They had waited three months before telling Alexis and Ned the truth. Three long, agonizing months. Brenda wished they didn't have to tell them. But she had made a peace of sorts about it, especially since Jason told her to either tell them and stop whining and worrying or don't tell them at all. She and Sonny weren't under any legal obligation to tell Alexis or Ned. Glory's adoption was completely legal. The judge had terminated the rights of all unknown birth mothers and birth fathers which made Glory a legal orphan and allowed her to adopt her. But if she had a daughter, that she thought was dead, she'd definitely want to know if her daughter were really alive.

Suddenly she felt the arms of her husband wrap around her. Sonny kissed her on the cheek. "It's going to be okay."

While she didn't believe that, she wasn't as worried or scared as she once was in the security of the arms of the man she had loved since she was eighteen. All too soon, they were docking at Spoon Island. Taking a deep breath, she took her husband's hand and disembarked.

"Hi, Brenda," Ned smiled, standing up to hug her, "Sonny."

Brenda hugged Ned. "Hi yourself."

"Ned," Sonny said.

"Please have a seat," Ned offered.

Brenda and Sonny took seats opposite of Ned.

"Where's Alexis?" Brenda asked.

"She's getting Lesley Lu started on her homework. Stefan and Laura are out of town so we're babysitting."

Brenda nodded as Alexis walked into the study.

"Hello, Brenda, Sonny," she greeted, taking a seat next to her husband.

"Alexis," the newlyweds said in unison.

"So what brings you by?" Ned questioned.

Sonny and Brenda looked at each other and Sonny nodded. Brenda took a breath to prepare herself for a conversation that would change their lives forever. She took Sonny's hand. "We're here about Kristina."

"Brenda- -" Ned began.

"Let me finish," Brenda pleaded.

Alexis and Ned reluctantly agreed.

Taking Sonny's hand, she began her tale.


"That's not possible," Alexis exclaimed, jumping out of her seat.

"Alexis, you were probably just trying to protect Kristina from yourself, from any perceived dangers or ramifications from Alcazar, or maybe even from Sonny," Brenda responded.

Alexis and Ned looked at her with stunned looks.

"Yes, we know that the tests were rigged and that Sonny is Glory's biological father," she continued.

Alexis opened her mouth- -

"It's the past, let's move on," Sonny told Alexis.

She nodded.

"Bren, why did you tell us this? You're not a cruel person, and both Alexis and I know that legally we don't have a leg to stand on to get Kristina back and neither of us would want to drag her through years of court battles," Ned said, "so why now? Why at all?"

"Because Alexis thought her daughter was dead and we found out she wasn't. And as a mother, as a parent, as a human being, if my daughter was out there somewhere I would want to know it."

Alexis was speechless.

Taking his wife in his arms, Ned turned to Brenda and Sonny. "We need to discuss this- - we'll call you." Ned escorted his wife out of the room, leaving Sonny and Brenda alone.

"That went well," Brenda said sarcastically as they walked out of the Cassadine home.

"It could have been worse," Sonny replied.

She gave him a look of disbelief.

"She is a Cassadine, they could have poisoned our drinks," he smirked.

His remark got a slight smile out of her.

Grabbing Sonny's arm, she threw herself into his arms and cried. "Shh, Bren, I'm right here. Im right here, baby," Sonny murmured over and over, as his own tears fell. The fate of their family rested inside that dark, ominous mansion.