"Here," Sonny said, throwing a folder on the table.


"Whatís this?" Carly asked, picking it up.  Opening the folder, she noticed a plane ticket and some deeds.  "What are these?  Where are we going?"


"Thatís a one way ticket to Sydney."




"Australia.  And the rest are deeds to your beachfront house and club."


Carly looked at him bewildered.


"Just because youíre not in jail for kidnapping my children and tricking that innocent young woman, donít tell me you thought you were going to get off scott free?" Sonny asked rhetorically.  "When Bobbie came back from Nashville and said you didnít go with her and she had no idea where you were," he paused and began pacing, "I could have killed you with my bare hands.  The only reasons youíre still alive are: because Michael and Nia were unharmed; Michael thought it was an adventure; and Dara begged me not to."


"Itís her," she yelled, "sheís the one who destroyed our family.  That home wrecking who- -"

Sonny laughed.  "I wouldnít finish that statement if I were you.  You just donít know when to quit."


"Youíre laughing.  That that woman," she sputtered, "stole you away from our marriage and robbed our kids of their father."


"Please remember we only have one child together.  Nia is mine.  And please donít confuse Dara with yourself and your own stained past.  Thirdly, I was just explaining to you the three things that have kept you breathing and all you can harp on is that I love Dara."  Sonny shook his head.  "Youíll never learn and for that reason youíre on your way to becoming an Australian citizen, renouncing your American citizenship, as soon as your period of residency is over- -"


"Iím not- -"


Sonny walked over to Carly, stood in her face, slowly raising his finger and placing it on her lips.  "Shh," he whispered, "it no longer matters what you want.  From now on Iím going to tell you what you want and thatís what youíre going to want.  Your club is closed for renovations so you can redecorate to your heartís content and during the lunch hours itís a hip restaurant.  Your house is on the beach and your master bedroom faces the ocean."  He paused and looked into her eyes to make sure she was following him.  Satisfied he continued.  "As for Michael and Bobbie, you will meet them once a year for two weeks in New York City and every other Christmas you will come to Port Charles for two weeks.  You will call him every Sunday at noon on the dot.  If youíre late or miss one call all aforementioned privileges will cease immediately."  Sonny removed his finger and stepped away from her.


"AJ and Jason wouldnít allow it," Carly stated, trying to sound confident and self-assured.


Sonny laughed.  "I love the fact that AJ is your new token hero.  AJ wanted me to tell Michael you were dead.  I, personally, for once in our history together agreed with him.  Jason wanted to tell Michael the truth:  that you were no longer safe to be around.  But, surprisingly enough your three nemeses came to your defense.  So you have Dara, Robin, and Keesha to thank for the arrangement I just gave you.  So chop, chop," Sonny commanded, gesturing her towards her bedroom.  "You donít have to pack a lot; the movers will be here minutes after weíre gone to pack everything for you."  Looking at his watch, he said, "You have fifteen minutes," then sat on the sofa making himself comfortable.


Carly ran into her bathroom attached to her master suite and quickly dialed on her cell phone.


"Lukeís," a deep voice said on the other end of the line.


"Uncle Luke."


"Ah, my favorite niece, Caroline.  Why am I not surprised to hear from you?  Have you really sunk to calling me?  You should have called me in the beginning.  I couldíve told ya the bait and switch was a shotty plan," Luke informed her.


She sighed.  This was exactly why she hadnít called him.  But she couldnít let him get to her, she needed his help.  She just had to keep repeating that to herself.  "I need your help.  Uncle Luke, Sonny wants me to leave Michael and Virginia, live on the other side of the world, and not see my babies."


Luke chuckled.  "Caroline, Iím saying this as your uncle, but Iím surprised he didnít whack you.  Donít tell your mother I said that.  If I were you, Iíd consider myself lucky that I was still breathing.  Youíve left Michael before without an afterthought; and when you were here Iím shocked that little boy didnít call that nanny of his Mommy.  And as for that precious baby girl, sorry to break it to ya, sweetie, but sheís not yours, you stole her."


"I did not, her birth mother gave her to me- -"


"Sister, sell it to someone whoíll buy it, cause I ainít the one."


Carlyís hope was fading the longer the conversation continued.  Tears streamed down her face, but she couldnít give up.  "You always say, ĎSpencers always stick together.í"


"As much as it pains me to say this, Vlad II is more of a Spencer than you are, Caroline."


She gasped.


"Take what ever deal Sonny is offering, be grateful, and lose my number."


The next sound Carly heard was a dial tone.  Luke had been her last chance.  Her last hope.  Throwing her cell to the ground, she buried her face in her hands and cried.  She had morphed into Bobbie, the abandoning mother.  Would Michael and Virginia seek her out and try to destroy her life for leaving them?  Not that she would have much of one to ruin.


Sonny opened the bathroom door.  "Itís time to go."


Carly looked up, hoping the tears would appeal to the gentle side that she knew existed.  But he seemed to ignore them.  "I havenít packed yet.  I was busy- - "


Sonny held up his hand.  "Save it.  Did you really think Luke would help you?  A man who prides himself on putting his family before anything else.  You ceased to be his family the minute you kissed Tony Jones."


"So what, you have my phones tapped?" she screamed angrily.


"Frighteningly enough, I donít need to.  I know how your mind works," Sonny replied.  Taking her arm, he ushered her out of the house.


As the limo pulled off, he glared at her with cold eyes.  "If you step foot in this country without my permission or leave Australia without my knowledge, youíll be living under 24/7 house arrest, complete with an ankle monitor, in the middle of Siberia and every time you have to take a piss, there will be a guard standing next to you.  Comprende?" 


The steel behind his voice and the ice cold eyes chilled her to the bone and scared her to the core.  She now understood why he was the boss.  Carly nodded.


"And in case you were wondering, the former Dante Junior is slowly adjusting to his new mom and dad," Sonny told her, reaching into his briefcase and taking out some papers.  "Sign here," he commanded, pointing to the "X" on the adoption paperwork.


Carly glanced over the paperwork, relinquishing her parental rights, clearing the way for Elizabeth to become the babyís legal mother.  Losing the battle to hold back her tears, she sobbed openly and loudly.


With his heart and mind closed to the former Mrs. Corinthos, Sonny turned up the sounds of Daraís Vanessa Williamsí "Kiss of the Spiderwoman" Broadway recording to drown out Carlyís wretched tears.