Stairway to Heaven

By MourningStarre


“Thank God that’s over,” Sabrina breathed with a sigh of relief removing the pearl teardrop earrings from her ears as she entered the luxurious home she shared with her new husband.  “You know Adam these tired little parties you’re always being invited to are going to make me forget what it’s like to have a good time,” she proclaimed as she tossed the earrings onto the nearby table.


Adam couldn’t help but smile from that comment as he wistfully watched his wife as she walked into the expansive dwelling; the sound of her stiletto heels as they clacked against the hardwood floor echoing throughout the room.  She looked stunning in a strapless black gown with a satin sheath draped loosely around her arms and shoulders.  The sway of her rounded backside as she sashayed across the room made his heart skip a beat and his quiescent manhood to begin to stir.  If he knew nothing else about his wife her forgetting how to have a good time was not something she’d do.


Making his way over to Sabrina as she was about to ascend the first step of the sprawling staircase. “You know I have to make an appearance at Phoebe’s parties, besides it gives me a chance to show off my beautiful bride,” wrapping his right arm around her waist and bringing her back against his growing arousal while his left index finger trailed an invisible line down the side of her neck before his lips joined in on the journey.


A soft moan passed from Sabrina’s lips as she reached upward burying her fingers in his full head of silver hair, “Adam.”


Pulling away from her neck, “You know what? I could really use a snack right now,” his voice barely above a whisper.


The passion that had begun to shine in her eyes was now shrouded by confusion. “You want a snack?” she asked disbelieving as she turned to face him.


“Oh yeah I just got a hankering for a delicious little morsel,” his blue eyes drinking in her essence as all sorts of lustful thoughts permeated his senses.


Her puzzlement at his need for a ‘snack’ had made way to irritation.  “Winifred and Lucretia have the night off, did you forget that?  We’re here all by ourselves and I am not Betty Crocker,” she frowned.


Removing the sheath that covered her arms and tossing it toward the staircase Adam watched as it fell to a quiet hush against the next three steps, “No, you’re Dr. Sabrina DeLane aka Mrs. Adam Chandler, and the snack I want we neither need Winifred nor Lucretia around to enjoy.”  His hands made their way up her back where his nimble fingers slowly eased down the

zipper of her dress.  “I want to show you a good time,” he whispered softly in her ear as the dress fell in one swift motion to the floor.


Stepping out of the dress that was wrapped around her ankles, Sabrina stood there wearing a pearl choker around her neck, a lacey black strapless bustier, a shred of lace and satin that could hardly be considered panties, a black lace garter belt which held up a pair of thigh high hose that matched her skin tone to perfection, and a three inch pair of black stiletto heels.  Her flesh tingled from the feel of his touch on her skin as an anxious throbbing of things to come pulsated through her loins.


The catch in Adam’s throat couldn’t be missed as his blue eyes seem to grow bluer by the second with his desire to possess the beautiful woman before him.  Lacing his hands into her hair he removed the pins that held it up and watched as her tresses came tumbling down to her shoulders.  Bringing her body close to his he captured her lips in a fiery kiss as their tongues waged a battle for control.   Lowering his hands down her body he took a firm hold of her ample buttocks pressing her body even closer to his now full arousal.   He had won this particular battle as Sabrina emitted a breathy moan of pleasure.  After suckling gently on her bottom lip he moved on to the softness of her neck, slowly easing his way to either side before gently nibbling the lobe of each ear.   Throughout this time his hands continued to massage her backside as his fingers slid inside the waistband of her barely there underwear.  With Sabrina’s assistance Adam was able to remove the slight material that that was now completely saturated at the crotch.


With the exception of the bow tie he discarded upon entering the house Adam was still completely dressed.   The first two buttons of his shirt were loosened and his hair was slightly disheveled from Sabrina running her fingers through it but this look only aided in increasing her desire for him.  This man was so sexy and in a tux it was even more apparent she thought while absently biting her bottom lip.


Their eyes met for a few fleeting moments before desire overtook them once again and Adam’s lips came crushing down onto hers.    His tongue was fierce in its desire to fully enjoy the warmth of her mouth.  The whole while it swirled around inside one other thought kept entering his mind; there was another part of her body he was dying for his tongue and mouth to enjoy.   Slowly breaking from the kiss Adam started on a journey to his desired destination.   His lips softly grazed the skin on her neck with kisses as he continued downward.    When he reached the full swell of her breast he reached inside the lacey cups of the bustier and brought her ripe breast out from their confinement.     He lowered his head to her perky mounds covering the chocolate covered domes with his hot mouth.   His tongue bathed each of her taut nipples with loving caresses while trying to take as much of her breast as he could into his mouth.


Sabrina was near mindless with his torturous foreplay and all she wanted was for him to free his throbbing manhood from the boundaries of his tuxedo pants and silk boxers and fill her body completely.  “Adam,” she pleaded.  “I need you,” she moaned desperately as her fingers stroked the bulge in his trousers while beads of sweat covered her forehead.


