"We should do something before they come back," Dara
said, as she rested her head in his lap and accepted
another grape from Sonny.

"Like?" Sonny asked, feeding her a strawberry.

"I brought some contracts with me."

"No work talk or youíll ruin my picnic."

"Iím so sorry, Mr. Corinthos. Your picnic in the
living room is lovely. A great idea."

"Iím a brilliant man."

"And modest, too," she commented as he bent over to
catch the strawberry juice running down her lips.

He captured her mouth, slowly his tongue parted her
lips, and took the kiss to a whole new level. Daraís
hands buried themselves in his hair and pulled him
closer as his hands roamed all over her body. But
that wasnít quite enough for her; she wanted to feel
him on top of her. His body flushed against hers.

"Sonny- -," she moaned, as the doorbell rang.

Sonnyís kisses slowed down.

"Ignore it," she begged, enticing him with more wet

But the doorbell continued to ring.

"I canít. It must be someone we know or Max wouldnít
have let them this close," he reminded her.

"Damn, when did this house become Grand Central

Chuckling he gave her a lingering kiss before helping
her up. After straightening their clothes, he helped
Dara fold their picnic blanket and take the remaining
food to the kitchen. He ran to the front door to stop
the continuous ringing; he was going to murder who
ever had his or her finger on the doorbell.

"I didnít believe it when Robbie told me. My lawyer
and my ex-fiancée," Brenda exclaimed, walking into the
house. "Hi, Sonny, Dara," she greeted them.

"Brenda, where the hell have you been?" Sonny

"Didnít Dara tell you? I was getting my life in

"And once again left someone else to take care of our

"Figured that one out, huh? I thought I had more

"Seven years werenít enough. You thought youíd wait
till he graduated from college."

Brenda sighed. "I didnít come here to argue with you.
I came to see my son and take him home."

"And where is that exactly because itís not with you?"
he questioned angrily.

"Iím sorry that I thought Stone would be better off
and safer staying with Dara than with the Cerrullos or
with me, especially if his mommy had another
breakdown. But thatís right, you wouldnít know about
my first one because you were too busy enjoying the
good life in Puerto Rico, or wherever the hell you
were, while he grew inside me and I was praying that I
would regain my sanity in order to raise him. And by
the time he was born you had me so convinced he would
be in danger being with me that I sacrificed being
with him every night so he could be safe and grow up
without guards. The steps I took ensured Alcazar
never got his hands on my angel."

"None of that would have happened if Stone had been
with his father."

"Right. So if you had known I was pregnant then I
couldíve gotten to go on the run with you or you would
have stayed here. Oh, just what I wanted to hear, you
didnít want me but you would want our baby," she

"Thatís not what I meant," Sonny countered,

"Oh, so you wanted me to leave him with you so he
have had a series of step-mothers, each one worse than
the next, which culminated in the grand finale of the
super whore, worst mother of the year Caroline Benson.
No thanks- -"

"Enough," Dara commanded, walking over to Brenda.
"How are you? Good to see you," she said, hugging the
petite woman. During the trial and their
preparations, Dara got to know the real Brenda
Barrett. She found a woman who was intelligent,
funny, fiercely loyal and had a great deal of
strength, behind her pretty façade.

"Dara, hello. When I left Stone with you, I had no
clue you would end up with Sonny. Are you happy with

"Who says Iím with him?"

Brenda looked at her with disbelief. "Your top pantsí
button is still unbuttoned and it took you fifteen
minutes to answer the door," the brunette finished,
pointing to the button.

Sonny shook his head, as Dara turned and buttoned her

"Did you get my message?" Dara inquired.

"No. Jason told me it was safe for us to come home so
we hopped on the first plane."

"We?" Sonny asked.

"Yes," Brenda answered, opening the door and motioning
for someone to come in.

"Justus?" Sonny and Dara said in unison.

"Sonny. Dara. Rob was right," Justus said.

"Thatís right so you owe her dinner at Lukeís," Brenda
reminded him.

"And me a shopping spree at Wyndemereís," a dark
haired teenager said, walking into the house and
closing the door.

Sonny and Dara watched the exchange in silence.

"Letís get out of the hallway," Dara advised, ushering

Brenda, Justus, and the teenager to the living room.

"Brenda, whatís going on?" Sonny asked, getting
directly to the point. "Where have you been?"


"California?" he questioned.

"I wanted to stay in the States to be close in case
Stone needed me, plus Alcazar didnít have any ties on
the west coast and thatís where Justus was staying."

"Why Justus?" He had to get his head around this
craziness that was Brenda.

"Justus was the only person I figured no one would
suspect Iíd be with, plus he had ties to you, the
Quartermaines, and Luke. I know at least one of those
people would help him, help me, help us, if we needed

Sonnyís eyes fell on the teenager. She looked vaguely

"Iím Sage. Luis Alcazarís neglected daughter banished
to boarding schools until it was time to trot me out
for some special occasions," the young girl said,
answering his unasked question.

