Glory by Yash


Chapter 10


"Where are you off to today, luv?"  Anna asked from the breakfast nook.


Surprised that she didn't hear her mother or her father come in, Brenda turned towards them and replied.  "The girls and I are meeting Sonny and the boys at the park."


"So does Erica pay you to work or to hang out with your ex?" Tad questioned.


"Ha, ha, Father.  You'd be amazed at what you can accomplish with a Blackberry," Brenda informed her parents, as she continued packing snacks for the kids.  "You should join us in the tech world."


"Technology is the death of human interaction."


"Sure it is."


"Bren, don't you think you're spending quite a bit of time with him?"  Anna asked, trying to get back on topic.


"This is the reason I came to town so Robbie could get to know her father and vice versa and now you think we're doing too much of that?"


"I just don't want you to get hurt.  He's married with other kids."


"I'm well aware of that fact.  Carly is unfortunately implanted in my mind.  I just want Robbie to have a great relationship with her dad, not the kind I had with Harlan, but the kind I have with you, Tad."


"That's great for Robbie, but what about Glory?  Sonny isn't her father, yet she's there at every visit- -" Tad reminded her.


"I know.  But we're a unit.  And Sonny understands that and has chosen to accept us as such."  Brenda closed the backpack and headed to the back staircase.  "I gotta go, but trust me I'm fine, I have no delusions that somehow Sonny is going to fall in love with me and leave Carly.  I respect his marriage even if I can't stand that lying whore he's married to.  And as long as Sonny keeps Carly in check everything will be fine.  Love ya," she concluded and ran up the stairs.

"Famous last words," Tad murmured.


"Yes," Anna sighed, afraid for the danger her daughter was driving full speed towards.


Sonny watched as Brenda ran behind the four swings giving each of the kids a push and then quickly moving on to the next.  This was another great afternoon with his kids.  Wait, did he say his kids?  Yes, he did.  That's how he thought of Glory.  Gloria-Anna Cerullo Barrett was his daughter.  He didn't see her as Alcazar's daughter.  She was her own person.  She was a beautiful little girl who had captured his heart just as much as her sister had.  And although he hated how she was conceived and who her biological father was, he loved her. 


These past two months in her presence, he forgot about her paternity and just concentrated on the delightful toddler.  Their first time together he vowed not to be another Deke and hold against Glory her very existence.  He had come to the realization that was why Deke hated him not because of anything he had ever done, but for the mere fact that he existed, that he was a constant, living reminder of his mother's life before.  That Adella dared to love another, make a life with another before the great Deke came along to save her. And although he would never, ever forgive Deke for the hell he put him and his mother through, he felt relieved he finally had a solid explanation for the madness.




Sonny heard and looked up to see Glory standing in front of him.




"Yes," he said, stopping himself from pulling her into his arms for calling him daddy for the first time.


"Can you go on the 'lide wit me?"


"Si, princesa," he agreed, standing up, taking her hand, and walking over to the slides.


"Me too, Dada," Robbie said, chasing after them.


"Me too," Morgan cried, running after them.


Sonny waited for his two youngest to catch up.  His baby girl who was a replica of her mother and his youngest son who looked more and more like Michael every day.  Life would be perfect if Carly would come around and calm down.


"Let me help you get the girls in the car," Sonny said.


Brenda shook her head.  "Nope, it's not necessary."


He stared at her puzzled.


She grinned.  "They're going home with you tonight."


While keeping his face free of emotions, inside his heart wanted to leap out of his chest.  His girls were coming home with him.


Brenda handed him their overnight bags.  "Carly will be cool, right?" she asked, needing reassurances before she let her babies out of her sight.


"Of course," he said mildly offended.  Did she think he would let Carly do or say anything in front of them?


Brenda noticed the ire her question provoked, but she wasn't going to apologize.  She wanted him on full alert around Carly and her daughters.  Because Glory was great at repeating anything and everything inappropriate said around her.  And if Glory quoted Carly saying one thing improper, it would be on and nothing Sonny said or did would stop her from kicking Carly's butt from one end of town to the other.


"Gloria-Anna, Robin-Lois, come give Mommy a big hug and a kiss," she requested.


The girls ran over to her, threw their arms around her, and showered her with kisses.


"Be good for Daddy and Miss Carly, okay?"


They both nodded.


"I love you," she told them, trying to keep the tears at bay.  She had never been away from her babies.

"I love you," Glory and Robbie replied in unison.


With a final kiss and hug, she stepped back and ushered them into the car.  "Have fun."


They nodded.


"I'll walk you to your car," Sonny offered.


She nodded and walked beside him.


"First time away from them?"


She nodded.


"They'll be fine and we'll call you before they go to bed tonight."


Wiping the stray tears that fell, she nodded.  "Thanks.  I'm sorry for acting so silly."


He shook his head.  "You're not being silly.  It's natural.  The first time we left Morgan, I was calling Leticia every twenty minutes.  I'm surprised she didn't quit."


Brenda smiled.  She had always known that Sonny would be a great father.  She had been so relieved when Jake had placed Robbie in her arms and Sonny's paternity was stamped all over her newborn.  She couldn't have dealt with Jax on any level after his horrendous treatment of her at their ill-fated wedding and afterwards.  Not even for the sake of a child.  Sonny was a great dad to Robbie and much to her surprise, he became a fantastic dad to Glory.  No questions asked.  She knew he still burned to ask her who Glory's father was, but he once again surprised her by not asking.  He had accepted her eldest daughter just as easily as he accepted her youngest.  She couldn't ask for a better father.  Her girls had really lucked out.  Who knew the impact the man she met on the docks, that day so long ago asking to help carry her luggage, would have?  "I've included their schedules in the bag.  Glory can't sleep without a nightlight.  And don't give Robbie anything to drink an hour before bedtime- -"


Sonny laughed.  "All right.  I'll read the list and I'll call you if I have any questions," he finished, shepherding her into her Mercedes SUV.

"Sonny, protect them with your life," she commanded.


"Always," he told her in the same tone she used.


She nodded, started her SUV, and took off.


He watched her until he could no longer see her brake lights.  Then he slowly walked by to his car preparing himself for the greatest night in his life.  The first time all of his children would be together under one roof.