Chapter 11

The evening had been going great. As soon as they arrived home, he had dismissed Leticia and moved all the kids to the kitchen. As he cooked, Morgan, Glory, and Robbie played happily and Michael worked on his homework. It took him twice as long to cook because he kept turning around to marvel at the sight before his eyes. His four children were with him, happily busy with their various activities as he did a simple chore, like make dinner for them, his family. He had dreamed about this day for so long and now it was actually a reality. Then Carly arrived home as he was putting dinner on the table.

She was cordial during her introduction to Robbie and Glory, but that was it. She remained silent throughout dinner. Michael picked up on his mother's silence and worked overtime trying to entertain everyone. Sonny swore he wouldn't let Carly ruin this night, this dinner for him, for his kids. So he engaged Michael in conversation and split most of his meal making sure Robbie and Morgan got at least half the food on their plates into their mouths.

Finally fed up with everything, Carly excused herself and left him to see to the children, which he did with glee. After reading Brenda's five page detailed instructions, he threw them to the side. She had never been that organized in all the time he had known her. He guessed he had motherhood to thank for that, but he and the girls would create their own rituals.

After supervising Michael's shower, he ran a tub full of water and put the three youngest in. He took out the video camera and captured his babies playing, smiling, singing, and splashing their oldest brother. Life didn't get better than this. With bath time nearing the second hour, he finally took the kids out despite their protests.

With Michael's help, they dried and clothed Morgan, Glory, and Robbie. He escorted them to Michael's room where they all sat close to him, each of them touching some part of him while he read them from Glory's book of fairy tales. Before he finished the third page, Morgan was snoring, Robbie was drooling in her sleep and Glory and Michael were working overtime to keep their eyes open. By the end of the story, sleep had overtaken his two eldest. This was the life. The life he had dreamt about when he was a kid. He had hoped his mother marrying Deke would make their life better, but it had not.

One by one, he put all the children to bed, kissing their foreheads, cheeks, and lips before finally pulling their covers up. He hated for the day to end, but end it must. Now it was time to deal with Carly. He left a light on in the guest room where the girls were sleeping. With a sigh, he closed the door and headed for his room.

"Carly, I know you're not sleep," he said, glancing at her in the bed as he walked in the room. "So let's get this over with."

"What's there to get over? Despite my objections, my protests, Luis' bastard child is here along with yours- -"

"Do not refer to my children using that word again," he ordered.

"Your children? Only one of Brenda's spawns is yours. Or at least that's what she tells you since you refuse to take my advice and get a DNA test instead of taking that wife-stealing whore's word for it."

"Carly, we went over this. You are not allowed to talk about Brenda, if you have nothing good to say."

Carly jumped out of the bed. "I am not Michael! I cannot be ordered about like some child. She is a homewrecking tramp. Since she's come back to town, if I wanted to find you, all I had to do was look for her and I would find you. And then you spring these kids on me tonight without one word of notice- -"

"I would have called and told you they were coming, but she offered to let me bring them home and what exactly was I suppose to say, 'Wait let me see if it's okay with Carly if I bring my daughters home'- -"

"Yes, and it's only one daughter. The other is a tag-a-long. And with the way Brenda treats her I have a really hard time believing Alcazar was holding her against her will."

Sonny stopped and stared at her in disbelief. "Are you trying to insinuate that Brenda faked being held captive by Luis? What could you possibly be thinking?"

"I'm not insinuating anything. All I'm saying is what I see with my eyes and if I was Ďforcedí to have a child with a man that I hated and kept me away from my family for four years, I sure wouldn't be treating that child as if it were the second coming of Christ. I would barely be able to look at it, yet she parades that girl all around town."

"Do you even listen to yourself sometimes?" he questioned as he threw open the doors to their walk in closet. "Do you- - what the hell is this?!"

"They're my bags. The boys and I will be leaving in the morning. I will not subject them to being a part of you letting Brenda and her offspring destroy their family and help them participate in its destruction," Carly answered, throwing on some clothes.

"You are not taking my sons anywhere."

"Iím taking them to my mother's house until you're ready to see reason and at least acknowledge and are willing to do something about how you're letting Brenda Barrett, whore extraordinaire, destroy our family! You've let her worm her way into our lives with your arms wide open. I won't allow it. And if I can't stop, then I'm sure as hell not going to let myself or my kids be apart of it. Are you sleeping with her again?"

Sonny shook his head and kicked one of the suitcases out of the closet. "Brenda is not the one destroying this marriage. You are. And you've been on self-destruct mode since I told you about Robbie. If this marriage fails, then the blame lies at your feet."

Carly applauded and smiled bitterly. "Once again the great Sonny Corinthos is blameless and innocent and everything is my fault."

"No, I am not guiltless. I started this by sleeping with Brenda. And I am deeply sorry for hurting you and breaking our marriage vows. But I'm not sorry I did it because I now have a little girl, and I've even gained a second daughter. And I wanted you to be a part of that. I knew it wasn't going to be easy for you, but I was willing to try. But you haven't been. So if you want to leave, then leave, but my sons are staying here. You can see them whenever you want, but they are staying here."

Shoving everything off the dresser and sending it all crashing to the floor, Carly yelled, "You can't do this. You are not God, Sonny Corinthos. Jason, Max, Rinaldo, and the others may treat you as so, but you're not. So I'm going to say this once again, my sons and I are leaving and when you come to your senses then we'll come back, but until then we're out of here- -"

"It's not going to happen. As a matter of fact, take your things and get out now. When you've calmed down Leticia will bring the boys to see you." Sonny walked over to her, grabbed her arm, and marched her out of the room, down the stairs, and out the door. "Max, escort Carly to the brownstone and wait with her until her guards can get over there and cover her," he ordered, releasing a squirming Carly into Max's possession.

"Sonny, don't do this or you will regret it," she threatened.

"Learn to act like an adult and we'll talk. Until then don't call or write, and for sure as hell don't try to see or contact the boys." Slamming the door in her face, Sonny raced up the stairs to the sounds of his crying daughter.

Carly shook her head and angrily followed Max into the elevator. Sonny didn't know who he was messing with. He couldn't even begin to imagine the pain and humiliation she felt as he traipsed around town with Brenda and her bastards, leaving her home alone thinking he was at the warehouse. It was bad enough lying next to him night after night when Brenda first left town, knowing that he had slept with this other woman. Knowing that he had broken her heart, yet pretended like nothing was different. Knowing that after all the havoc Brenda had created, he still had Jason make sure she had money, a place to go, and guards following her.

Robin Scorpio thought she was better than Carly Benson and tried to fight her, but Carly came out the victor. Now Brenda Barrett wanted to take her on. Well she would triumph over Brenda too. Sonny's tramp would get what was coming to her and so would Sonny. She would hurt them in ways they could never even imagine.