Glory – Chapter 18

Nothing. Damn it! Nothing. It had been over four months and he couldn’t find one single, solitary trace of her and the girls. It was as if they had disappeared off the face of the earth. With his contacts, his associates, his associates' contacts, Anna's, Tad's, Sean Donnelly's, Frisco Jones', Mac's, even Jerry Jack's, which was Robin's and Lois' doing not his, they still came up empty.

If he wasn't so pissed, tired, and frustrated, he would admire and be proud of Brenda Barrett. He unknowingly taught her well on how to disappear without leaving any evidence. She had done it so subtly. And he did believe she left voluntarily since there had been no ransom demands, no innuendoes about having Sonny's woman and children.

Anna and Tad still believed it could be possible. Someone out there could have her and was waiting for the perfect moment to make their demands. Because if it wasn't one of those two alternatives, then it only left a third and completely unconscious able one. She and the girls had been taken by another Alcazar type and he couldn't even begin to allow himself to contemplate that. Not at all.

Walking past the mirror above his dresser, he paused and studied himself. He noticed his haggard appearance. The bags under his eyes. The paleness of his skin from never seeing the sun. His life revolved around Michael and Morgan, only the most important aspect of the business, the rest Jason dealt with, and finding Brenda, Glory, and Robbie. Michael and Morgan missed Brenda. For them it was a second loss in a short amount of time. Did Brenda remember that?

Damn. He hadn't felt this helpless since he couldn't convince his mother to leave Deke or when he found out Candyboy let that crazy woman drive Brenda off the cliff. He hated this feeling. He hated not having an answer when Michael asked him when Brenda, Glory, and Robbie were going to come home.

Sighing, Sonny ran his fingers through his hair. His gaze moved from himself to the three interconnected frames on his bureau. This was the proof that Brenda left of her own freewill. She had hounded him to death about taking these photos. The middle frame contained a picture of all of them. Brenda, Michael, Morgan, Robbie, Glory, and himself. All of course wore coordinating colors. To the right of that frame was a picture of him and the kids and to the left one of Brenda and the kids.

If he looked closely, he could see a smile that would make a Stepford wife proud painted on her face and eyes that were marred with wistfulness, sadness and ever present pain and fear. What did she fear? Whom did she fear? Didn't she know that he would protect her? Protect the girls? Who had her so scared that she ran? Was it Lorenzo or one of Luis' associates?

Damn it, he wanted to throw something. But he couldn’t do that to the boys. He had to stay in control. He had to keep it together and had to find Brenda, Glory, and Robbie. He had to know why? Why? Why didn't she trust him?