Hears Asunder Chapter 13

"You still havenít touched your pie."

Jasonís attention stayed trained on the stack of applications for potential new Charles Street businesses. "What?" he mumbled.

Robin waved the small paper plate with the generous serving of apple pie under his nose. "The pie, Jason. Mrs. Forrestís to die for pie. She sent one over in thanks for the foundation helping to get her bakery off the ground. You can stop working for a minute to enjoy this delicious treat."

He took the plate and pushed it to the far side of the desk. The smell of the apples made his stomach churn. Jason rolled his eyes. AJ constantly ate apples. "I donít want any pie." He walked over to the large picture window, staring blindly out into the darkness. "Robin, itís almost ten, you donít have to stay here. I donít need a babysitter, and I want to finish looking over the applications. Keesha thinks itís a lot of good ideas there."

The clack of her heels against the wood floor grew stronger, signaling her approach. His body tensed. Why couldnít she take a hint? Moments later her hand found his shoulder. If the circular motion was meant to soothe him, it didnít work. Jason shrugged her hand away. "Iím really not up for company, Robin," he explained, trying not to sound as ill tempered as he felt. "I just want to get some work done."

"Jason, when youíre in pain, the last thing you need is to be alone. You never smile anymore. Itís been a month and your hurt is still so fresh. Having people around will help ease the pain. When I lost Stone, you being around helped me. It helped me more than youíll ever know." She rested her hand on his forearm, and gave it a squeeze. "I want to repay that."

Jason looked at the hand that caressed his arm. Was Robin always this touchy feely? "Iím glad I could help," he said, removing her hand and walking back to the desk. "Both Keesha and I wanted to be around for you, so it wasnít a problem, but this situation is different." He sat in the chair and sorted through the applications. "Iím not in mourning and Keeshaís not dead. Sheís just taking a break from us right now to take care of herself."

"And her dating AJ is helping her take care of herself?" Robin walked over and leaned across the desk. By no small chance, her hands rested in the middle of his file, effectively obstructing his view of the forms. Jason met her gaze. "I donít think itís fair you wait around alone and hurt while she traipses all over Port Charles with your brother."

Jason agreed, it wasnít fair, but it was what it was. The last several weeks had been agony for him. Physical discomfort from his fight with AJ lingered a few days, but the ache in his heart throbbed as strong as ever. The day after everything happened, Keesha approached him at the office. She expressed her guilt and upset over the fight, and once again tried to make him understand why she needed the time apart. He still didnít get it, but he didnít fight her decision, even as the knife twisted more in his gut to see her leave the foundation office to prepare for a date with his brother.

Most men would walk away and not look back, but he wasnít most men. He loved Keesha, and he didnít have a doubt. If she needed time to examine her feelings, he would give it to her. All the while praying his fragile heart wouldnít shatter completely as he waited for her to realize what he already knew--they belonged together.

"Weíve always had a connection, Jason, we could be each otherís support," Robin said, lightly gnawing her bottom lip as her eyes stayed trained on his crotch.

Disgust rippled Jasonís stomach. He shuddered in dismay. Robin was hitting on him, and she didnít even try to be subtle. He jerked the folder from beneath her hands. She caught herself before falling face forward on the desk.

The lust in her eyes dimmed to uncertainty as he fixed her a hard glare. "Okay, Robin, this connection you mentioned is called friendship. Thatís all it is and all itís ever going to be."

"Jason, I--"

His sharp intake of breath halted her words. "Iím not happy Keesha is dating AJ, but I have to deal with it. Sheís confused right now, but Iím not. I love her. I love her as much as I ever did." Robinís ashen face and the crocodile tears that filled her eyes didnít deter or sway him. She needed to know where he stood so there was no room for doubt. "AJís accident affected Keesha differently than it did me, and she has to find her way through those feelings. Iím confident things will work out the way I want them to, but even if they donít, I wouldnít look for comfort with someone she considers a close friend. And Iím appalled you would even suggest such a thing."

"Come on, Jason," Robin grumbled, dismissing his words with a wave of her hand. "You must get lonely at night. Iím sure the thought of Keesha making love to AJ has crossed your mind. Who knows, they could be in bed right now. They certainly looked chummy when they left here earlier this evening."

Jason exhaled a long breath. As if he didnít have enough trouble keeping that image out of his mind, Robin had to go add big, bold strokes to the picture. He had to believe Keesha wouldnít take things that far. They waited almost a year before making love. She couldnít give herself to AJ after a month. She would come to her senses before that happened.

"Iím not discussing this," he said, collecting the strewn papers that covered the desk.

"You not wanting to talk is saying plenty," she countered. "You can read body language, Jason. AJ wants Keesha like a thirsty man wants water, and if he hasnít had her yet, itís only a matter of time before he does."

Robin walked around the desk, and settled herself on the flat surface. She crossed her legs, exposing a lot more of her assets in the short mini-skirt than he ever wanted to see.

"My status is long-term nonprogressor. As a pre-med student, Iím sure youíre aware of what that means." She draped her spindly arms around his neck. "You donít have to worry about anything, Jason; weíll be very safe. Uncle Macís been spending a lot of time with the new ADA Dara Jensen, so Iím sure heís not home tonight." Her voice dropped to a barely audible whisper. "I can make you forget all about Keesha if you give me half a chance."

When she attempted to kiss him, Jason pushed her away, hard. He released an exasperated breath. "What is wrong with you? Are you deaf, dumb, and stupid? Regardless of your status, and Iím glad youíre doing so well, you are still HIV-Positive! That notwithstanding, I am still very much in love with Keesha, and I donít want to forget about her. Iím not going to sleep with you or anybody else." He closed the file and pulled away from the desk. "Since it appears youíre not going to leave or take the hint that I donít want to be bothered, I guess Iíll have to go. You know how to lock up."

