Chapter 9

Giving her hair one final stroke, Carly laid her brush on the dresser and moved towards the bed. "Sonny, are you coming to bed anytime soon?" Sonny poked his head out of the bathroom to see his wife posed on top of the bed in a brand new negligee. On any other day, this sight would have excited him though he wished she would remember to leave something to his imagination. A man liked to make his own discoveries rather than have everything laid out before like a buffet. He chuckled, pretty ironic a former owner of a strip club felt that way, but he did. "Give me two secs and I'll be right there."

Carly smiled as he went back into the bathroom. She had started to get worried. It had been weeks since they had been intimate. Her mind glossed over Michael's mention of running into Brenda correlating with the freeze on their sex life. Although since Brenda had come back, child number three was looking more and more like a good idea. For some reason there was nothing Sonny liked better than having her heavy with child. Why he would be attracted to her big bloated self, she had no idea? Maybe it had something to do with his male pride, his machismo. Whatever the reason, she needed to get herself back into that dreaded state.

Sonny walked into the room, pulled the chair from the vanity, and sat down. Ooo, he wanted a little stripper/voyeur action tonight. That was right up her alley. She crawled to the edge of the bed, licking her lips. "Carly- -"

"Don't talk, Sonny."

"Caroline, not tonight."

She paused on hearing her full name. He rarely used it.

"I need to talk to you."

"You want to talk when I'm dressed like this?" She slinked over to him and brushed her body against his legs. "Willing to do whatever you want me to do." She began kissing his inner thigh.

Pushing her head away as gently as possible, Sonny stood up, "Caroline Corinthos, I'm serious. Stop!" He moved away from her and sat at the top of the bed. "Have a seat," he commanded, pointing to the vanity chair he had vacated.

A pouting Carly sat down. "What is so important that you don't want me?"

"Carly, I do want you. But I have something very important to tell you." Carly nodded.

He had practiced this so many times in his head and suddenly, now that it was time all the words escaped him. He had to tell the woman he loved and committed his life to that not only had he cheated on her, but now there existed a little girl, a living testament to his infidelity. But it had to be done and he could only pray for the best. "Carly, when Brenda was in town last time- -"

"You slept with her."

Sonny kept his shock to himself.

"I'm not stupid, Sonny. I might act childish and do some stupid things, but I have basic common sense. Didn't you think I would notice the differences? How you wouldn't touch me? Anything I wanted you pretty much did with little or no argument? Jax and I saw that kiss. And it wasn't a goodbye kiss. It was a meet back at the motel kiss, but make sure no one is following you. Did you really think Jax would leave her because of some dumb kiss?! He left because once again, she chose you over him. I've forgiven you because our family is more important than that skanky ho and you chose me and the kids over her- - so let's move on," she concluded, standing up and seductively moving towards her husband again.

He held up his hands, but she pushed them aside and straddled him. "Carly, there's more."

"What else could there be? Are you committed to this family? To me? To the boys?"

"Of course, but- -"

"There's no buts; that's all I need to know. Brenda has no hold on you any longer. It's only me, Michael, and Morgan."

"Carly- -"

"Shh," she whispered, kissing her way up and down his neck.

Why did she have to make things so difficult? Now she was really going to be hurt due to his mistake and her failure to listen. "We have a daughter together."

Slowly the kissing ended as his words sunk in. "What the- -" She jumped up. "What did you say?"

"Brenda and I have a daughter."

"That whore got pregnant on purpose," Carly shouted, pacing the floor. "How are you even sure it's your baby with her bouncing from your bed to Jax's from Alcazar's? Her baby could be anyone's."

"I saw her. She's my daughter. And please, don't refer to my daughter's mother as a whore," he requested, trying hard to keep his temper under control.

"Now you're protecting her. That's great! You break our marriage vows! Your tramp gets pregnant and her feelings are the ones you're concerned about."

Who were you thinkin' bout?
Who were you thinkin' about?
Who were you thinkin' bout?

Were you thinkin' bout me, baby
The first time she touched you hand?
Were you thinkin' bout me, baby
Did you forget you were my man?
Were you thinking of me when you removed your ring?
Or did you just think I would not think anything?

"Carly, I'm just asking that you show her some respect. She's the mother of your step-daughter- -"

"Show her respect," Carly huffed, "like the respect she showed me, showed my marriage that punta- -"

Were you thinkin' bout me, baby?
Each time you kissed her lips?
Were you thinkin' bout me, baby?
When your hands were on her hips?
Were you thinkin' bout me did she do it like I do?
Did you ever think of anyone but you now?

Who were you thinkin' bout? Who were you thinkin' about?
Who were you thinkin' bout? Who were you thinkin' about?
Who were you thinkin' bout? Who were you thinkin' about?

"Carly!" he yelled, losing his temper and standing up. "Don't you dare open your mouth again and say one more thing about Brenda. If you can't keep a civil tongue in your mouth, then don't talk about her at all. But know this she is the mother of my daughter and I know you're hurt and I'm sorry, but it's done. My daughter is going to be as much a part of my life as Michael and Morgan are. She'll get to know her brothers, she'll sleep in this house so you need to find a way to deal with it. Because this attitude of yours won't be acceptable around my daughter."

Picking up the vase of orchids from the bureau, she threw them against the wall. "Fu- -" she screamed.

"Carly, shut the hell up before you wake the boys up!"

"So now you're concerned about the boys and you're concerned with your bastard, and you're concerned about Brenda, but what about me?! What about me?! Your wife. The woman you married numerous times, pledging to honor and love and cherish. Where do I fall on the totem pole?!"

Were you thinking I would understand?
And that I was a fool, and that I would never suspect
You were doing wrong?
And tell me did you feel bad? Did it feel good?
Did it feel like you thought it would?
And I would never know?
What you were thinking?

Sure weren't thinkin' bout me

You were thinkin' bout her, baby
You were thinkin' bout you, baby
You weren't thinkin' bout me

Running his fingers through his hair, he groaned. This was going just like he thought it would. Carly was hurt and striking out. Yes, he had done wrong. But there was a child involved now, actually there were three children involved and she needed to put aside her petty jealousies and focus on what was important. "My daughter isn't a bastard. And you better be glad you're my wife because if you weren't you'd be dead. You need to either deal with this new situation, as unpleasant as it is, or pack your things and get the hell out of my house because my kids and I don't need your issues," he commanded, storming out of the bedroom.

Carly watched him leave and as soon as the door slammed she fell to her knees sobbing. How could he have done this to her? How could he have hurt her like this? Was he so caught up in Brenda he couldn’t even think about her enough to put on a condom to prevent this fiasco? And why was he trying to make it seem like she was the one who did wrong? Their marriage would be over, if she couldn’t happily accept his bastard child with that whore? Why was this happening to her? They had been so happy before Brenda came back. Why couldn't he get over her? Why couldn't he truly be 100% committed to this marriage like he always claims to be? Why? When would she ever come first in someone's life? When would someone stand up for her? Defend her to the universe regardless of what she did or said? Where was the person who would love her with all of his heart? Why? Why? Why?

Who were you thinkin' bout?
Sure weren't thinkin' bout me
Yeah, sure weren't thinkin' bout me