Glory by Yash


Chapter 12


"Daddy, when can we see Mom?" Michael asked unexpectedly, as he and his father drove away from his school, heading home with Morgan playing quietly in the backseat.


"As soon as she's better, son," Sonny assured him.


"When's that?  I haven't seen her in a long time."


He shrugged his shoulders. "I'm not sure how long that's going to be.  I hope it's not much longer and then you and Morgan can visit with her at Grandma's."


"She's not going to come home?"


Sonny cringed inside; he hated to hurt his son, but he had to be honest with him.  "Not right away and after that, I don't know."  Well, he just broke his promise not to lie.  He did know.  He knew after the hateful words Carly spewed the night he kicked her out and her overwhelming hate of Brenda, there was no way for the marriage to be saved.  It would only be a short while before Carly was no longer Mrs. Sonny Corinthos.  Every time Deke put his hands on him and afterwards when his mom would limp into his room and clean him up, he vowed to never, ever choose a spouse over his child.  Although for the boys' sake, a small part of him left the door open for Carly, in case she somehow learned how to contain her jealousy, accept both Robbie and Glory as his daughters, and work on their marriage.


Michael sighed.  That didn't sound too promising.  "Dad- -" he paused, not sure how to proceed.


Taking his eyes off the road for a second, Sonny looked at his son.  "What is it?  You can tell me anything."


"Don't tell Mom, but I heard Morgan call Brenda, Mom, the other day.  I think he thinks she's his mom," Michael whispered.


"Michael, Morgan just gets a little confused when the girls are over, but he knows in his heart who his mommy is, don't worry."


Michael nodded hesitantly, not completely sure he believed his dad.  "Daddy, what's wrong with Mom?"


"Son, she's- -"


Before Sonny could finish the sentence a speeding SUV zoomed through the red light and slammed into the passenger side of the black jaguar, sending the car into a spin cycle which gravity ended after a minute, with all the occupants unconscious.  Max instantly dialed 911 upon seeing the crash from his car in front of Sonny's.  With that call made, he hit the speed dial to inform Jason and to check on Sonny and the boys while Javier, who had been driving the car behind Sonny's, made sure the SUV driver stayed put.



"Bobbie, how is Morgan?  What's going on?" he yelled at his mother-in-law.


"They're prepping him for surgery to stop the bleeding," she informed him, bandaging his arm from his blood donation.


"Can I see him?" he questioned impatiently.


Bobbie shook her head as all the other nurses quickly scampered from the room to get away from the ill-tempered mob boss.  Bobbie knew he was just as worried about his sons as she was.  The only reason he was sitting here somewhat patiently was because Stefan threatened to bar him from Michael's room unless Sonny kept it down to a dull roar.  Sonny's guards were crawling around the place and Jason was a vigilant presence outside the OR.


"Do I need to give some more blood?  Will he have enough for the surgery?"


Bobbie nodded, but refrained from telling him more.  Damn Carly.  After cleaning up the rest of the instruments, she exited the room.


Sonny flung his head back against the bed.  Damn it!  How did a day that started out so average end like this?  A stupid drunk driver.  A stupid drunk driver had plunged him into this nightmare.  He was constantly on guard of his enemies, yet the person who got to him and his family was a businessman rushing back for a meeting from a long boozed filled lunch.  And where was the justice?  The prick didn't have a single scratch on him, but Michael had a killer of a headache from being banged around and a fractured arm, and Morgan had been rushed to the hospital with shards of glass embedded in his neck, chest, and stomach.  If the ambulance hadn't come as quickly as it did, he and the prick's family would have been planning funerals.


"Sonny, thank God you're okay," Brenda cried, as she ran to him and threw her arms around him.  "I was so worried.  How's Michael?  How's Morgan?"


"Michael is resting peacefully.  Morgan is going to surgery."


"What?  Is he going to be okay- -"


"This is just how I thought I would find you, all laid up with your whore while the children you supposedly love are fighting for their lives," Carly blurted out from the doorway.


Letting go of Sonny, Brenda turned to face Carly.


"Michael's fine, Carly," Sonny explained, "and Iím praying Morgan will be, too- "


"So you thought you would have a quickie before you went to check on Morgan?"


Taking a quick breath, Sonny replied, "I'm resting for a minute due to the accident and my donating blood for our son.  Where the hell have you been?!"


"You shouldn't have bothered- -"


"Carly," Jax called, stepping inside the room.


Brenda and Sonny shared the same puzzled look.


"What are you doing here Candyboy?"


"To answer your question, I was busy getting Morgan's real father so he could donate blood to save our son's life.  Come on, Jax, let's go check on our son.  Oh yeah, Sonny, tomorrow you'll be served with divorce papers; be a good boy and sign them.  Jax and I want to provide our son with his real family as soon as possible," Carly stated seemingly casually.


Sonny jumped out of the bed and rushed towards Carly.  Jax stepped in front of Sonny.


"You stay away from her, Corinthos!  And stay away from my son and Michael, too!" Jax ordered.


"Carly, what game are you planning now?  And how did you dupe Candyboy into buying into it?" Sonny demanded.


"I'm not playing any games.  Ask Mama.  Your blood type doesn't match Morgan's.  He carries the blood of his father.  And that's Jax.  Morgan Jacks.  Now excuse us."  Carly touched Jax's arm and they left the room.


Brenda grabbed Sonny's arm before he ran after them.  As he turned around, he shook off Brenda's arm and threw the chair across the room.  "Max!" he screamed. 


Max rushed into the room.  "Yes, boss?" 


"Find Monica Quartermaine now and bring her along with mine and Morgan's charts!"


Max rushed back out to do his boss' bidding.


Rage consumed Sonny.  Carly better pray that what she said wasn't the truth because if it was, there would be hell to pay, starting with her.


Brenda was in a state of shock.  Morgan was Jax's son, which would mean that Jax slept with Carly at around the same time she slept with Sonny.  He left her at the altar, humiliated her, and treated her like crap for cheating on him, yet he had done the exact same thing.  That no good- -  But she couldn't concentrate on that now, she had to concentrate on Sonny.  Poor Sonny.  In the space of a few hours, he had been in a major accident, was worried about the lives of his sons, and then discovered his youngest son was not his.  The son he had been praying for. The one he worked double time in not thinking for as a replacement for the two previous sons he had lost.  The baby he watched grow in Carly's stomach and then grow into the active toddler he was now.  She knew he was hoping against hope that this was another one of Carly's lies, but she knew it was the truth.  She had seen it in Carly's malicious eyes and in Jax's stunned ones. 


Watching Sonny, she only prayed that everyone could escape from this as unscathed as possible.