Had she just stepped into the twilight zone? She couldn’t be serious. This couldn't be happening to her. Life would not be that cruel, that mean.

"Marcus left you another piece of himself," Dara heard, finally tuning back into Dr. Meadows' words. She nodded appropriately, as was expected of her.

"I know it's hard, but I hope you see this as a positive occurrence. You get another little Taggert to raise. I'm sure this will put a smile on the whole family's face once they get over the shock," the ob/gyn continued.

She was pregnant. She was pregnant. This was really true. It was really happening. Oh my gosh. They had tried for years and now- - wait, oh my gosh! How far along was she? If she were pregnant- - no, she wouldn't think about that. This had to be Marcus' baby. She was never one to skirt away from the truth so she would just ask the doctor. She took a deep breath and proceeded. "Doctor, how far along am I?"

"Four and a half months or so."

What?! She couldn't be that far along. She would have noticed the signs.

"I can tell by the shock on your face that you're surprised by that answer."

"Yes, it's just I shoul- -" Oh my gosh!

Dr. Meadows nodded. "You were still getting your periods and you probably didn't notice they were lighter."

Dara nodded. Well, actually she had sort of noticed, but she chalked it up to the stress she was under. As the doctor rattled off the other usual symptoms indicating pregnancy, she realized how she had easily attributed the ones she’d experienced to another cause. Luckily, she had been spared the morning sickness which would have been a sure sign she was expecting.

She and Marcus were having a baby and he was six feet underground. My, my, did she have the worse timing when it came to pregnancies. What was she going- - no, how was she going to break this news to Mama Campbell and Gia. Craig would be ecstatic; he had been dying for a sibling. Well she'd cross those bridges when she got to them. Right now, she would just savor the fact that this child was a Taggert and not a Corinthos, because she couldn’t even begin to contemplate how she would have ever explained that one.