Chapter Three


Brenda finished dressing the baby in her “coming home from the hospital” outfit. “All finished,” she declared.

Brenda admired her handiwork and played with her daughter’s little feet. “You look like a princess.”

“A frilly, pink princess,” Robin said from the doorway as she walked into the room.

Brenda picked up the baby. “Look, honey, it’s Aunt Robin, who’s all bitter because you’re not wearing the outfit she bought,” Brenda said in a mock whisper to the baby.

Robin stuck out her tongue.

Brenda grinned. “That’s mature. Who’s the baby in this family again?” she asked.

Robin and Brenda giggled. Robin took the baby from Brenda and sat on the bed. Brenda finished packing their bags. Brenda sighed as she took off her hospital tag. “I’m going to miss this place.”

“Why, cause there’ll be no more pampering?”

“Yes,” Brenda answered, nodding her head vigorously.

“Stone used to tell me about all the fights you and Sonny had over your messiness. He told me that from those arguments he learned how to curse in Spanish and Spanglish, and learned some words he had never heard in English.”

They both laughed and got lost in memories in times gone by.

“I remember all those not so quiet mutterings he used to do. Although, my messes never seem to bother Jax,” Brenda said thoughtfully.

“That’s because he was whipped; you could have done anything and he would have forgiven you.” Robin grinned down at the baby and kissed her cheeks.

“Except for sharing one last kiss with Sonny,” Brenda said quietly to herself. She shook herself out of the horrible memories that kiss caused. “Jason, on the other hand, would have choked me to death if he thought he could have gotten away with it.”

“More like, if Sonny wouldn’t have killed him for killing you. That’s what stopped him.” Robin momentarily stopped cooing at the baby and looked up. “I would have loved to see the two of you as a married couple. Pretending to be madly in love, when all the while you wanted to throw each other off the docks.”

“It was a sight to behold. My worse nightmare, being married to the man I hated with a passion.”

“I know, I remember all the looks and the lectures you would give me about being with him,” Robin replied.

Brenda stared off into space. “He took my Jason away.”

“It wasn’t his fault,” Robin said softly.

“I know, but I blamed him because Jason Quartermaine was gone and Jason Morgan had taken his place.” Brenda paused for a moment. “But during Alcazar’s murder, the trial, and my being left at the altar part two, I saw the man you were in love with.” Brenda looked directly into Robin’s eyes. “While he’s no Stone, you do have a knack for picking guys that have the capacity to love and protect with all their hearts and minds.”

Mindful of the baby, Robin walked over to Brenda and hugged her. She whispered in her ear, “Thank you.”

The door opened and Anna peaked her head in. “I’m sorry. Is this a private moment? I can come back,” she said.

“Nah, we’re just reminiscing,” Brenda stated.

Brenda and Robin moved out of the embrace.

Anna walked backwards into the room pulling a wheelchair. Seeing their faces, she reached into her purse and handed them each a Kleenex.

They murmured, “Thanks.”

Anna gave them a moment to collect themselves. She pointed to the wheelchair with flourish. “Your chariot awaits, madam.”

Robin handed the baby back to Brenda. Brenda shifted the baby comfortably in her arms. “Wait, before we leave I need to ask if it’s going to be too hard living in the house with a baby after Leora’s death.” She looked directly at Anna, then turned to Robin. “And not being able to have any kids.”

Robin and Anna looked at each other with tears in their eyes and wobbly smiles. They turned to Brenda.

“Bren, luv, thank you for thinking of us, but nothing would bring us more joy than you coming home and putting that little one in the nursery we’ve spent months decorating,” Anna answered calmly.

Brenda looked into their eyes for confirmation and sighed at relief at the acceptance she saw.

They huddled together for a group hug and were startled apart by a flash. They looked over and saw Tad Martin with his camera.

“Got it! The first photo of the Barrett, Devane, Scorpio family. That sounds like a law firm.” He held his hand up to his ear as if answering a phone. “Good morning, thank you for calling Barrett, Devane, and Scorpio. How can I direct your call?”

They all laughed.

“Hello, Tad,” the women said in unison.

“Hello, lovely ladies. Now enough with this chit chat, get in position. I was ordered by one Carmine Cerullo to take some pictures of his beautiful new granddaughter, cause if I don’t he ‘knows some people’,” Tad said in a faux Italian mobster voice.

The women laughed at Tad’s horrible impression.

“Tad, he did not say that,” Anna stated.

“No, he didn’t, but he looked like he wanted to say it. But we better get this show on the road because Gloria is cooking enough to feed and army and Lois is running around like a chicken with its head cut off, getting everything ready.”

Robin and Anna stood on each side of Brenda as she held the baby. Tad lifted the camera to his eye and paused. He lowered the camera. “I can’t take a picture when I don’t know everyone’s name.”

Robin, Anna, and Tad all stared at Brenda.

“Her name, ok. After much deliberation, drum roll please,” Brenda requested.

Tad made a drum roll sound.

Brenda held her daughter up for everyone to see. “I proudly present Dawn Leora Scorpio Quartermaine Barrett.”

Everyone in the room was silent.

Anna started crying. “Oh, Brenda, luv, thank you so much.” She kissed Brenda’s cheek.

Robin looked at Brenda. “You mean, Dawn, after Monica’s daughter?” Robin asked.

Brenda nodded. “AJ and Jason used to talk all the time about their older sister and how much they missed and loved her. And when Veronica came back to town, Monica shared with me her reunion story with Dawn. I figured, she couldn’t go wrong with two guardian angels watching out for her.”

Anna stared at her daughter’s namesake and shook her head. “No, she couldn’t.”

“Look up,” Tad said.

The women looked up and Tad took his perfect picture of three crying women and a sleeping baby. He took a picture of a family.