Entangled by Yash

Dara unfolded the note in her hand and reread it.

Thank you for taking our case and helping

Jason and me. Dara, no one else knows this not

Jax, Sonny, or Jason, but more than my life is

at stake. I canít even begin to explain the

things I have experienced and saw with Luis.

They are things I couldnít even share with

my sisters, Robin and Lois. Even while Jason

and I were facing possible prison time, I knew

I was hanging on to my own sanity by a thread.

So now I must entrust you with my life once

again. Thank you, Dara, for everything. Brenda

Dara wondered what Brenda could possibly be talking about and more importantly why was she at the docks by herself at 11:30 p.m. Suddenly, she heard footsteps behind her. As she slowly turned around, she readied her pepper spray. A tall, average looking guy came towards her.

"Dara, Dara Jensen," the man said to her.

"Yes, and you are?" she kept her hand on the nozzle of her spray.

"Iím Louie Cerullo. Brenda sent me."

Dara continued to look at him suspiciously.

"Iím Lois Cerullo-Ashtonís brother."

Dara slowly removed her fingers from around the pepper spray. Louie held out his hand, she cautiously took it.

"Nice to meet you," he said and then quickly added, "I wish it was under better circumstances."

Dara nodded. She wished he would just get on with it. She didnít like feeling vulnerable, and she did, out here with this strange man, even if he was Loisí brother.

Louie sensed her mood, "Ok, enough with the chit chat. Lois says that to me all the time." He paused. "Where are you parked?"

Dara thought for a moment before answering. Could she trust Brenda? Brenda might be a spoiled princess who was dumb enough to have fallen in love with a mob boss, but she wouldnít intentionally hurt someone. Satisfied with her inner-discussion, she finally spoke. "Iím parked on the other side of the docks. The car is a gray Benz."

"Go to your car, lock the doors, and Iíll be there in a minute," replied Louie.

She watched Louie walk away. This is odd, she thought, as she walked hurriedly back to her car with her hand on the pepper spray the whole time. She checked the backseat of her car before unlocking the door. Iím paranoid, I never should have worked for Sonny. She hopped into the car and locked the doors.

Dara turned on the engine so she could turn the heater on. She needed to warm up a little after waiting in the cold winds for Louie. She listened to the smooth voice of Vanessa Williams as she waited for Louie to appear. A sudden tap on the window broke her reverie. She looked up and there stood Louie carrying someone. She quickly unlocked the car doors. Louie laid the person down in the backseat. Dara turned to see what Louie had set down and saw a bit of dark brown hair.

Louie sat in the passenger seat and handed her a file. "These are all of his records: medical, dental, school."

She looked at him like he was crazy. "Who is he? And why do I need these?" She held up the file folder to emphasize her point.

He reached into the backseat and pulled the blanket back to reveal an adorable little boy somewhere between five and six years of age.

"Didnít Brenda talk to you?" Louie asked. She shook her head.

"When I see her, ugh!" He ran his fingers through his hair. "Dara, meet Robin Stone Quatermaine Cerullo Barrett, Brendaís son."

"Brendaís son?" Dara asked.

Louie nodded.

She looked at the little boy again. She could see Brenda in him. "Where has he been? Whoís had him?" So many questions raced through her mind.

"Heís been with her, with us. Weíve had him while sheís been--" He searched for the right word to use. "While sheís been gone."

"Sheís been gone for four years. Does he even know who she is?" she asked.

Louie nodded. "She sent gifts and letters without Alcazarís knowledge."

"Which explains why Lois and Robin didnít make an appearance when Brenda miraculously returned from the dead."

He nodded again.

"Why is she removing him from the only home heís ever known?" Dara asked.

"She was afraid towards the end that Alcazar knew about Stone. So until Son--, until all of Alcazarís men are taken care of, she wanted to put him somewhere where his people would never think to look, with the ex--"

"ADA," she finished.

She had to admit Brenda had a valid reason to be scared for her sonís sake. She looked at the little boy, Stone, as he turned and clutched on to his teddy bear.

"For how long?" she asked. She couldnít believe she just said that.

"Just until the danger is gone and she pulls herself together," Louie answered.

"Weíre going to stick out like a sore thumb," Dara said nodding at Stone. "A black woman with a little white boy."

"Tell everyone heís your foster son, who you are keeping until his mother gets her life together, which is true. Brenda told me youíre a really private person," he replied.

Dara nodded, agreeing with that assessment of herself.

"So everyone should buy that explanation and those who donít Iím sure you can persuade with your lawyer skills," Louie said.

He looked at the clock on the dashboard.

"Itís getting late. I better go. Letís see. Everything you need to get you started is in the file."

He brushed his fingers against Stoneís face. Tears welled up in Louieís eyes.

"He goes by Stone Cerullo. He must go to sleep with a night light on or heíll freak. And no drinks, whatsoever, an hour before his bedtime."

He looked back at Stone, as tears streamed down his face.

"Iíll call you guys tomorrow."

He got out of the car and disappeared into the night.

Dara glanced at the still sleeping Stone. "Well, I guess itís just you and me kid." She put the car in drive and headed off.