TITLE:  Needing a Friend
AUTHOR:  Tracy Aiken
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SPOILERS:  Through Season 6 to be safe.
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SUMMARY: Scully needs a friend and finds three
unexpected ones.
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1013 Productions.  No money is being made on
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AUTHOR'S NOTES: A big thank you to my friend and
beta reader and encourager, Dominiqua.  This
story wouldn't have been possible without her
encouragement - thank you - you're the best!

"Come in, Mulder," she said and then turned and walked
back to the couch.

He shut the door behind himself and then leaned
against it.  "I'm sorry, Scully.  I didn't mean to
make you cry.  God, I'm such as asshole.  The last
thing in the world I want to do is to make you cry.  
I'm so sorry you didn't feel you could come and talk
to me, or even just hang out."

She started crying again while he was trying to make
amends.  He had moved over to kneel in front of her
and took her in his arms.  However, she had her arms
wrapped around herself, in effect, protecting herself.
"I know you trust me, professionally, but what I want
you to know is that you can trust me personally, too. 
You can come talk to me and hang out with me and play
video games," the last he said gently jostling her.

"I'd kick your ass, Mulder."

He laughed gently, and she took her arms from around
herself and put them around him.  "Thank you for
giving me another chance, Scully."

"I told you, I'll always give you another chance,
Mulder," she said pulling back.

He wiped the tears from her face.  "I realized
something tonight, Scully."


"I don't really know you, personally, I mean, and I'd
like to very much."

She was staring at him like a deer caught in

"I know the Special Agent, very well, but not the
person inside.  I know that's scary for you, Scully,
but if you are willing to take the chance, I can
promise you that you won't regret it, ever."

"Mulder," she said, looking down.

"Scully, please...."

"I'm not used to sharing this side of me with you,
Mulder.  It will take time, but I think I'd like you
to know me, personally."

"I'd like that very much," he said and kissed her

He gently untangled himself and stood, but still
holding her hand, then sat next to her and pulled her
to him.

"Mulder, this is nice," she said snuggling back into
his arms.

"Yes, it is.  I like us like this.  Snuggled up...."

"If you say, like baby kittens, I will hurt you,

"I wasn't," he said with a smile.  "But it is very
nice, don't you agree?"

She moved until she was curled up on his lap, resting
against his chest.  "You're very comfortable. 

"Thanks.  I know I said this before, but, Scully, I
really like you curled up on my lap."

"I can tell," she mumbled against his chest.

"Scully," he whined.

"It's all right, Mulder, I like this too," she said
and then kissed his neck.

She immediately felt his response.  "Do you want to
sleep here?"

"Do you mind?  I don't want to push...if you've seen
enough of me today...."

"I would like you to stay," she said sitting up,
looking in his eyes. 

"Then I'll stay.  Is the guest room made up?"

She just looked at him.  He had misunderstood what she
meant.  "I want you to stay with me, Mulder, not in
the guest room."

Now Mulder looked like the proverbial deer caught in
the headlights.  Quickly, she said, "it's okay, I'm
sorry," and started to move off of his lap.

He pulled her back to himself and began rubbing her
back, soothingly.  She was hiding again, and again, it
was his fault.

"Please don't hide from me, Scully.  I'm sorry, I
didn't understand.  I'd love to stay with you."

She lifted her head from his chest and said, "you

"Scully, I love you.  I want to be with you, anytime
you'll let me."

"You want to be with me?  To just hang out with me?"

He shook his head yes.

"We definitely need a communications seminar."

"No, we just need to talk, really talk to one another
and listen to what the other is saying," Mulder said.

"I do love you, Mulder."

"I love you, Scully, so much," he said and then leaned
down to kiss her.  When he pulled back, he asked, "are
these your favorite pajamas?"

"For when I'm just home by myself."

"And you like to watch Scooby Doo?"

"He makes me laugh," she said looking embarrassed. 

"I really like Bugs Bunny, and Marvin the Martian, of
course.  I have this great pair of silk boxers with
Bugs all over them, I'll show you sometime."

"I'd love to see them and anything else you want to
show me," she said wiggling around on his lap.

"Oh, God, Scully, please sit still," he said with a

"You feel so good, Mulder," she said and turned to
straddle his lap, placing herself over his rapidly
hardening cock.

He slipped his hands under the hem of her shirt and
made his way around to the front, rubbing sensuously
all along.

"Mulder," she said thrusting her hips into his and
began pulling his shirt out of his pants and
eventually over his head.  Once she had gotten rid of
his shirt, her fingers had immediately found his
nipples and began very gently scratching at them.

"Jesus, Scully," he said arching his hips. 

