"Okay guys, you've done the polite, friendly check on the widow chit-chat, so now tell me why you are really here?" Dara asked Mac and Alex.

"Dara, we care about you. We love you- -" Alex began.

Dara held up her hand. "I know, I know, I didn't mean to insult either of you," she apologized.

They nodded.

"But the Commissioner and Chief of Detectives don't visit together during working hours unless there's news, bad news."

"There's no easy way to say this," Mac warned her. "Salvador Achoy has jumped bail."

Commanding her mouth to drop open, she hoped she looked shocked.

"And Eduardo Sachs and Jason Howell are dead. We believe Sal ordered their hits before he left town so they wouldn't testify against him."

Putting down her glass, Dara rose form her chair and began pacing her back porch.

"Dara?" Alex said concerned. "Are you okay?"

She ignored his question. How could she answer that? She was reeling with emotions. Sonny killed the men who were in the car with Achoy. While they weren't directly involved in her husband's death, they were indirectly. Why was she surprised? Sonny was always thorough in everything he did. She had to suppress a grin as her last thought brought about some naughty thoughts. Sonny continued to keep his promise to her, in ways she never imagined, while at the same time making it clear to one and all that Sonny Corinthos was not to be messed with.

The touch of a hand on her shoulder made her jump.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you, but we lost you there," Alex explained.

"It's okay. Are there any leads on Achoy?" she questioned as Alex escorted her back to her seat.

"He's left town. And from the looks of his apartment, he left in a hurry. We've talked to his parents in Miami, they're cooperating but they haven't heard from him. Neither has any of his other family members," Alex informed her.

"In all likelihood, he's probably gone underground," Mac said, "but have no worries we will find him wherever he is. He will not walk away from what he did to Marcus."

Touching Alex's and Mac's hands, Dara looked them in the eyes. "I know. I know."