Robin continued to protest, even as walked out the door. Jason got in his car and made his way down the road. No matter how he tried, he couldnít get Robinís words out of his head. AJ wants Keesha. They could be in bed right now. Before he knew it, he was parked down the street from Ward House. He walked toward the residence and spotted the limo used to shuffle AJ here and there. Reassurance washed over him. Mary Mae was like a watchdog and Keesha would never have sex in her grandmotherís house. She was too old-fashioned. One of the many things he loved about her.

He noticed two figures exit the house and congregate on the dimly lit porch. One was Keesha, the other AJ. Jason skulked behind a nearby oak tree. AJís hands fell to Keeshaís waist, bringing her body crashing to his. She slipped her arms around his shoulders and turned up her face in wait for AJís kiss. Jason swallowed the hurt that tightened his throat as he took in the passionate display. His heart sunk to his stomach. He knew what Keeshaís kisses did to him, and with the way AJís body molded to hers, there was no question what they did to his brother. Had the images that tortured his mind on a daily basis come to pass? Had Keesha given herself to AJ? Was her decision already made?

Jason wrestled with those questions as he observed the duoís continued interaction. Finally, AJ pulled away. He took Keeshaís hands. Jason wished he could hear what was being said, especially when Keesha nodded at his brother and gave him a bright smile. AJ gave her another kiss and then, then walked to the limo and climbed inside.

After the car pulled away, Jason waited a few minutes and then approached the house. He had no idea what he would say to Keesha, but he needed to see her. Maybe when he looked into her eyes he wouldnít have to say anything. The windows to her soul would tell him all he needed to know. He gave the door three quick raps and waited.

Surprise showed on Keeshaís face when she opened the door. "Jason?"

Looking into her beautiful brown eyes didnít provide the answers he hoped to find, but he could clearly see the surprise she felt wasnít a bad thing. That gave him hope.

"Hi. I know itís late and everything but I just left the foundation and I just, I found myself here." She sighed softly when he caressed her cheek. His whole body burned with need. Memories of their endless nights of lovemaking filled his head and stirred his loins. "Keesha, Iíve missed you so much."

Only inches separated their lips when Keesha pulled back. "No, Jason, we canít."

"Damn it, Keesha! What? Itís okay for AJ to stick his tongue down your throat but not me?" His tone grew louder. "Tell me, what else has AJ stuck in you?" Jason sucked in a breath and wiped his face with his hand. That wouldnít have been his first choice of phrasing, but the question was out there and he wanted to know the answer.

"Keep your voice down!" Keesha demanded. She grabbed his arm and stepped out onto the porch, closing the door behind her. "Thereís sleeping children in there." Anger and annoyance flashed in her eyes. Jason could relate to those emotions, he was feeling them both as well. "What is wrong with you?"

"Whatís wrong with me? The woman I love is throwing herself at my brother."

"Throwing myself ató" Her words trailed off. "Were you watching me?"

"I didnít come here to spy on you, if thatís what youíre asking. I told you, I just left the foundation and I found myself here. Seeing you make out with AJ was just an unexpected bonus," he remarked, scorn dripping from every word.

"Jason, I told you. I have to figure outÖ"

"If youíre in love with my brother or me," he finished for her. "What am I supposed to do in the meantime? Twiddle my thumbs and wait?"

"I explained to you--"

A quick shake of his head ceased her words. "I know what you explained, and I thought I could live with that, but I canít. I love you, Keesha. I love so much, and itís killing me to see you with AJ! To think of you and himÖ"

Keesha pressed her hand to his lips. "We havenít," she explained, dropping her hand.

"You mean, not yet."

Several deafening quiet moments passed. Keesha cleared her throat. "You should go."

"Fine, Iíll go, but not before saying this." He stepped forward and cupped her face in his hands. "For the past thirty-two days Iíve kept my distance, our only interaction limited to work at the foundation. Well, thatís all over."


"Iím not going to make it easy for you to just walk away from me and into AJís waiting arms. Dating him while pretending weíre just friends wonít help you make an informed decision. There will be no more of that. Iím still here, and I donít plan to go anywhere." Jason punctuated his words with a fiery kiss. His seeking tongue coaxed her lips apart before delving into the sweetness of her hot mouth. Their tongues dueled while busy hands explored. He pushed Keesha against the house, allowing her to feel the full effect of his need.

His erection screamed to be released from the confinement of his jeans, to sink deep into her velvety heat and stroke her to submission. Keeshaís body clung to his. She wanted him as much as he wanted her. It would be so easy to take her, but now was not the time and her grandmotherís porch was not the place. He ended the kiss. His lips tingled and body blazed from the too brief encounter with hers.

Keesha whimpered, her beautiful face crestfallen. She definitely didnít want things to end. Jason caressed her kiss-swollen lips with the pad of his thumb. "Nothingís changed for us," he said. "You still love me and want me as much as you ever did."

"I never denied that. I justÖ"

"Shh. Keesha, I want to make love to you so bad right now I canít stand it. I can tell you feel the same way. You miss us, and what we have."

Tears filled her eyes. "Jason."

"You havenít forgotten us, and you wonít. Iím gonna be here every day reminding you of what we have, and making you want me more and more with every passing day. And when you canít take missing what you need a moment longer, youíll know what I know, that you love me and only me and we belong together."

He nipped her lips with a whisper soft kiss. "I might be playing with fire, but when Iím done your decision will be made. The next time you make love it will either be as my wife or as AJísÖ Youíll be AJís, and Iíll have to find a way to live without you."

Keesha closed her eyes and sighed. Jason knew his message had been received. He grazed her cheek with his knuckle. "Goodnight, Keesha. Iíll see you tomorrow."