She took one hand and began rubbing his hardness.  He
was now panting like he had just finished a long run. 
Pulling his zipper down, she slipped her hand inside
both his jeans and his boxers, to feel him.

"Scully, oh, Scully," he was moaning again.

With her other hand she quickly unbuttoned the button
on his jeans and started pulling them off of him. 
Momentarily she had to let go of him and he whimpered
at the loss of contact.  She quickly kissed him and
said, "lift your hips."   She was able to get his
jeans and boxers down to the top of his thighs. 

"You are so beautiful, Mulder," she said, leaning in
to kiss him.  When she pulled back, he grabbed her tee
shirt and pulled it over her head, exposing her.

"No, Scully," he said taking her breasts in his hands,
"you're beautiful."  He pulled her closer to him and
leaned down to take one of her hardened nipples into
his mouth, and suckled gently.

"Mulder," she said trying to get his attention. 
"Mulder, come on, let's take this into the bedroom."

He didn't want to let go of her, not even to walk the
few steps to her bedroom.

She moved off his lap and stood in front of him,
pulled her sweat pants and underwear off, and started
walking toward her bedroom.

All he could do at first was just watch her walk
toward her bedroom and after he got over the shock of
what she did, he was up, off the couch, stripping his
jeans and boxers all the way off, along with his shoes
and socks.

As Scully was about to climb onto her bed, Mulder came
up behind her and pulled her to himself and he dove
onto the bed. 

She was laughing as he held her to his chest.  "Were
you trying to get away from me, Scully?"

"Not away from you, I was trying to motivate you to
come in here, and it seems to have worked," she

"Trust me, Scully, I'm motivated."

Rolling onto her side she caressed his cock and said,
"you feel motivated to me."

"You don't know how motivated I am," he said leaning
over and licking around her nipple, carefully avoiding
where she wanted him most.  She arched her back,
trying to further his contact, but he'd have none of
that and actually pulled back.  "I've learned
something new about you, you like your nipples
suckled, a lot I think."

"Mmmulder," she whined.

"Yes, Scully," he answered taking her breast in his
hand and toying with her nipple with his thumb. 

"That feels so good."

"I want to make you feel good, Scully."

Slowly he kissed his way down her torso.  He stopped
and looked up at her when he reached her navel.  "Are
you ticklish, Scully?"


"How can you be ticklish only sometimes?"

"Because with certain people, I'm more relaxed and
more trusting and with that I'm more open to being
playful and that leads to being more ticklish."

"So, are you going to be ticklish with me," he asked,
almost unsure of himself.

"Yes," she said, running her fingers through his hair. 
"I trust you more than anyone, Mulder.  Both
professionally and personally, even though I don't
know you as well I want to, personally."

"I think we both have some learning to do," he said
kissing her belly button.  "I want to know everything
about you and I want you to know everything about me,"
he said and then laid his head on her stomach.

She reached down and encouraged him to move back up so
their faces were even, "I want to know everything
about you, Mulder.  I know that can be scary, trust
me, I know that, but I also trust you, with everything
I am."

He rested his head on her breast and sighed
contentedly and wrapped his arm around her waist while
she was playing with his hair.


He lifted his head to look at her.  "Were the boys
hard on you," she asked.  He thought he heard a little
bit of guilt in her question.

"Nothing I didn't deserve."

The playfulness of earlier had disappeared.

"What did they say to you?"

"Basically, they told me to get my shit together and
if I didn't, I was going to lose you."

"I'm sorry."

He lifted himself so he could look into her eyes and
said, "you have no reason to apologize, Scully.  But
what I do want to talk about is why you didn't think
you could come to me."

"Mulder...I had been here, trying to get some work
done, but it was Friday night, and I wanted to just be
with a friend.  To be normal, have dinner and just
hang out.  I ended up driving around and what I
realized is that I don't really have any friends left. 
Normally, I would have given myself a pep talk and
gotten over feeling sorry for myself, but it wasn't
working.  So I ended up at the Gunman office, that's
where Langley found me."

"Have you really played video games with them?"

"Yes.  Have you ever played video games with them? 
The equipment they have, I don't even want to know
where they got it, but it's incredible."

"You'd be surprised where they get their stuff.  A lot
of it is traded for, or bought from foreign contacts
then enhanced by them.  Did you know they actually
have sold games to software makers?"

"No, but I think there is much I need to learn about
them.  I'm glad I got to spend some time with them

"I appreciate that they were there for you, however, I
still wish you had come to me."

"I don't know how to explain this to you, Mulder," she
said, easing herself from under him and off the bed. 
He watched as she walked into her bathroom and then
came back out wearing a robe.  "You have sweats here,
in the bottom drawer," she said and walked back out to
the living room.