Chapter 32

He should leave. He'd donated blood. They rushed it through processing. Alan lingered and looked like he wanted more. Jason should have expected the older man's reaction. To her credit, Monica played it cool. But Alan, he still hoped for more than Jason could give. Finally, Monica dragged him away.

General Hospital moved with urgency. No one seemed to notice him at the nurse's station. Even so, he typed Keesha's name quickly and located her room. As he headed to her room, the thought returned.

He should leave.

"We've given her a mild sedative. It's best that we let her rest."

"We won't disturb her."

Justus and Bobbie's voices carried as he passed the visitors' lounge. He glanced there and noticed two other concerned faces. Probably Keesha's parents. Jason frowned. They didn't live in Port Charles. Was it Philadelphia? How did they arrive that quickly?

Then just as easily as the thought entered another took its place. He would leave, but not until after he saw Keesha. He needed to see for himself that she was okay.

No one stopped him as he pushed inside her room. After closing the door, he found himself rooted to the floor. Simply looking at her.

She lay on her side. Her arm curved protectively around her. Her chest rose and fell slowly with each breath. Relief soared through him. The breath he'd been holding rushed out. Just a closer look and he'd leave.

One step, two steps, three. He reached her bedside. She lay there like an angel. One of Jason Quartermaine's journal entries came to mind. Ethereal. Even with bruises and bandages, she captivated him. That's the word Jason Quartermaine used and it described Jason Morgan perfectly. She was captivating and he'd die before he hurt her. Again.

"What are you doing here?"

Jason stiffened at the gruff, accusatory tone. He moved from her bedside and faced the older man. "Nothing. I'm leaving."

"Answer me." He blocked Jason's path.

Strike back.

No, that's the man he used to be. Jason sidestepped Keesha's father.

"I heard about the accident."

"And?" The man's hands clenched into fists. "You don't care about her. You made that clear seven years ago, Jason Morgan."

The door swished open. Justus filled the frame. His gaze cut between the two men before settling on his cousin.

"Monica wants you."

Jason nodded. Before he left the room, he paused to look David Ward in the eyes. "I know I hurt Keesha. I'm sorry."

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