"Based on what I've found, my gut is telling me she was taken…" She hadn't heard another word Felicia said after that. With that sentence, her whole world fell apart. Glory wasn't hers. There was some woman, some man, who longed and loved her baby, her daughter. No, she shook her head. That wasn't possible. Tad had people checking everywhere for possible birthparents for Glory before the adoption. Felicia's information and hunch were wrong. Glory was her eldest daughter and would remain so for the rest of their lives. No, this couldn't happen. She had fought too hard for her family. Fought too hard to get to this place in her life, to be surrounded by such loving and great people. She couldn't allow this all to fall apart, but she couldn't allow others to be hurt by this, which was why she was here.

Yanking down the driver's vanity mirror, Brenda tried to repair the damage to her face, but it was hopeless. She reached into the glove compartment and used one of the girls' wipes to clean her face. Suddenly, a knock on the window shook the car. She jumped and turned to see Jason. "Are you trying to kill me?" she asked, rolling down her window.

"Are you trying to get killed, parked here unprotected and not paying attention?" he countered.

"I was waiting for you."

"Come inside."

"It's private."

He nodded and waited for her to get out of the car. She quietly followed him inside and to a booth in a private corner at Jake's. The place was fairly empty. "Sonny would kill you if he knew you were out by yourself."

She knew he was telling the truth, but she didn't have time for that. She had something more important on her mind. "I needed to see you."

He tilted his head.

"I need to get out of here," she whispered across the table.

"What's up?"

"Nothing you need to be involved in, but I need to get out of here with the girls like yesterday."

Jason studied her. He saw the deadly serious intent in her eyes. The last time he saw that look, he found himself in front of some goofy guy and his strange wife making Brenda the first Mrs. Jason Morgan.

"Can you help us? Or rather will you help us?" she asked. She was tempted to beg, but she had to give him a chance to answer first. Her heart was racing a thousand miles per hour. It was all she could do to stay seated now. She wanted to rush home and smother her daughters in hugs and kisses and never, ever let them go.

"I need to know more."

"Jason, do you think I'm joking? You need to know nothing else. Either you'll help or you won't." He noticed her agitation, as slight as it was. Brenda Barrett was running scared and he wanted to know why. Obviously, she didn't want Sonny to know or she wouldn't be here. Or would she? "Does this have anything to do with Sonny?"

Brenda wanted to scream. Her whole world didn't revolve around Sonny. Once it did, but that was no longer true. No, unfortunately Sonny would be a casualty. "No."

She stumped him. What could have her this spooked? Sonny knew about his daughter. Alcazar was dead so he couldn't bother her- - "Is it Lorenzo? Brenda, if he's threatening you, you need to tell me."

Grabbing her purse, she started sliding out the booth. "I don't have time for this."

Jason captured her arm as she stood and swung her to face him. "Sit down," he commanded.

She looked him up and down as if he were crazy.


She glanced at where his hand was wrapped around her arm. He let go and she sat back down.

"I'll help."

Brenda nodded. She wanted to cry, but she had to keep up her front. She couldn't show any signs of weakness in front of Jason or he would pounce. "How soon can you have them?"

"Two days."

She nodded again.

"Do you need any money?" he asked concerned.

She shook her head. "Don't tell Sonny."

"Brenda- -"

She shook her head again. "If he hears a word of this, I'm a ghost," she stated. Glaring into his blue eyes, she wanted him to confirm he understood and agreed, even if it was unwillingly. He nodded.

"Have you thought this through?"


"You have his daughters. He's not going to let you just walk out of his life. And don't you think Michael and Morgan have lost enough?"

She smiled. How the tides had changed. Was Jason Morgan, Mr. Emotionless, trying to use emotional blackmail in order to get her to stay. She was pretty sure he was. But she wouldn't call him on it since he was her first and only ex-husband. The boys had lost Carly, but they had Sonny and they still would after she and the girls were gone. They would miss them but their lives would move on.

Brenda knew Jason was right; Sonny wouldn't rest without searching the four corners of the earth for them. But she would keep one step ahead of him. She would risk any and every thing to protect her daughters. She made a vow to Glory when she finally was back in her arms, after staying at the emergency foster home. She vowed that never again would she allow anyone to separate them and she intended to keep that promise.

Laughing bitterly, she remembered all those nights in the psych ward at GH, wondering why Sonny had left, what hadn't she done right, or enough of. Why did Sonny leave? That question kept running and running through her mind. And now she truly knew and understood why. He did it to protect her. To save her from a life separated from all that she knew and love. He left to save her. Well she was about to return the favor.