Entangled by Yash


Chapter 25



"Imagine that Nia’s DNA results came back and neither Rick nor I are a match.  Does that shock you?" Sonny asked, walking into Carly’s house as if it were his own.  "So am I going to have to waste more time, energy, and money to have you tested or are you for once going to do the easy and simple thing and just tell me the truth."


Carly was going stir crazy under house arrest, courtesy of Sonny, since he found her in Canada.  She didn’t know how he found them, but she should’ve followed her first mind and gone to Hong Kong.  At least they spoke English there and it would have been the last place Sonny would have thought of.


Taking a seat, Sonny looked at her.  "Are you preparing a story on how you’ve slept with a third man who could possibly be Nia’s birthfather?  Is this going to turn into an episode of Maury, as you trot out man after man?


Tears filled her eyes, "Sonny, I’m so sorry.  I didn’t mean to hurt you.  But I thought if I told you that Ric raped me- -"


"Carly save the crocodile tears.  Ric didn’t rape you.  You had a drunken one night stand and being typical Carly you can’t take responsibility for your actions so instead you blame him.  So let’s cut to the chase.  Who are Nia’s parents?  And where is the baby you were pregnant with?"


Carly sat next to Sonny and cried her heart out.  "She died," she finally managed to say.  "She was still born just like Robert.  I was all alone in Florida reliving that nightmare again.  And one day I was on the beach and met this pregnant college woman crying.  We started talking and she told me that her baby’s father wouldn’t acknowledge the baby and her parents didn’t even know she was expecting.  She noticed I’d been crying and I shared my tragedy with her.  There we were two women.  One crying for the baby she’d lost and the other for the baby she couldn’t keep.  And through our conversations she asked, begged me to give her child the life I would have given ours.  And I said, ‘Yes.’  Years before I’d left our home pregnant and came home babyless.  I refused to do that to you, Michael or myself for a second time."


"So you were just going to lie to us all for the rest of our lives instead?"


"I was trying to save you the pain, I was going through.  What else could I do?"


Sonny ran his fingers through his hair.  "How about the truth?"


"So I could break your heart again," she questioned.  She shook her head.  "No, that wasn’t an option."


"Somehow with you, it never is."

Sonny exhaled and counted to ten to stop himself from hurting her.  He took out his cell phone and dialed.  "I want the jet ready to go in fifteen minutes," he ordered to the person on the other end.  Hanging up, he grabbed Carly’s hand and headed for the door.


"Where are we going?"


"You’re taking me to the hospital, clinic, mortuary, whichever place last saw your baby’s body and can testify and show proof of his or her existence."


She froze in the doorway.  "Sonny, I paid the crematorium extra money to forget he ever saw me or our baby."


"Well then we’ll pay him extra to remember," Sonny paused, "let’s see if Dante remembers anything.  Evan."


"Yes, Mr. Corinthos," the black haired guard said.


"Get Dante in here," he requested, as he and Carly moved back into the living room.  Noticing an instant change in her demeanor at the mention of Dante’s name, Sonny knew he was onto something.  He always suspected something was amiss in their relationship.  He knew they weren’t sleeping together.  Dante was too devoted to his wife and son, but Dante did have a strange sense of loyalty towards Carly.  Yes, he was certain, Dante was the key to everything.  As he waited for Carly’s guard, part of him prayed that Carly was telling the truth.  He hated to think she would use their son’s death to further her lies and agenda- -


"Mr. Corinthos, you wanted to see me, sir," Dante said, stepping into the room.


"Where’s the baby?"


"Sir?" Dante asked, as his eyes began to flick over to Carly’s.


"Don’t look at her.  Keep your eyes focused on me.  Now, where’s the baby?"


"I took the baby to a mortuary that night.  I gave the guy ten grand to cremate her."


Sonny nodded.


"And where was Mrs. Corinthos?"


"At home bonding with the other baby."


"And the young woman?"


"In the guest bedroom with the doctor recovering and grieving."


Sonny nodded again.  "That’s the whole story?"




"The truth?"


Dante opened his mouth to respond but Sonny stopped him.


"I admire your loyalty to Carly that’s one of the reasons I assigned you to her.  But you don’t need to protect her from me.  Now you’re already lied to me once.  I’m a forgiving guy- -"


Carly snorted.


"Carly be quiet and if you try to motion or signal to him one more time Evan will escort you to your bedroom until Dante and I are finished."


She settled down and sat on the edge of the coffee table.

"But people who lie to me twice don’t get a chance," Sonny moved closer to Dante and whispered in his ear, "to do it a third time."


Without daring to take his eyes off of Sonny, Dante revealed the whole truth.


Carly screamed throughout his confession calling him a liar, a manipulator, a conniver.


Sonny closed his eyes and pinched his nose.  "You’ve got twenty minutes to get the baby and bring him to my house and then you have another fifteen after that to get out of town.  And don’t you ever come on this side of the Mississippi again.  Ever.  Do we understand each other?"


"Yes, sir," Dante assured him, sweating furiously.


"Leave," Sonny commanded.


"Sonny, he’s lying," Carly cried, running to him and falling to her knees in front of him as Dante rushed out of the house.  "Our baby died.  I don’t know what he’s talking about.  He’s trying to hurt me, us.  You’ve got to believe me Sonny," she begged, clinging to his jacket. 


Ripping her hands off his clothes, he walked out the door without a single word, leaving a distraught and sobbing Carly on the floor.