Chapter 3

Carly paced the floor of Mercy Hospital.

"Carly, quit it. Youíre driving me crazy with the pacing."

Carly turned to face Ric Lansing. "If you would have told me the truth, we wouldnít be here." She turned away in disgust. "I canít believe you donít remember if you raped me or not."

Ric jumped up out of his chair and grabbed Carlyís arm. "If you really thought I had raped you, Sonny would have killed me already. So letís call it what it was: two drunk people feeling lonely who ended up in a hotel room together."

Carly snatched her arm away. "I know you put something in my drink. I never, ever would have slept with you, at least not willingly."

Ric took out his cell phone. "If youíre so convinced I did something, letís call Sonny. You can tell him how you were at Jakeís, after losing your guards, tossing back shots flirting with men who werenít him and the next thing you remember is waking up naked next to his half-brother."

He started dialing Sonnyís number.

She quickly grabbed the phone out of his hand and deleted the entered numbers. "You are such a prick! I canít believe I ever liked you."

Carly rubbed her swollen belly.

"Join the club. I canít believe that louse of a brother of mine actually slept with you to begin with, much less impregnated and married you," Ric replied.

"Shut up about my marr-"

The door opened and the doctor walked into the empty waiting room. "Miss Benson, I have the results. Would you like me to read them here."

Carly nodded.

The doctor put on his glasses and opened the file. He read it and then looked up at Ric.

"Sir, you are a 99.99% match to the baby boy."

Carly screamed and Ric smiled triumphantly.

The doctor walked over to Carly. "Miss Benson, will you be okay?"

Ric walked to her and rubbed her back.

"Sheíll be fine, doctor. Itís just the shock. Iíll take care of her. Thank you."

The doctor looked from the sobbing woman to the happy man, shrugged and left the room.

"Elizabeth, weíre having a son," Ric whispered under his breath.