TITLE:  Needing a Friend
AUTHOR:  Tracy Aiken
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SPOILERS:  Through Season 6 to be safe.
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SUMMARY: Scully needs a friend and finds three
unexpected ones.
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1013 Productions.  No money is being made on
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AUTHOR'S NOTES: A big thank you to my friend and
beta reader and encourager, Dominiqua.  This
story wouldn't have been possible without her
encouragement - thank you - you're the best!

Scully had been driving around the District of
Columbia for the better part of two hours with no
destination in mind.  It wasn't that she wanted to
just drive, but that she wanted something to do, and
someone to talk to, really talk.  Of course there were
medical journals to read and articles to work on, but
she wanted to feel like a part of the human race
again, not just a Special Agent trying to save the
world, even if the world didn't know it needed saving. 

She found herself parking next to The Lone Gunman
office/apartment and the next thing she knew, Langley
was tapping on her window, smiling.

"Hey, Scully.  What brings you by?"

He noticed she looked a bit uncomfortable, and when
she didn't answer him immediately, he added, "come on
up, dinner should be here soon, you're welcome to join

"Are you sure, I don't want to impose."

He smiled and said, "come on, you know Frohicke would
kill to have dinner with you."

Langley led the way into the apartment and left Scully
waiting in the kitchen area.  "Make yourself at home,
I'll round up Byers and Frohicke."

Scully found herself looking around their kitchen. 
She opened the refrigerator and saw a gallon of milk,
a carton of orange juice, some eggs and various take
out containers.  There was probably a hidden camera in
there somewhere, too.  When she closed the
refrigerator door, she saw all three of them standing
there watching her, with smiles on their faces.

"You can investigate my refrigerator anytime, Scully,"
Frohicke said.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to..." she started.

"Scully, I told you to make yourself at home, we don't
care if you check out the refrigerator."

Byers, saw that she was embarrassed, by being caught
going through their refrigerator.  "There's not a
camera in there, promise," Byers said smiling.  "Can I
get you something to drink?"

"If I'm imposing...."

"Scully, we don't see nearly enough of you," Frohicke
said leering at her.

"Down, Frohicke," Langley said. 

"Punk ass," Frohicke said under his breath.

"Enough, both of you.  Scully, please, have a seat. 
I'll get you a drink.  Is wine all right?"

"Perfect, thank you."

Scully, feeling completely out of place; rarely came
to The Lone Gunman office by herself.  Not that she
minded seeing the boys, it was just that she really
hadn't ever spent any amount of time alone with them.

Byers handed her, her wine and sat down next to her. 
"Is everything...I mean, Scully, don't take this the
wrong way, but is everything okay?"

Scully looked down into her wineglass. 

"Not that you aren't welcome here, you are, it's just
that you never...."

"Byers, I know you're not used to me being here, let
alone, by myself."

"You are always welcome here," Frohicke added from
behind them.

"Thank you," she said turning to see Langley and
Frohicke staring at her.

"I really am okay.  I just needed some down time."

"That's cool," Langley, said, "you're more than
welcome to hang here tonight.  We were just going to
play some video games, maybe surf the net...we put the
paper to bed earlier."

"I appreciate you letting me intrude."

"Scully, you're not intruding, trust me," Byers, said.

The doorbell rang and a video monitor came to life on
the counter. 

"Dinner," Langley announced and quickly went to
collect it from the delivery person.

He came back carrying two pizza boxes.  "Scully, we've
got pepperoni with onions and green peppers and the
other one is mushrooms and sausage."

"Both sound great.  I really appreciate your sharing
your dinner with me, are you sure there's enough?"

Byers smiled.  "You're saving me from having to settle
who gets the last piece, later."

She smiled.  "You've obviously never eaten pizza with
me, before."

"You really are the perfect woman," Frohicke said from
the kitchen.

"That depends on whom you ask," she said, really to

  They were all silent at her comment.  Finally,
Langley spoke, "does your being here have something to
do with Mulder?"

She turned toward him and said, "honestly, I don't
know.  All I do know is that I needed to get away from
work and do something for me.  I can't actually
remember the last time I did something for just the
sheer pleasure of it; I just want to be able to have
some fun."

"Mulder would love to have fun with you, trust me,"
Frohicke said.

She blushed and picked up her pizza.

"I didn't mean it that way, Scully."

Putting her pizza down she stared at her hands, in her

"This is about me needing some time for me.  I need to
focus on myself for a while.  I've got plenty of
reading I should be doing, let alone research for
articles but I didn't want to do any of that.  I
wanted to hang out with friends, but while I was
driving around, I realized that I don't have any
friends left. "

"Scully, I know you don't need to be told that what
you do everyday means, even if no one but us knows
what's going on," Frohicke said.

"I know how important what we do is, but every once in
a while, I want to just get away.  Last spring I got a
call from Mulder asking me to come out to a ballpark,
and do you know what we did?  He taught me how to hit
a baseball."  She looked at all three of them.  They
all had the same expression on their face.  It was one
of shock and bewilderment.  She finally understood
that these three only knew Scully the agent, not Dana
the woman.  "But that was really the first time in
seven years that he's asked me to do something not
work related with him.  I like to have fun, at least I
used to, and I miss that.  But that doesn't mean that
I want to give up what we do.  We are very important
players, all of us.   Sometimes though, I just want to
talk to a friend or have someone to spend the evening
with at home. "

"Scully, I know you don't normally hang out with us,
but any time you want to just get away, please know
that we'll be here for you, no matter what," Byers

She was touched beyond words.  She reached over and
grasped Byers' hand.  "Thank you, you don't know how
much that means."

"Would you like me to call Mulder," Frohicke asked?

Usually, every chance he had Frohicke tried to get her
to himself.  She knew at that point what a good friend
Frohicke really was. 

"I do need to talk to him, but getting him to talk,
seriously, is another matter," she started.

"I'll call him," Langley said as he reached over to
grab the telephone. 

Frohicke came to sit next to Scully.  "You need to
talk to him, you know, let him know what's going on,

"It's not as easy as that.  I wish we could," she said
as she placed her plate on the table.

"Langley's calling him now and when he gets here you
two can talk.  What you have is special, Scully. 
Don't waste precious time."

Langley walked over and sat on the arm of Byers'
chair.  "Mulder is on his way."

While they were waiting, Langley took Scully into the
living room where they played with the Gunman's new
Sega Dreamcast.  Frohicke and Byers followed them in
and they were playing Tetris when the monitor alerted
them to Mulder's presence.