"Hey Mom, Dad, Sonny, you guys look serious," Brenda commented walking into the living room, taking off her heels and setting her briefcase down. She kissed Anna and Tad on the cheeks before sitting opposite of them next to Sonny. She gave him a quick kiss. "Why the long faces?"

No one said anything.

Suddenly it dawned on her and she clutched Sonny's hand. She was strong. She had her family and the man she loved by her side. She wasn't alone. "What did you find out?"

"Luv, we found Glory's biological parents," Anna informed her eldest.

"Both of them? I thought we only had a lead on possibly her birth mother?"

"We did, but- -" Anna started.

"It was a hunch I played based on Glory's birthmark," Tad concluded.

"Huh? I'm confused," Brenda stated.

"Let me tell you who Glory's birth parents are, then I'll explain."

Brenda and Sonny nodded.

"Alexis Davis Ashton- -"

"Glory is Kristina," Sonny exclaimed.

"How is that possible?! Alexis' baby died," Brenda countered. "Oh, my gosh, Ned. He grieved for that baby."

"He might have, but he wasn't the biological father. Sonny, you are," Tad said bluntly.

"What?" Brenda stared at Sonny. "I thought you said that the DNA test said you weren't the father."


"Ned." She and Sonny declared at the same time.

"How is this even possible?" Brenda wondered out loud.

"We're not sure. We can only speculate at this point," Anna answered. "This all happened during a dark period in Alexis' life- -"

"There's a chance that she might not know," Tad added.

"Which means there's a chance we may never know," Brenda finished.

Tad nodded.

"Why did you test Sonny?" she questioned her father.

"Pure accident. I used Glory's Barbie brush to get her hair sample and it must have contained- -" Tad began.

"My hair. She was brushing my hair the other day," Sonny told them.

"Wow!" Was all Brenda could say as she sat on the sofa in shock.

"Luv- -" Anna said.

Tad shook his head and signaled towards the doorway. Anna took his hand and they quietly exited.


"This is worse than I imagined. She thinks her baby is dead and instead I'm raising her. This little girl who watches cartoons on PBS on Sunday mornings, who has to have the edges cut off of her sandwiches and cookies, who will only drink tea like her Grandmum with milk and lemon, no sugar, and talks in a Brooklyn accent whenever she spends more than five minutes with a Cerullo." Brenda stood and began pacing. “I was hoping it was some teenager who hid her pregnancy from her parents and she'd be more than happy to know her daughter was doing okay and would never darken our doorstep. But this- -"

"We don't have to tell her."

"You would allow Glory to go her whole life and not know you were her biological father?"

"Yes. I'm her father in everyway that counts just as I am to Michael and Morgan."

Pausing, she leaned forward and kissed him softly. "Thank you. But if Spencer were alive- -"

"Bren, it's not- -"

"Just say somehow he survived and another family was raising him, wouldn't you want to know, wouldn't you want him with you?”

Sonny nodded.

Brenda sighed. "Enough about me. Congratulations, Daddy! How are you?"

"I want to be angry at Ned and Alexis for lying to me about- - but I can't. All I could think as Tad spoke was thank God I didn't have to mourn another baby, all these years. Gosh, how wrong is that," he moaned, running his fingers through his hair.

Grabbing his hands, she kissed both of them. "Sonny, it's okay to feel that way. You've lost two sons and God knew your heart couldn't take losing a third one. You dealt with the pain that Kristina wasn't your biological daughter and that was enough. And now you have the joy of loving Glory and having her love you and think you're the greatest dad in the world." She pulled him into her arms. "Michael, Morgan, Robbie, and Glory are four very lucky kids."

"Before we tell Alexis, let's go away. Just you, me, and the kids. They'll play on the beach all day. We'll burn S’mores and marshmallows over a fire. Then we'll have romantic dinners, the two of us alone," he whispered in her ear, as he gently nibbled on her ear.

"I'll have to work sometime on this trip."

"I'll keep the kids busy while you work."

She gasped. "No Leticia?"

"No Leticia," he responded, while kissing her neck.

"Mmmm, okay you've convinced me," she answered, holding on to him as if her life depended on it.

He held onto her with the same intensity.