Watching Robbie and Glory frolic in the water and sand on this beautiful Oregon day should have had her soul at ease, but it didn't. Brenda felt alone. She felt like a coward. Like she let her daughters, her parents, her siblings, Sonny, and most importantly herself down. She ran at the first sign of trouble, not trusting in her family and Sonny to help her through.

Why did she run? She had thought about that a lot since coming to Waldport, Oregon, over four months ago. She ran because she didn't trust in the love of those around her. She knew Anna and Tad loved her the same way she loved Robbie and Glory, but after being hurt by parental love by Harlan, and romantic love by Sonny and Jax, she wasn't sure she could give of herself 100%. But she realized that if she didn't fully believe in love and give her all, then she would always be alone and she and the girls would be on the run for the rest of their lives.

She couldn't imagine her life without her daughter, her Gloria-Anna. Yet, it had been weighing on her more and more that if she were somehow separated from Glory or Robbie, she would want them returned ASAP; she wouldn't care how great the family was that had them. She would want her babies with her and in her arms. Didn't Glory's biological parents deserve the same consideration? Didn't they hope and wish for the same thing? Gosh, it killed her to think things through from the other perspective, but she had to. She couldn't force Glory and Robbie to live this kind of life any longer.

Plus, once Felicia said those mind blowing words everything else the female private investigator said got tuned out. Maybe it was time to go back to Felicia, read her report and make a decision from there. Someone had to be the adult in this situation and since she was the mother, it fell to her regardless of how much pain the truth might bring.

It was time to go home. She missed her parents, her little sisters, her brothers, her bed, her hometown, and most of all, she missed her boys, Morgan, Michael, and Sonny. "Girls," she called as she walked towards them, "how would you like to go home?"

"To see Daddy?" Glory asked, pausing from her digging to look up at her mother.

"Papa, Granmum!" Robbie cheered.

"Yes!" she concurred.

Robbie and Glory each tackled a leg, causing them all to fall into the sand. Her heart felt a little lighter, she had made the right decision and she could only pray it wouldn't lead to heartache.