“In time my beautiful Sabrina,” he said lowering his hand to her feminine jewels and languidly swirling his fingers about her moistened core before inserting his index and middle fingers inside her hot center.


“Oh Ad—am” she squealed in heady delight, her knees starting to become weak.


“You will get your pleasure my love,” he assured her as his fingers moved around inside her while his eyes held fast to hers.  “More importantly I’m going to get my snack,” removing his two fingers slick with her spicy juices and placing them into his mouth.  “Ambrosia,” he muttered sensually as his tongue suckled at his fingers.


Sabrina was about to lose it totally as she watched Adam lap her intimate fluids from his fingers, the throbbing at her core was now begging to be satiated.  The moment she took to moisten her drying lips with her tongue Adam’s mouth latched onto it causing a surge to shoot through Sabrina as she tasted the remnants of her being still fresh on his lips.   He slowly lowered her atop the first few steps of the staircase that her satin wrap now draped as his eyes remained locked with hers.   The desire she saw mirrored in his eyes made her heart flutter.  Laying her against the coolness of the smooth wooden staircase and softness of the satin sheath he spread her perfectly shaped nylon-clad legs as far apart as he could.  Taking a few minutes to enjoy the breathtaking spectacle before him a rascally grin tugged at his lips.  She was so beautiful he thought as his gaze swept over her body.  Her full breasts with their erect nipples were staring enticingly back at him, and her flat stomach so smooth and soft, his fingers grazing her taut abdomen.  He then took his focus further down, to the point where her thighs met.   The dark triangle of curls seemed to be calling his name as her glistening aroused sex pulsated before him.  Not being able to resist another minute of not tasting her he buried his open mouth into her gaping openness.   His lips and tongue suckled at her hardened bud before he thrust his exploring tongue deep inside her being.


Her fingers threaded in his hair it took all she had to keep her thighs from squeezing his head like an overripe tomato as she became delirious with desire.  “ADAM, ADAM, ADAM!!!!” she shouted repeatedly, her hips moving wildly against his ministrations.  She knew the help had the night off but if they were to make a surprise appearance it would indeed be a surprise and they would see a lot more of Mrs. Chandler than they had ever wanted to.  As daunting as that thought was it was something extremely exciting about it.  She couldn’t say Adam wasn’t a spontaneous lover or an extremely masterful one she thought as his tongue continued to thrill her.


  He continued his assault on lower body as his hands kept her legs spread apart as Sabrina now waged a battle with herself to either bring him closer to her inflamed center or push him away to stop the mind numbing torture.  As the battle waged, Sabrina found herself backing up the steps of the elaborate staircase with her determined husband following her every step of the way.  Soon the battle was decided as her hips rose from the staircase and her climax ravished her body.   Adam’s mouth remained fixed on his task as he devoured her offerings as the fifth, sixth and seventh wave of her orgasm washed over her.  Sabrina was sure she had lost consciousness for a few moments there.    Her heartbeat had finally managed to settle and her devoted lover had just taken in the last of her fruitful juices when Adam’s blue eyes once again met up with her brown ones.   The look she saw in his piercing orbs told her he wasn’t finished yet and Sabrina although totally spent from the expertise of his roving tongue once again felt the familiar stirrings in her loins.


“Now it’s time for the piece de resistance,” Adam smirked as passion burned in his eyes.  Quickly stripping away his clothes he watched as Sabrina thighs rubbed together to contain the fire that was once again raging between her legs.


Adam’s erection pointing upward to the sky told Sabrina she was about to ascend the ‘stairway to heaven’ once more and this time she was taking him with her.    Her body dampened with perspiration she opened herself up to him as her slick vise welcomed his hardened manhood into her pleasure palace.


“SABRINA, OH GOD SABRINA!!” Adam moaned as she pushed her hips upward while pressing his backside further into her body.   The entire length of him was inside her as she clutched and pulled on his rock hard member.  His arousal throbbed hungrily as her inner walls surrounded him.   He began to thrust wildly inside of her as her hips responded to his every movement.   Their release was now imminent as her nylon clad legs wrapped tightly around his waist while her three-inch heels pointing upward and outward.  Adam lifted his wife from the staircase and with one final thrust the two crashed onto the shores of ecstasy as their hot juices spewed forward and declaration of love spilled from their lips.


Several minutes later when their erratic breathing had managed to subside Sabrina turned to Adam. “You know what Chandler, you’re a selfish man,” she said with a straight face, their bodies entwined and lying on the flat platform in the center of the sprawling staircase.


“What?” Adam questioned his eyebrow raised curiously.


“Well you got to partake in your snacks, but you never once asked me if I wanted to partake in a little ‘snacking’ of my own,” she cooed seductively as her forefinger traced around his pink nipple.


“Sabrina,” he breathed his voice heady with his rising desire.


“Don’t you worry honey, I do believe Betty Crocker has just entered the building,” Sabrina smirked as she made her way down to her ‘snack’…