The Pledge by Yash


Chapter 8



No wonder Brenda was a model.  No other human being could fit into these tiny clothes, Dara thought as she pulled once again on the top that was obviously meant for someone less endowed and the pants for someone less hippy.  She walked out of the bathroom and took one last look around the room and bed that sent her life on a different path once again.


"Dara, I have- -" Sonny started, as he walked into the room with a bag in his hand.  "I have clothes for you," he finished, staring at her in Brendaís tight clothes.


"I found these so theyíll do until I get home.  But thank you," she said.


"I didnít realize Brenda left any clothes here."


"When did she stay here?" she asked, hoping she sounded causal.  She didnít want to think Sonny had shared this house with the model.  It would ruin her memories.


"After we found her at St. Timís," he said, with his eyes assuring her this place was special just to them.


After St. Timothyís, that was where Sonny "died."  She quickly turned away from him.  She recalled hearing about Sonnyís death on the police scanner, and it was like her world had fallen out from beneath her.  The intensity of her feelings had staggered her.  She was happily married to Taggert, raising their son, but the news had rocked her to the core.  Keeping her grief to herself hadnít been easy that night with a super observant son around.  But her world had righted itself, the next morning when she was taking Craig to school.  He found a stuffed Gizmo lying in the front seat of her car.  She had to stop herself from snatching the stuffed creature from her sonís hands.  She couldnít even remember what ridiculous answer she gave him to explain Gizmo.  But for the rest of the day, she had worn the biggest smile.