Chapter 21

"She's mine. Isn't she?"

The journal confirmed Jason's gut level suspicions. He just wanted the truth from Keesha. The fear in her eyes said it all.

He moved to step inside. Keesha stepped to the left, blocking him. She held her hand up near his chest but didn't touch him.

"No," she ordered in a shaky voice. "You can't come in here. You can't go near her."

"She's my daughter--"

"No!" Keesha glanced quickly over her shoulder to see if Maya heard. The child didn't look their way or stop playing. Keesha looked at him. Her jaw set in determination. "She is not yours."

"Jason Quartermaine fathered her," Jason said.

"You're not him! Remember? I certainly do." Her mouth tightened as she spat out the following words, "Now, get the hell out of here before I call the police. You're trespassing."

The door slammed in his face. Jason grabbed the doorknob. His other hand balled into a fist. He was about to pound on the door when he looked through the side windows. Keesha rushed to Maya. She grabbed the girl in one move. He caught a glimpse of their faces before Keesha hurried out of view.

Both mother and daughter had tears streaming down their cheeks. Their mirror expressions of anxiety rocked him to the core. His fist uncurled and he released the door. He staggered from the porch and headed to his bike.

Stunned by the truth, angry by the lost time and concerned by Keesha's reaction, Jason had no choice but to leave. His approach had been wrong. He was used to making demands and having his demands met. Intimidation and fear were his dual companions when facing a foe. He shouldn't have relied on Jason Morgan's instincts to handle this situation. After what he'd read in the journals, he should have known better.

Keesha didn't respond well to demands. He'd have to find another way because there was no way in hell he'd give up. Maya was his, and so was her mother.

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