TITLE:  Needing a Friend
AUTHOR:  Tracy Aiken
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SPOILERS:  Through Season 6 to be safe.
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SUMMARY: Scully needs a friend and finds three
unexpected ones.
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AUTHOR'S NOTES: A big thank you to my friend and
beta reader and encourager, Dominiqua.  This
story wouldn't have been possible without her
encouragement - thank you - you're the best!

He wasn't sure what just happened and why she was
pulling away from him again.  Quickly, he pulled on
sweatpants and walked out to the living room.  She was
sitting in front of a fire, just staring at the

"May I join you," he asked.

When she looked up, he could see that she had been
crying again.  "Yes."

He eased himself down next to her.  He wanted to pull
her back to lean on him, but the air needed to be
cleared first.

"Mulder, you are my best friend, you know that, but we
are professional best friends.  We don't hang out
together, go to dinner, watch videos or anything."

"That doesn't me we can't, we just never have."

"Why not?"

"I didn't think you'd want to do any of those things,

"Normal things," she answered.  "Why don't you think
I'd want to do something normal?  I'm a woman with
wants and needs, but you don't seem to realize this."

"You're mad at me," he said just realizing this.

"Mad isn't the right word, maybe frustrated is more

"Please explain this to me, Scully."

"I'm not sure I can.  But I'm willing to try."

He sat, watching her gather her thoughts.

"Mulder, I do love you, never doubt that.  I think
that you don't realize how you affect me.  I can't
turn my emotions on and off, and just jump from case
to case.  Our work is a large part of my life, and I
wouldn't change that if I could.  But, I need time to
be me.  Sometimes, I just need to take a step back and
when I do that, I need to go to a safe place, for me. 
That used to be my family and friends.  That first
year, I still was a godmother to Trent, a friend to
Ellen and a real part of my family.  Now, Trent has
outgrown needing me, but Ellen, she's moved on, I
maybe get an email at the holidays and a card on my
birthday.  I've not seen her in years.  My family
doesn't understand why I stay and do what I do.  You
certainly know Bill's feelings on my occupation and
you.  But you're all I've got left.  And that's
plenty, usually," she said touching his forearm. 

He nodded his head, understanding what she was saying.

"But today, I needed to connect with a world outside
of work.  I enjoyed having dinner with the boys, but
I'd rather have been with you."

"Why didn't you call, or come by?"

"I didn't know if you'd want me to.  Mulder, I'm not
saying any of this to hurt you.  You are so wrapped up
in your work, I didn't think there was room for me."

"Scully...there's always room for you, even if there's
no room, I'll make room for you.  I didn't realize
that I was shutting you out."

"I don't think you were doing it consciously, Mulder."

"But I should have realized sooner something was

"Mulder I don't expect you to read my mind.  I didn't
want you to know what was going on."

"What made tonight different."

She thought for a few moments and then looked up at
him.  "I realized that I'm tired of being lonely,

He moved to hug her and she went easily into his arms. 
"I'm so sorry, Scully.  I never want you to feel alone
or lonely.  Please know, and believe, that I always
want you in my life, both personally and
professionally, always."

"I believe you, Mulder, and I believe in you."

"I don't know what I ever did to deserve to have you
in my life, but I am ever so thankful.  I don't think
you'll ever really know what you mean to me.  You have
given so much of my life back to me," he said and then
kissed her temple.  "I promise you, Scully, there's
always room for you.  Please don't think otherwise."

"It helps to hear that, Mulder."

She snuggled back against him and they sat and watched
the fire burn.  After a few minutes he began running
his hands along her neck, moving her hair and kissing
her neck, just over the implant.  She sighed,
contentedly.  He moved his legs so that she was
sitting between them and pulled her further back
against him.  Reaching around, he undid the belt on
her robe and slid his hands inside. 

She could feel his hardness, pressed against her back. 
She ground herself into him and caused him to moan.

"Scully, you feel so good," he said, teasing her
nipples into hard points.  Her hands were on his
thighs, clinching and un-clinching.

"Oh, Mulder, I want you," she said turning to face
him.  She rose up on her knees and leaned in to kiss
him.  This wasn't the tentative kiss of earlier; these
were hot and hungry and all consuming kisses.

Reaching up, he pushed the robe off of her shoulders,
pulled it from under her hips and tossed it behind
them.  "You are so beautiful, Scully, God, I love you,
so, so much.  I want everything with you, I meant
that, Scully, with all my heart.  I'll try everyday to
show you how much you mean to me and just how much you
are my life.  But, you've got to promise to talk to
me, because I am going to be an asshole sometimes,
even if I don't mean to be, I will be, you know that
and I know that.  But as long as we can talk and
listen to one another, we can do anything, anything

She turned to face him and tugged at his sweat pants. 
He lifted his hips and she pulled them off of him.  "I
love you, Mulder."

Immediately, he was, once again, kissing her. 
Slipping his tongue into her mouth to tango with hers. 