"Sage," Justus and Brenda reprimanded at the same

"What? Itís the truth," she said, sort of defiantly.

"We talked about this," Brenda warned her.

"Right. Zip it." Sage zipped her lips shut and threw
away the key.

Brenda took her hand and gave her a dazzling smile.
"Thank you, baby."

"Youíre welcome, Mother."

"Ugh! I hate that. Do I look like your Aunt Tracy to

Sage opened her mouth.

"Think before you answer that question."

Sage shook her head. "No, Mommy, not at all," Sage
agreed with a smile.

Sonny and Dara stared at each other. It was like they
were watching some bizarre family sitcom.

"Whereís the squirt?" Sage questioned, looking around
for Stone.

"Yes. How is Stone, Dara? Iíve missed him like
crazy. Thank you for taking care of him by the way.
Iíll never thank you enough for that."

"He was a pure joy," Dara assured Stoneís mother.

"What new and exciting- -"

"Uncle Sonny, Aunt Dara," the boy in question shouted,
racing through the front door with Michael close at
his heels. Upon seeing her son, Brenda ran to him and
he launched himself into her arms. Wrapping her arms
around her son, Brenda showered his face with kisses
as she cried.

"Mommy has missed you so much. I love you so much,

"I missed you too, Mommy."

Wiping her tears, Brenda released her son to look at
him. "You must have grown a foot since I last saw

Stone giggled. "No, Mommy, I havenít grown that

"Have you had fun with Aunt Dara?" his mother asked,
staring into her babyís beautiful face.

"Yes, and Uncle Sonny, Michael, and Nia," he

"Whose Nia?" Brenda asked.

Leticia walked in and handed the baby to Sonny.

As Sonny and Dara greeted the baby, Stone pointed to

"Okay," Brenda said, looking at Justus who had been
quiet up to this point.

"Mommy, may I have a sister like Michael?"

"You want a sister?"

"Uh-huh and Aunt Dara told me to ask you about getting
a sister or brother."

"She did, huh?"

Stone nodded.

"Well, letís see what Mommy can do about that. How
would you like two sisters, a brother, and two

Stoneís eyes widened the size of quarters.

"Yes," he replied eagerly.

Sitting in the middle of the floor, she pulled Stone
on her lap. "Remember me telling you about your

Stone nodded, "And how you couldnít be together? But
he loved us a lot even though we couldnít all be

"Yes, thatís right. Well Uncle Sonny is the man,
Mommy was talking about. Uncle Sonny is your father."

"So he can be with us now?"

"No, baby, not with us, but with you."

"Why not us?"

"Because although Mommy and Daddy loved each other a
great deal long ago, we donít love each other the way
Mommies and Daddies do that are together. But we both
love you endlessly. And that man," Brenda said,
pointing to Justus, "is the man that Mommy is in love
with and is married to. His name is Justus and heís
your step-father."

"Hi," Stone said cheerfully.

"Hi, Stone. Your mommy told me a lot about you.
Itíll be great getting to know you," Justus told him.

Stone simply nodded.

"And next to Uncle Justus is your big sister, Sage."

"I have a big sister," Stone said in astonishment.

"You sure do, squirt," Sage replied, getting on the
floor and opening her arms to him.

Stone ran into her arms and gave her big hug which
Sage gladly returned. Stepping away from Sage, Stone
repeated what he just learned. "Thatís my daddy,"
pointing to Sonny, "and Michaelís daddy, and Niaís
daddy, and Kristinaís daddy too."

Sonny nodded.

Brenda looked bewildered. Wasnít Kristina Nedís

"So whoís your daddy?" Stone asked innocently of Sage.

Nodding to Justus, she answered, "Heís my Daddy."

A huge smile broke out on Justusí face. He reached out
and ruffled Sageís hair.

Leaping away from Sage, Stone and Michael bounced
around together, shouting, "Weíre brothers! Weíre
brothers!" They bounced over to Sonny and he embraced
them both.

"Daddy, can you make the clam sauce pasta for dinner
tonight?" Stone requested

Sonnyís heart melted at finally hearing his oldest son
calling him dad. He squeezed both the boys a little
tighter as his heart and mind came to grips with
losing one son while gaining another. Well he hadnít
lost Michael, he was just sharing him as he would with
Stone. His gaze landed on Daraís.

Dara saw the pain, sorrow and joy reflected in his
eyes and with Nia in her arms, she reached over and
joined the group hug.

"Daddy?" Stone said, waiting for his answer.

"Yes, we can have pasta with clam sauce."

"Heís got great taste," Brenda commented.

"He got it honestly," Sonny replied.

"That he did," Brenda added, "that he did."

Hugging her daughter and leaning against her husband,
Brenda stared into Sonnyís eyes. How differently did
their lives turned out? While love would always be
between them and Stone an everlasting reminder of
that, they had both moved on and had found the
families they had always been searching for with other
people. And they were both happier than they could
even dream.