Entangled by Yash

Chapter 27a


Standing next to Sonny, Dara was fulfilling her life long dream. She was about to become someone’s wife, someone’s mother, but most importantly she was creating a family. Like all girls over the years, she’d imagined what her wedding day would be like. Her in a white dress with creline under it, hundreds of guests in a large church with stained glass windows. As she got older, the dream changed to a small intimate one with just family and close friends in attendance.

But she never imagined this in her wildest of dreams. Here she stood in a white slip dress with a matching shawl and the man she was pledging her life to wore black tailored pants rolled up at the ankle and a white button down silk shirt with the top few buttons open. They stood before the minister repeating sacred vows with the sand beneath their feet, the clear blue water occasionally hitting their feet and the perfect sunset in front of them.

Her surprise matron of honor, Brooke Logan, stood by her side in a pale blue a-line dress. Brooke who had listened endlessly to her frustrations about never putting Sonny, Jason, or anyone connected to them behind bars, had not hesitated when Sonny asked her to be part of this surprise wedding. When she saw Brooke she’d been secretly waiting for the inevitable lecture about the dangers of Sonny Corinthos, but it never came. Instead she was told to be vigilant and not let the naysayers destroy this precious, incredible gift called love that she and Sonny had been blessed with. After Brooke’s years with Ridge and the endless break-ups, she knew of what she spoke and Dara took her words to heart.

The surprises kept coming. She’d expected to see Jason standing up for him; but while Jason, Michael, Kristina, Stone, Nia, Courtney, and Mike were family, he had another family when he first came to Port Charles and there stood Robin in a black a-line dress, the same shade as Sonny’s pants. Robin, his little sister, and the woman who loved his little brother and his eldest son’s namesake.

This was the picture perfect wedding. Nothing she could have planned or dreamed could have been better than this. Because when it all came down to it, all she needed for a perfect wedding was the man of her dreams by her side.

"You may now kiss the bride," the minister commanded.

Her new husband pulled her flush against him, not leaving a millimeter of space between their bodies. Their first married kiss was slow, thorough, and sensuous. Slowly leaving her lips, he trailed kisses across her cheek, and neck, ending at her earlobe. "Where would you like to spend your honeymoon, Mrs. Michael Corinthos, Jr.?" he asked with a nibble.

"In our bedroom that I decorated with our kids in the next room."

Sonny pulled away slightly and looked into her eyes. "You read my mind," he smiled and then kissed her silly.

"Okay, you two, enough, that’s what the honeymoon is for," Brooke announced.

Grinning at each other, they pulled apart and thanked their guests and minister.

"Oh, one last thing," Sonny said to her, motioning Max forward.

Max stepped in front of Dara with a pen and documents.

She quickly put her John Hancock on the line.

Now everything was right in the world. She was a wife and mother.