Entangled by Yash

Chapter 27

Grasping Sonnyís hand, she brought it to her lips and kissed it.  "Itís going to be okay," she whispered.


"Yeah, but for whom?  Her," he said, motioning his head towards the window, "or for us?" he asked, as he stepped out of the limo and slammed the door.


"For Nia," she replied, but her words were lost in the wind.


Taking a deep breath, Sonny knocked on the front door.  A young woman answered the door.


"Buenas Tardes.  Yo soy Michael Corinthos- -"


"Beatriz, whoís at the door?" a voice cried out.


"Itís my horticulture professor, Papi.  He came to see my garden," the raven haired woman lied flawlessly, "weíll be in the back."


Sonny stepped back so Beatriz could come out.


"Follow me," she said.


Sonny followed her to the spacious backyard.  Beatriz offered him a seat under a shaded area adjacent to a garden.


"La Senora promised there would be no contact.  Are you not happy with your hija?"


"Yes, I adore Ni- -" 


"Please no names," she requested, with fear in her brown doe like eyes.


"Iím very happy- -"

"Good.  La Senora said you would be pleased, but I wasnít sure.  Most men want boys."


"No, I feel blessed with whatever God gives me," Sonny assured her.


 She nodded.  "Like my Papi," she said, more to herself than to Sonny.


"What else did Car- - la Senora say to you?" Sonny asked. He had to know everything that Carly did and said to this young innocent woman.


"Please donít be embarrassed, Senor, or ashamed.  She told me the truth."


Sonny waited to hear what Carlyís "truth" was.


"She told me how she was raped, but was too ashamed to tell you.  She did not want the blood of her attacker on your hands.  And by the time she found out she was pregnant, you were thrilled that you two were having another baby to replace the one you lost.  Iím so sorry for your loss.  But Iím glad la Senora had the courage to finally tell you the truth," Beatriz finished, with her head bowed.


He sighed mentally when all he really wanted to do was laugh.  Laugh at the lies that Carly spun this poor girl.  Carly could lay it on thick and believable to those who didnít know her.  Shaking his head, Sonny hated to ruin her faith once again in mankind after the head trip her rich, preppy, white ex did on her.  "La Senora didnít tell you the truth."

Beatriz gasped.


"She switched the babies because she had an affair and found the baby she carried was her loverís and not mine."


Beatriz turned away from him.  "Mi DiosÖbut the tall guyó"


"Knew the truth," he informed her.


"Oh," she cried softly.


Sonny took her in his arms.  "Shh, mijita," he crooned.  He handed her his handkerchief. 


After a few minutes, she collected herself.  "What am I going to do?  My parents donít know.  Theyíll be so hurt."


"No, no," Sonny told her, quickly pulling out the documents from his inner jacket pocket.  He showed her the adoption paperwork and handed them to her.  "I would like to adopt her legally and properly," he said eloquently.


With tears and disbelief shining in her eyes, she asked, "Really?"


"Yes, really," Sonny said sincerely.


"Okay," she nodded, "the fat- - the man."


Sonny nodded.


"He wonít sign these.  He wonít even admit sheís his daughter," Beatriz said softly.


"Donít worry about it.  Iíll talk to him," he said convincingly.  As a matter of fact, Sonny had already chatted with Chad Howells III and made his opinion clear on a lot of subjects, including Chadís treatment of Beatriz.


Taking the pen from Sonny, she paused as the tip touched the line.  "Do you love her?"

"She is my little girl in my heart and soul.  I love her with all that I am.  And now I want the whole world to know itís legal and that no one can ever take her from me," he finished eloquently. 


"She wonít be around her?" she asked, tentatively.


Sonny instantly knew of whom she was speaking.  "No," he assured her.  Weíre divorced and she has no ties to- - to the baby."


Beatriz nodded with tears streaming down her face and signed the paper.


"Are you sure?" he asked concerned.  His heart went out to this poor young woman.


"Si, senor, these are tears of joy.  Iím so happy she has such a good man as a father, like I have."


"You canít be certain Iím a good man."


"Si," she said, drying her tears, "You didnít have to come back here.  I never would have known la senora lied.  The baby is lucky to have such a good moral father."


Sonny wanted to laugh at her observation, but before he could comment Beatrizís father walked over to them.


"Beatriz, are you crying?" he asked concerned and looking suspiciously at Sonny.


Beatriz jumped up and ran over to her father and hugged him.


"Que pasa?" he questioned.


"I got an ĎA,í Papi.  Yo recibo un ĎA.í"


"Ah," he smiled, "Iím so proud of you.  See how much better your grades are now that you go to school near home and not all the way up there in Jacksonville."


"Youíre right, Papi.  Iím glad I came home too.  Profesor Estaban, este es mi Padre, Antonio Lopez.  Papi, este es Profesor Estaban," Beatriz said, introducing the two men.


Sonny shook the older manís hand.


"Nice to meet you," Sonny greeted him, "you have a wonderful daughter.


Antonio beamed.  "Itís nice to meet you too.  My wife and I are proud of our little girl."


"Iíll see you in class, Beatriz.  Thank you."


"No, gracias, Profesor."


Sonny nodded.  "Senor."


"Vaya con Dios," Antonio told Sonny as he left.


Sonny nodded again and walked away.  As he reached the

corner, the limo pulled up next to him.



"So?" Dara asked, before he could even get settled in the car.


Reaching into his inner jacket pocket, he handed the document to Dara.


"She signed," she said with glee which instantly turned to concern.  "How is she?"


"Sheís going to be fine.  Sheís putting her life back together."


"Does Nia look like her?"


He thought about the question for a moment before answering.  "From the nose down."


Dara nodded, imagining what Niaís birth mother looked like.


Sonny took out his phone and dialed quickly.  "Jason, buy the companies, promote Antonio and Angela Lopez and give them a twenty thousand- -"


She shook her head.


"Fif- -"


She shook it again.


"Ten thousand- -" he waited for her response this time.


She nodded.


"Dollar raise and make arrangements for scholarships for the kids," he concluded and hung up.  "How would you like to become a full-time mother?"


Desperately trying to keep the shock and excitement out of her voice, she stared him dead in the eyes, "I was raised in the church.  And the Good Book teaches marriage before babies."


He nodded in agreement.  "I was an altar boy and I was taught the same thing.  Thatís why I got one of these," he informed her, handing her a piece of paper.


A marriage license.


"Dara Elizabeth Jensen, will you do me the honor of marrying me?"


Dara leapt across the backseat into his lap and ravaged him.