a mob boss and suddenly you're a celebrity. She could hear the extra footsteps of the guards she couldn't talk Sonny out of. As she reached out to open Dr. Meadow's door another hand appeared and opened it.

"Let me," Sonny greeted.

She rolled her eyes as he ushered her to a seat and nodded to the nurse at the receptionist desk. Pretending to read a magazine, Dara whispered angrily. "Was it necessary to take out an announcement?"

"I thought it would be less painful and stressful than a wedding reception," he responded, trying to find a comfortable spot on the too soft chair.

An angry retort hovered on her lips. He was right the announcement, besides telling Amy Vining, was the best way to inform everyone at once. Though she felt guilty that she hadn't told Mac, Alex, Felicia, Bobbie, Tony, Gia, and Mama Florence first, but it was too late for regrets now. It was time to deal with the fallout as soon as she and Sonny discussed what their cover story would be. But whatever happened, she knew Sonny had her back which helped dissipate some of her anger. Some not all. "You need to inform me of decisions that affect me, our partnership, and most importantly my children."

Turning her head to face his, Sonny answered, "If I have time and feel it's in your best interest I will, but never doubt that our family's best interests are always first and foremost in my heart and mind. Always."

Looking into his eyes, Dara knew why he ran the Eastern seaboard. But if he thought she was put in her "place" by his tone of voice and the look in his eyes then he was getting old and senile.

"Dara Tag- - err, ah," the nurse stuttered, not sure what to call the former ADA.

"Dara Taggert Corinthos," Sonny said, assisting the nurse.

He smiled at her as she repeated his words, blushing furiously.

Dara groaned. As if he needed any reminders that he still had it. These women acted like they'd never seen a drop-dead gorgeous, well-dressed man with to-die-for dimples before.

"And there is Baby Taggert," Dr. Meadows announced as the baby appeared on the screen.

Sonny was in awe. There right before his eyes was his daughter. His first daughter with Dara. He prayed that this precious angel was a replica of her mother because a feminine version of Taggert wouldn't be pretty.

"I apologize," the ob/gyn said.

"No, it's fine. She is half-Taggert," he responded.

The doctor nodded her approval. Sonny had shown himself to be an attentive, loving, caring, and concerned father throughout Carly's pregnancies and it seemed like he would be to this baby also. She wished more fathers were like him. "So you think it's a girl?"

"No, Doc. I know she's a girl."

Dara chuckled.

"Would you like to find out for sure?" she offered.

"No," he answered quickly, then he looked down at Dara. "Unless you want- -"

His wife shook her head. "We'll be surprised."

"You'll be surprised," he grinned at her.

In that moment, Dara knew how it would have been if Sonny had been by her side when she was pregnant with Craig. Instead of being all alone and frightened, she would have had an excited father and protector to ease her fears and help her enjoy the wonders of childbirth. If only.