Chapter 29

Moving on instead of moving away.

The night Sonny revealed the truth about him and Robin, Jason packed his bags. He pressed a kiss to Michael's forehead and headed out the door. Sonny tried to stop him, but it was too late. The damage had been done.

Shep, the man who ran Jason's garage, wanted to move west. Jason left his room above Kelly's and moved into the apartment over his garage. Shep handed over the keys. In one smooth transition, Jason began a new phase of his life. Again.

The garage didn't suffer from lack of attention. In and out, his customers came and went. Some were surprised to see him there. It had been a few years, they commented. He gave them a curt nod in response. Yeah, it had, not that his life was any of their business.

As he worked on carburetors, engines, and transmissions, he did something unusual. He wondered about the choices he'd made. Obviously, they weren't the right ones. Another man was raising his child and sharing the bed with his woman.

His woman? Nah. Jason Quartermaine shared a bond with Keesha.

But as Jason Morgan read the other man's journals, he felt something. A hint of longing nagged at him, compelling him to reread entries. Memorizing them. Dreaming about them. Wanting her as much as he wanted to know their daughter.

He'd been blind, he realized. Foolish to trust Sonny and Robin. They made no demands and accepted him. He accused the Quartermaines of manipulation. Hell, they weren't the only ones guilty. Sonny and Robin played him like a cord. They steered his life in the direction that they wanted. He'd been too hotheaded to see the obvious. Not wanting to see what was right there in front of him. Blind.

When he learned of Robin's death, he fell to his knees. Tightness squeezed his chest. He felt like his heart had been ripped out. Her death was inevitable. He'd known that, but the pain was no less intense.

As Jason turned on the stereo and tuned it to a Rock station, he finally wondered what Keesha went through after Jason Quartermaine ceased to exist. He knew she hurt. But what else? Seeing Jason Morgan walk around alive and stranger must have been torture. Lucky for her, AJ was more than willing to pick up the pieces.

Jason grabbed a wrench and launched it toward the wall. The force of the hit shook the rafters.

"We interrupt the Metallica marathon with late breaking news."

He reached out for the knob. Jason had enough pain and suffering for one night.

"City Councilman AJ Quartermaine and his wife were involved in car accident."

He didn't hear the rest. As the newscaster continued, Jason headed for General Hospital.

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