Moaning, she very gently broke the kiss and whispered,

"No, here, right here, Scully. "

"Mulder, are you sure?"

He pulled back to look, really look, into her eyes. 
"If you aren't comfortable...."

Her fingers on his mouth stopped his thought.  Opening
his mouth he pulled one of her fingers into his mouth
and ran his tongue all around, suckling and nibbling.

She was smiling at him, a real smile.  With her other
hand she reached up to caress his cheek, feeling the
stubble rasp against her hand.   Carefully, she
straddled his lap and pulled her finger from his

Taking him in her hand caused Mulder to groan and
throw his head back.  "Does that feel good?"

Instead of answering her, he moved his hand to between
her legs, and rubbed her in very small circles.

"Mulder," she moaned and leaned her head against his

He kissed her temple and then moved down her face and
onto her neck where he kissed all along her jawbone
and then over to her ear where he nibbled on her

"Oh, God, Mulder, that feels incredible.  You make me
feel incredible."

Pulling back he gazed into her eyes and said, "you;
are the incredible one in this partnership, Scully.  I
love you so much."

She quickly pulled him to herself and kissed him hard,
while slowly moving her hand over his very prominent
erection, paying special attention to the head.  Each
time she reached the end, she took her thumb and ran
along the ridge that separated his shaft from the head
of his cock.

Then she moved back to where she could take him in her
mouth.  She licked him all along his shaft and then
kissed her way back to the head.  Mulder's mouth was
open and his head was thrown back all while he was
moaning.  She could tell he was enjoying her
ministrations.  But it was time to move forward, so to
speak.  She took all of him she could into her mouth
and placed her hand at the base of his cock,
stimulating what she couldn't get into her mouth. 

"Oh, God, Scully.  Oh, please, oh, Scully, feels soooo

She had him just where she wanted him.  He was very
close, as was she, to coming.  Quickly, she withdrew
her mouth from him and moved to take him into her.  As
soon as she felt him inside of her, she looked up to
see Mulder's eyes wide open, with a look of shock on
his face.

He took her face with both hands and kissed her.  "I
thought before felt good, this is incredible.  You
feel so...there's not a word for it to do it justice,

"You feel pretty good, yourself, Mulder.  But it would
feel better if we moved," she said with a smirk.

"Feeling playful, Scully?"

Her only answer was to constrict her vaginal muscles,
to grip him tighter.

"Oh, fuck, Scully...you're going to kill me," he said
with a smile on his face.

"Good thing I'm a doctor then, isn't it?"

He needed her to start moving.  His hands went to her
hips and pulled her down while he arched his hips.  It
was her turn to moan.  "Feel good, Scully?"

The next thing he knew, her tongue was in his mouth
and she was kissing him for all he was worth.  They
continued to move together, stimulating one another
with both touches and looks into the other's eyes. 

He could tell she was close by her movements and
reached down to play with her clit, encouraging her

"Mulder, make me come, please, please, God,

He continued rubbing her clit, but also took a nipple
into his mouth and began suckling hard.  Suddenly, she
was shaking and screaming his name.  He kept his mouth
and hand where they were, trying to prolong her

A few moments later, she realized she was lying on
Mulder's chest, collapsed really, with him still
inside of her.  She raised her head to look into his
eyes and smiled.  "Doing okay, Scully?"

"God...you just can't imagine.  But I think we have
some unfinished business to attend do, don't you
agree," she asked, squeezing him with her vaginal

"Oh, yea," he said, holding her to himself, he flipped
them so that he was now between her legs, still
connected.  When he put his weight down, he slipped a
little further into her, which caused her to moan, as
well as him.

She pulled him even closer by putting her legs around
his hips and arching her pelvis.  "I want to feel you,
Mulder, come for me."

He began thrusting in and out of her; she was meeting
every thrust with a counter thrust of her own.  They
were partners, in everything. 

"Harder, Mulder, please," she moaned.


"Oh, God, yes, please, please...."

She was begging him to fuck her harder.  Anything she
wanted, he would give to her, so he increased his
thrusting, almost slamming into her with each thrust. 
Somehow, she still kept up with him. 

"So close...close," he kept saying.

"Oh, Mulder, love you, you feel so good, I can feel
every inch of you.  Your turn, come for me, please."

He could feel himself about to come, when suddenly;
she came again, with her nails scratching his back. 
He didn't know if it was the pain from her nails or
her orgasm, but he came in her at that moment.  "Fuck,
Scully, love...oh...God yes, yes, YES," and collapsed
on her.

When he came back from the wonderful place he could
feel her caressing his back and running her fingers
through his hair.  He kissed her neck, and lifted
himself up to see her.

"Welcome back," she said and kissed him.

"That was, Scully...there's not a word to describe how
incredibly good I feel right now.  I love you, so

"I love you, Mulder."

They kissed a gently, sweet kiss to seal their bond,
first as friends and now as lovers.