Chapter 17

Soft. Wet. Deep.

The kiss he shared with Keesha haunted Jason. Even when he worked on his bike. Discussed labor problems with Sonny. And when he hung out with Michael.

Sleep proved to be impossible. He got no rest. His dreams left him excited. He woke up hot and hard. Longing for something that didn't make sense. Wanting a woman who didn't mean anything to Jason Morgan.

But quite a lot to Jason Quartermaine.

That singular thought refused to give Jason any peace. So, he sought answers, but he didn't want anyone privy to the questions. Not when he didn't fully understand them himself. So, he went to the only person he trusted to help him.

"She can see you in her room." Reginald stood at the staircase. He placed his foot on the bottom step. "I can show you--"

"I know the way." Jason pushed past the butler. He took the steps two at a time. Lila's nurse met him in the hallway. He paused at the door. "Is this a bad time?"

"As long as it's a peaceful visit, she'll be fine. Don't over excite her."

"How long?" he asked.

The woman glanced at her watch. "Her vitals were almost normal. Thirty minutes wouldn't be too much."

Jason nodded and edged into the room. Lila lay propped up against pillows. Her cheeks were dotted with red, but her face was much paler than the last time he'd seen her. However, the spark in her eyes was still intact. He released a sigh of relief. He wouldn't have to say goodbye to her anytime soon.

"Jason!" She smiled and extended her hand. "Come closer, dear. Sit beside me."

He moved to the bed and took her hand. "Are you up for this?"

"Of course. I've been waiting years for this. I'm fine."

"We can do this another time if you need to rest," he hesitated. Now that he was there, his nerve escaped him. Definitely a first for Jason Morgan. But was this normal for the man he used to be?

"I had the things brought into my room." Lila pointed across the room. "They're in the box over there."

Jason glanced over his shoulder where she directed. His chest tightened. The box wasn't full. From where he sat, he saw a few books, one looked like a photo album. Jason Quartermaine's personal property sealed and locked away. Until now. Would there be photos of Keesha in there?

Lila squeezed his hand. "Go ahead. Take it home. Go now, and come back later with your questions."

He looked at her, still hesitating. She smiled her encouragement. Jason grabbed the box and left.

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