Dara tried to concentrate on the documents in front of her, but her mind kept wandering.  For once her mind was on something other than losing Stone.  Her thoughts were now on Sonny.  She hadnít heard from him since the evening before and she was worried.  And now that she thought about it shouldnít she be worried that sheís worried about Sonny. And that even high off
of tasting Sonny she knew that if Jason called him it was important and Sonny had to leave immediately. When did all of this happen?  When did she become in tuned to the world of Sonny Corinthos?

As all these thoughts raced through her head, one answer stood out in the forefront.  She didnít care. She didnít know and she didnít care.  She, Dara Jensen, enjoyed spending time with Sonny, like no one ever before.  He was caring, kind, fiercely protective of those he loved and cared about, intelligent, loyal, a great father, and an incredible kisser.  Laughing out loud, she figured she was probably one of the few people that could appreciate the irony of the man of her dreams being the same man she had spent her years in the DAs office trying to put behind bars.  She
wished someone would have told her earlier, she could have saved herself lots of lonely nights and sad thoughts, worrying and wondering where her prince charming was and if she would ever find him and have kids.

Maybe thatís why the love of her life had eluded her for so long, she was looking for prince charming instead of just an ordinary man with imperfections who was willing and able to love her the best he could for the rest of their lives.  Sonny was far from perfect and as far from white knight as you could get.  But she wasnít Cinderella or Snow White, herself.  She hadnít needed rescuing or saving.  She just needed a companion and best friend, a soul mate.  Who knew a
little boy and a trip to the park would change her whole life?

Giving up the pretense of working, Dara walked to Stoneís room and straightened it up.  She recalled long ago seeing a movie where a cop realized the woman of his dreams wasnít perfect and he would just have to deal with that and create a life with her.  Of course in the copís case, his girlfriend was a vampire.  But he still walked off in the sunset with her.  Well, not the sunset, but the dark, she chuckled.  Dara and Sonny, who would have ever thunk it.  She could only
being to think of how her close relationships would be affected by this news.  Mac, Taggert, Alex, Brooke, Ava, Stacy, Lexi, and even Felicia would be in for a doozy.  Taggert was the one she was most worried about.  Would he allow his hatred of Sonny ruin their friendship?  She honestly didnít know, but she hoped not.  She cherished their relationship.  She knew she
would fall off the pedestal he had her on, but that was okay because she never should have been on one to begin with.

Alex would keep everything inside, but his disappointment would radiate from him.  She prayed
that he could still find some way to overcome that and still be part of her life.  She admired and at times relied on his inner strength.

Mac and Felicia, who had become a good friend since they started sharing office space, had been in this situation before with Robin and Jason.  And after the lives both Mac and Felicia led in their younger years, they understood that family and good friends didnít come along all that often and should be preserved at all costs.

Ava, of course, would find the whole thing so incredibly romantic, she wouldnít be able to shut her up.  Dara imagined Stacy would be accepting of her relationship with Sonny as long as she was happy.  And Stacy would make sure that Jack kept his thoughts on the relationship to a minimum.

Brooke would caution her to be careful.  And Lexi would be the most understanding.  If she could love her evil father Stefano and brother, Tony, then she would understand how Dara could love Sonny.

Dara knew change in these relationships were inevitable as soon as she announced her feelings for Sonny, she just prayed she wouldnít lose any of them. She- - The phone rang and interrupted her thoughts. She picked up Stoneís extension.  "Hello."

"Hello, Dara, itís AJ Quartermaine."

"Hi, AJ.  How are you?" she said, wondering why AJ was calling her at home.

"Not so good."

"Iím sorry to hear- -"

"Carlyís run off with Michael and Nia."

"What?!" Dara exclaimed, instantly concerned for the kids and Sonny.

"Sonny is looking for them, but so far we have no leads." 

Dara was shocked.  How could Carly do this to Sonny, Michael, and Nia?  Did this womanís selfishness know no bounds?

"Dara, I think you should be here."

The silence was deafening.


"AJ, why would- -"

"Itís okay, Dara, I know.  He needs you," AJ interrupted.

She could ponder what AJ knew or thought he knew later.  "Where- -"

"At Sonnyís."

"Thanks.  Hang in there."

"Donít mention it.  Weíre trying."

Dara hung up the phone and ran to her room to get dressed.