Glory by Yash


Chapter 13



Here they sat.  Who would have ever imagined that it would come to this?  But she shouldn't have been surprised.  With Carly involved anything was possible.  So here they were waiting for the judge to render her decision in what had become a joint or rather triple joint custody battle.  Carly had reconnected with AJ.  Edward had even found a judge that allowed AJ to sue for custody of Michael.


Poor Sonny, Brenda thought.  He was getting it from all sides.  This battle had been fierce.  Sonny's lawyer, Cass Winthrop, was determined to win, but Sonny kept him from revealing a lot of Carly's past behavior although he did assassinate AJ's and Jax's characters. 


Carly, on the other hand, pulled no punches.  She was determined to win at all costs and was willing to destroy anyone who got in her way.  Brenda, AJ, Jax, Bobbie, Jason, even Luke tried to explain to Carly that she wasn't dealing with the average Joe ex-husband.  But Carly was Carly, and didn't listen.  Carly wanted Sonny to hurt like she hurt.  And a part of Brenda could understand Carly's pain; not only was she a reminder of the great love she and Sonny shared, but Robbie and now Glory were living, breathing, constant reminders of Sonny's infidelity.  She knew how Carly felt.  She remembered when Sonny told her Lily was pregnant.  The pain, the unbelievable pain that radiated though her body and soul.  And she hadn't even been married to him at the time.  She thought she would die. 


But with all that said, Carly was still playing a very dangerous game by trying to blab all of Sonny's business deals and associates.  She knew it was Carly's way to strike back at him combined with her irrational thinking, but it was unacceptable.  AJ said he had tried to warn Carly but his pleas fell on deaf ears.


She herself had even put aside her animosity for Jax so he could talk some sense into his baby's mother, but to no avail.  After digressing from the Carly and Sonny situation, she couldn't let the opportunity pass without laying out all her feelings regarding Jax and their relationship.  She especially took him to task for publicly humiliating her for just seeing her kiss Sonny, yet he had slept with Carly and was still going to marry her as if nothing had happened. 


But what hurt most of all, the brunette told the tall Aussie blonde was that he, her friend, not lover, fiancée, or sort of ex-husband, but her friend would dump her in the same fashion that Sonny did that helped lead to her nervous breakdown all those years ago.  Jasper Jacks, her friend who had visited her day in and day out rallying her back from the abyss, had acted just like the man he claimed to hate.  She knew she had scored a homerun with that last statement.  And after she finished emptying her heart, she was amazed at how much lighter she felt, even without an apology from Jax. 


But he did apologize, surprisingly enough.  He asked for forgiveness for the extremely poor way he had handled their parting.  The night before and the day of their second marriage, he had been reeling with emotions because the kiss between her and Sonny proved that, once again, she had chosen Sonny. 


While Brenda wanted to dispute this, she allowed Jax to say his piece.


Once again, he hadn't been enough for her, he told her.  They could never seem to get back to that perfect space they were in when they married the very first time, all by themselves, or when he and Sonny had cheated death and she ran right pass Sonny into his arms.  He wanted that love, that trust back, but it was elusive.  And to compound those feelings, he slept with Carly in a fit of rage, anger, and hurt.  Which was ironic because wasn't that the same way, Sonny and Carly had initially gotten together.  Now he had a child with Carly, too.  And his nightmare was just beginning, she thought sadly, yet with a bit of glee.  He deserved to be stuck with Carly for the rest of his life for what he had done to her.


Brenda was glad she and Jax had a chance to talk.  Although they would never be lovers or even friends for that matter, she wouldn't be carrying around any guilt, hate, hurt, or disappointment when she saw him around town.  She could see him, be cordial, and go about her business without giving him a second thought.


But Sonny's case had made her think about the importance of knowing who your biological parents are.  A lot of heartache would have been prevented if Carly had been honest with each of her sons' biological father.  Maybe she should start looking into Glory's.


"All rise for the Honorable Judge Amy Gray Van Exel," the Bailiff announced, interrupting Brenda's train of thoughts.


The petite and heavily pregnant brunette took her seat and then everyone else in the courtroom sat down.  "In the first case brought before me, Corinthos vs. Corinthos, I am granting the divorce and the property settlement.  In regards to the alimony, Mrs. Corinthos, you own your own nightclub in addition to being a licensed therapist so I'm allowing you alimony for six months and after that you're on your own.  In the second matter before me, Corinthos & Quartermaine vs. Corinthos, Mr. Quartermaine while I admire your sobriety and the positive change your life has taken, I have to think of what's best for Michael.  And in Michael's eyes, Michael Corinthos, Junior, is his father and has been since he can remember.  And at this age, I believe it would be detrimental to him to have that changed.  So I'm denying your request for shared custody with Mrs. Corinthos.  Any future contact you have with Michael will have to be arranged through Mr. and Mrs. Corinthos."


Keesha reached over the barrier keeping her away from her husband and grasped his shoulder.  He grabbed her hand and kissed it gently as the Judge continued. 


"But for your own sake and that of your biological son's, I pray that you maintain your sobriety and the good works you are doing through the Charles Street Foundation," Amy stated calmly.  She took a sip of water and began again.  "In the case of Corinthos & Jacks vs. Corinthos, Mr. Jacks, I'm throwing out your case.  Yes, you are the biological father of Morgan Benson Corinthos but Mr. Corinthos is his legal father.  And with Mrs. Corinthos believing that fathers are interchangeable in regards to her children, I now have to set some ground rules so her children will have at least one parent they can depend on and not leave them to the whimsy of their mother.  The only father, like Michael, that Morgan has ever known is Mr. Corinthos and for their mental, emotional, and physical well-being, I am keeping it so.  If you and Mrs. Corinthos do proceed with your marriage, you can visit and get to know your biological son when he is visiting his mother- -"


"No," Carly shouted, jumping out of her seat.  "You can't do this."


"Order in the court!" Amy demanded.


Jax grabbed Carly's arm and tried to quiet her.


"You're giving my kids to a gangster, a mobster- -" AJ put his hand over Carly's mouth.


"Mrs. Corinthos, please sit down and be quiet or I will have you not only barred from this courtroom, but I will find you in contempt of court.  Mr. Quartermaine, please, remove your hand," the judge ordered.


Carly threw herself in the chair, but remained silent.


"I am granting primary legal and physical custody of Michael and Morgan Corinthos to Mr. Corinthos.  Mrs. Corinthos, you will have the children every other weekend and alternating holidays, which I hope you and Mr. Corinthos will be able to work out without my interference.  In addition, due to your outbursts and behavior in court, Mrs. Corinthos, I am assigning a social worker to this case to meet with Michael and Morgan to make sure the custody arrangement is working.  Court is adjourned."  Amy banged her gavel again and waddled out of the courtroom.


"Sonny, you are not going to get away with this," Carly yelled, as Jax ushered her out of the courtroom.  "You are not going to keep me from my babies."


Sonny stared at her, saying nothing.


Brenda hugged him.  "Congratulations!"


"Thanks," he said, returning her hug.  "We better go, Mike is waiting impatiently back at the house."


Brenda picked up her purse and walked out of the courtroom with Sonny.


AJ watched Sonny and Brenda leave, his face void of emotion.


"Baby, are you okay?" his wife asked.


Turning, AJ stared into Keesha's brown eyes.  "It was a long shot, but at least we tried.  Now let's go home and be with Tre."


"Don't call him that, you make him sound like some hoodlum.  His name is Alan James Quartermaine III," Keesha reprimanded, as she walked out of the courtroom next to her husband.