Chapter 7

Standing on his balcony with a drink in his hand, Sonny watched his adopted hometown from up high. The dimness of the streetlights and porch lights gave the stars a chance to sparkle and shine. He never saw the stars in Bensonhurst. Another reason he loved this town. For that and it was a safe place for his sons to grow up. He made sure of that.

His children. He smiled. He had a daughter, his first. The joy and pride he felt was unbelievable. He had been on top of the world when he held Morgan for the first time and when Michael called him dad, but this- - There were no words. Out here alone in his sanctuary, at the top of his kingdom, he could admit that he had a baby with his soulmate.

Brenda was his soulmate. At one time, he would have gouged his eyes before admitting that; but since Brenda’s return from the dead he had come to some hard-hitting realizations. Brenda was his other half, she completed him. But he was realistic enough to acknowledge sometimes your soulmate wasn’t the one you could spend your life with or build a family with.

Gulping down the rest of his brandy in one swallow, he let all of his emotions regarding Brenda flow freely. He counted his blessings. Some people went their whole lives never meeting or being with their soulmate, but he had. And now he and Brenda had a piece of each other in the little girl they’d created. A beautiful, enchanting baby girl. His smile grew. She was an everlasting reminder of their love, as would her children and their children.

He should be angry that Brenda had kept Robbie from him for so long, but how could he after what she went through the last time she was here. Alcazar, Jax, Jason, the murder trial, the sham marriage, him, and on top of that raising Alcazar’s kid.

Shaking his head, he reached for the decanter on the table and poured himself another drink. He wondered where Glory had been hidden while Brenda was in town. She must have been pretty well hidden for his men not to have found her or any mention or trace of her. He should get Jason on that in the morning. No, no, he wouldn’t do that. Their relationship was starting fresh and he would wait until she was ready to tell him. Knowing Brenda, he should start reciting the serenity prayer a few times a day to give him the patience to wait. Waiting wasn’t something he was too familiar or comfortable with.

Grinning, Sonny replayed the events at the park over again in his mind after Brenda’s stunning revelation. Holding his daughter in his arms, watching her as she slept the afternoon away, inhaling all of her innocent baby smells with a delightful female twist, that was a new one for him. Being the first person she saw when she opened her gorgeous brown eyes, so much like her mother’s.

His heart burst with excitement when she woke in strange arms, but showed no fear. Instead, Robbie rubbed her eyes and dazzled him with a bright smile. If there was any doubt that his heart was stolen, all was clear the moment she said, “Hi.” With tears in his eyes, he returned her heartfelt greeting. Seeing a tear crawl down his cheek, she wiped it away, patted and kissed his cheek, then laid her head on his chest as if were the most natural thing in the world. She sat contently on his lap as they watched the kids play on the slide. Brenda and Gabriel stayed off to the side chatting. He appreciated the private time Brenda gave him and Robbie. He could have held her for the rest of his days, but all too quickly it was dusk and time to go home.

Brenda had to use a bit of force to take his baby girl from his arms. He hadn’t wanted to let his angel go. With a sweet, soft kiss and a tender goodbye, he relinquished his daughter.

At dinner tonight, he had missed her presence at the table. Robbie should have been with him and her brothers. Chuckling, yeah, that would’ve gone over well with Carly. She almost died when he thought Alexis’ baby was his, and they had been separated at the time of his fling with Alexis. But that hadn’t mattered to Carly, he was hers and hers alone. Only she, Caroline Benson Corinthos, was the mother of his children. Well, not any longer.

He had hoped and prayed that Alexis’ baby was his and not Ned’s, but it wasn’t meant to be. Even when the baby had died soon after Brenda left town, part of his heart broke at the news. Not just because Kristina had been an infant, but also because she could have been his daughter. He mourned privately. He knew Carly wouldn’t have understood.

Carly, Carly, Carly. How was he going to tell her about Robbie? To be honest, the question was not how or even when, it was how was he going to deal with Carly’s irrational fall-out? Was he willing to leave Carly, break his marital vows, and tear apart his sons’ family, if she was unable to accept Robbie as his daughter? And not just accept her, but treat her kindly, fairly. He wasn’t asking for the impossible, for Carly to love Robbie like she loved the boys, but she couldn’t show blatant favoritism towards the boys. He wasn’t sure if he thought Carly was capable of that. Carly held grudges, even when she knew all the facts and the other person wasn’t at fault.

If it came down to his little sister’s namesake and Carly and the boys, whom would he choose? Swallowing the last of his drink and placing the glass on the table, he decided not think about it. In his heart, he knew the choice would have to be made, and his heart and mind were conflicted on which side they should fall. Stepping inside the house, he slammed the glass door shut just as effectively as he shut down his wayward thoughts.

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