Glory by Yash

Chapter 4

Brenda and Robin blew into Kellyís like twin whirlwinds.

"Iíve never seen you shop so fast," Robin commented as Brenda put their bags underneath the table.

"If Iím properly motivated, I can run through a store like a hurricane," Brenda responded.

A waitress they had never seen before took their order.

"The usual?" Robin asked.

Brenda nodded.

"Two chilli cheeseburgers, one order of chili cheese fries, one order of onion rings one strawberry shake, one vanilla shake, and a banana split for dessert."

"Cominí right up," the waitress said.

"Where do we go from here? Tadís credit card hasnít gotten enough of a work out." Robin asked out loud.

Brenda pondered, "Where did we get our prom dresses?"


"Exactly and I think we need a formal dinner celebrating our new house, our return and the guys introduction to Port Charles- -"

"And a formal dinner requires formal attire for the whole family."

Brenda grinned. "Katie will look adorable in black velvet and lace- -"

"Mom needs something off the shoulder."

Brenda and Robin were laughing so hard, they were crying, when the waitress brought their food. After wiping the tears from their faces, they dug in with gusto.

"I havenít felt this way in a long time," Brenda said after biting into an onion ring.

"Neither have I." Robin sipped her water.

"Letís toast."

They both raised their milkshakes.

"To the olden days and feeling like this more often."

"Here, here," Robin cheered.

They clinked their glasses and drank.

"Are you excited about working at General Hospital?" Brenda questioned.

"Yes. I can remember all during my time in Paris and in Pine Valley, I always imagined Iíd come home and work."

"Youíre going to be colleagues with Bobbie, Amy, Audrey, Tony, and Monica," Brenda stated.

"I know. Itís a little surreal. I canít imagine- -"

"Grandma! Grandma!"

Brendaís and Robinís eyes shifted to the little boy running through the aisle of Kellyís. He jumped onto a stool.

"Hi, Tracey," he said to the waitress who took their order.

The busy waitress smiled and nodded. Bobbie emerged from the back of Kellyís.

Brenda and Robin stared at her and the little boy covertly.

"She looks the same."

Robin nodded.

"Then that must be Michael sheís talking to," Brenda observed.

Robin nodded again.

"Heís gotten so big," Robin whispered. "I canít believe heís the same baby I rocked to sleep at night."

So involved in Michael and Bobbie, they missed the man himself as he walked to the counter.

"Good afternoon, Bobbie."

"Hello, Sonny."

The sight in front of them mesmerized Brenda and Robin.

"Son, did you give your grandma our order?"

Michael shook his head. "Two apple pies, please, Grandma."

"Cominí up, Mr. Michael."

Brenda watched in amazement. Sonny was standing right in front of her and she had no idea what to do. It had only been a little over two years since she had last seen him on the docks, but it seemed like a lifetime ago.

Robin couldnít stop staring at her former stepson for lack of a better description of what Michael had been to her. He had grown so much, and there he sat with Sonny, Stoneís savior and both of theirs older brother. It had been years since she had seen either of them. Sheíd gotten updates from Felicia and the girls, but seeing them up close and in person was something else.

Both deep in thought, Brenda and Robin missed Sonny and Michael heading their way with pies in their hands.

"Hi, Brenda!" Michael said.

They were speechless, as was Sonny to see them sitting in Kellyís so casually.

Brenda recovered first. "Hello, Michael. Iím glad you remember me."

Michael nodded. "We made those chocolate chocolate chip cookies and Uncle Jason yelled at you for making such a big mess in the kitchen."

Brenda laughed at the memory. "How are you?"

"Iím great!" Michael responded enthusiastically. "Iím a big brother since the last time I saw you."

"I heard. Whatís his name?"

"Morgan, after Uncle Jason."

"Thatís a nice name."

Sonny continued to look from Brenda to Robin. The one time love of his life and his little sister were just sitting here. Where did they come from? Why were they here?

How long were they here for? Where were they staying?

"Forgive me Michael, this is my- -" gesturing towards Robin.

"Youíre Aunt Robin, right?" Michael interrupted.

Brenda and Robin were stunned into silence.

Robin nodded slowly. "You know who I am?"

"Youíre in my baby book pictures holding me and youíre in a lot of pictures with Uncle Stone. When I asked Daddy who you were, he said, his little sister, which makes you my aunt," Michael said matter of factly.

Robin looked up at Sonny and saw the love that had always been there. Sonny simply nodded. Robin hoped her love was equally reflected in her eyes.

Brenda watched two of the most important people in her life and prayed that this was finally the beginning of the road to recover from their strained and rocky relationship. They needed each other.

"Hi, Sonny," Robin said softly.

"Hello, Robin. Brenda."

"Hello, Sonny," Brenda said.

An awkward silence threatened to kill the moment, until Michael broke it.

"Brenda, can we make more of those cookies?" he asked, then paused. "Are you going to be staying long enough?"

"Michael," Sonny said in a parental tone that told Michael he was being too nosy.

"No, itís okay," Brenda said looking at Sonny, then turned her gaze back to Michael. "Weíre living here again, so there will definitely be time to make cookies, if itís ok with your mom and dad."

"Dad, may I?"

Sonny missed Michaelís question as he tried to wrap his mind around the fact that he could now possibly run into either of them any and every day of the week. Suddenly, he felt a tugging on his blazer and looked down.

"Can I, Dad?"

"May you what?"

"Go over to Brendaís and make cookies."

Sonny looked from Michael to Brenda and Robin. The women had sly smiles on their faces. Carly would love it if Michael went and spent time with the two women she hated most in the world, and they knew it. "Weíll see," he said hoping that answer would buy him some time. "Weíd better get going."

Brenda grabbed a napkin from the dispenser, a pen from her purse and quickly jotted down their address and their cell phone numbers. She handed the napkin to Michael.

Reading the napkin, Michael stumbled over the word, "Orsi- -"

"Orsini Manor," Robin finished.

Michael nodded and repeated it.

"Stop by next week and weíll make those cookies," Brenda said.

Sonny wondered how the two were connected to the Orsini family or rather the last remaining member of the family. What was his name again, something with a "T", Thad, Tad? Jason would have look into this. "Moviní up in the world, hey?"

"When you grow up, you learn to appreciate the finer things." Brenda stated.

Sonny nodded. "We better go. Welcome home."

"Welcome home," Michael repeated.

"Thanks," Brenda and Robin replied together.

Sonny nodded again as he and Michael left.

"How eerie was that?" Brenda asked.


"If Jagger or Miguel walk through that door, Iíll scream."

As soon as the words left her mouth, Karen walked through the door with a brunette Brenda didnít recognize, a teenaged Serena, and a little girl who must be Christina.

Brenda and Robin burst out laughing, making Karen notice them and walk towards her old nemesis and her nemisisí little sister.