Glory by Yash

Chapter 2

"The movers will be here in an hour, so could everyone pick a room." Tad paused when he noticed the raised eyebrows. "Or rather a suite before then, please." He looked around the living room, which was partially furnished and partially covered with boxes, then finally at his family.

"About that, dad, the guys and I were thinking the guest house would be perfect for us," JR state. Aiden, Jamie, and Gabriel nodded in agreement.

Tad caught Annaís eye and laughed. They knew this was going to happen. "No one under eighteen," Tad commented looking directly at Jamie. "No one single," he continued, then looked at the other guys, "will be living in the guest house. Unlike some peopleís guest houses, weíre actually going to use ours for guests."

"Bloody hell, dad," JR said. Snickers were heard throughout the room.

"JR, there are kids present."


Tad glared at Anna.

"I didnít teach him that," she said in her defense.

"Right," Tad said sarcastically. He turned his attention back to the group. "Do you really want Opal and Palmer staying in the main house? Opal trying to read your palm and tell you about the latest hairdo. Do you want grandma waking you up at 6am so you can Ďstart your day off rightí with her blueberry pancakes?

Everyone refused to make eye contact with Tad, as they all shook their heads. "I didnít think so." He continued, "SO everyone stays in the house. I mean, come on guys, itís a mansion. Iím sure you can find a room that will give you plenty of privacy."

Adien decided to try again. "Tad, we could live in the guest house, and then when the relatives come, weíll move into the main house until they leave."

Tad stared at him. "Umm, no, and if the subject comes up again, Iíll give you guys the rooms that shine the brightest at sunrise."

Gaging Tadís seriousness, JR decided to give in. "Inside the house is great, thereís nothing like family togetherness," he stated.

"Iíll take a room with windows facing westward," Robin said.

Gabriel looked around the room and said, "Iíll take a room furtherest from the nursery." He turned to Brenda and mouthed, "Sorry."

Brenda shook her head. "None taken, Gabe."

Suddenly Gabrielís sentence clicked in Adienís, JRís, and Jamieís heads, and they slowly started moving towards the stairs.

"Not if I find the room first," Jamie said and ran up the stairs.

The rest of the guys raced after him, looking like a herd of cows.

"You donít know where the nursery is going to be," Tad yelled after them. He was about to continue yelling, when he felt Annaís arm on his. She shook her head.

Brenda grabbed Glory and Robin picked up Robbie. "Come on, Katie, letís claim our rooms before the guys get the good ones," Brenda said to Katie, and they ran up the stairs.

"I thought we lived with only four kids, cause I saw more kids than that run up those stairs." Tad said looking up the stairs in dismay.

"So says, the old grandfather of two," Anna teased. "What happened to Tad the cad?"

He embraced Anna. "He married this drop dead gorgeous British woman inherited her two daughters, brother, cousin, and two granddaughters, which combined with his two sons and daughter, made him the happiest man on the planet."

"Good answer," she said as she kissed him affectionately. "We better make sure none of those kids stole the room with the hot tub."

"They better not have taken that room," he said to Anna. "The hot tub room is ours!" Tad yelled as he and Anna went up the stairs.