"Are you sure about this?" Sonny asked.

"I'm sure. Mom isn't thinking about the future. In two years, I'll be away at Harvard and she'll be here with a toddler all by herself. With this marriage I know a man she loved enough to have a child with will be here to protect them," Craig answered.

Sonny smiled and nodded, very impressed with his son's cockiness and protectiveness of Dara and her unborn child.

"Do you love her?"

"I do."

"And the baby?"

"Will be a Jensen/Taggert/Corinthos just like her older brother."

"Good. And speaking of the baby, she'll need someone to play with full-time, not just when Kristina, Michael, and Morgan are over visiting."

Sonny chuckled and pulled his oldest into an embrace. "We'll see." Releasing Craig, Sonny looked him straight in the eye, dropping his smile. "This won't be easy. People are going to talk, gossip, and say things about your mom, question mijita's paternity."

"I know. We already went over this. I don't have my dad's quick temper or yours either, for that matter. And even he would put aside his dislike of you, if you could protect my mom and the baby."

Nodding again, Sonny remained silent although he wasn't 100% convinced that Tags could have put aside his longstanding hatred of him even if it was for the welfaRe of Dara and their baby.

"I better go check on the kids and make sure they aren't getting dirty," the teen announced, heading outside.

"You can come down now," Sonny informed his soon-to-be-wife.

Dara walked the rest of the way down the stairs.

Sonny whistled under his breath. She looked stunning in her off-white suit with a skirt that barely skimmed the top of her knees. He had never seen her look more lovely. "Do you believe me now?"

"Yes," she answered, placing her hand in his, entrusting her life and the life of her children in his.

He kissed his bride-to-be's hand and led her outside.